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    General Hospital CAST - Kristina Corinthos-Davis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kristina Corinthos-Davis Played by Lindsey Morgan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsey Morgan (ABC)

    Birthday: February 27 1990
    Birthplace: Georgia
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Lindsey Morgan
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Try Not To Scream.

    Thursday, October 04 2012

    At Alexis’ house Jason tells Sam he has been working on something important. Suddenly Trey brings in Kristina. She tells them Trey’s dad tried to kill her. Jason asks who his dad is and Trey tells him it is Joe Scully Jr. Kristina tells them Trey saved her. Dante shows up and Trey tells him Joe got shot in the struggle. He hands over the gun. Dante tells all of them the wedding didn’t happen. Connie is in control and married to Johnny. Trey wonders if Connie was around a few days ago. Dante wants to focus on finding Joe. Jason knows Joe and Tracy are more than friends and Dante leaves to check it out. He instructs Kristina and Trey to get down to the station. John calls Jason and tells him the baby is missing.

    Too Good To Resist.

    Wednesday, October 03 2012

    At the coffee warehouse Joe tells Kristina he is sorry she has to die but the payoff is too good to resist. She begs him to let her live and she will give him and Trey whatever they want. He gives her credit for fighting to the end but he wants Sonny to grieve. He cocks his gun as Trey barges in and throws himself in front of Kristina. Joe blames Sonny and Kate for everything bad that happened to them. To lose Kristina on their wedding day is poetic justice. He points the gun at Trey and demands he get out of the way. Trey doesn’t want the money. He loves the way he grew up. All that mattered was that every day Joe was there in his shop. Trey wrestles his dad for the gun and it goes off. Joe is shot and Trey is instantly remorseful. Joe pushes him away and runs off. Trey unties Kristina and they hold each other.

    Never Know A Thing.

    Tuesday, October 02 2012

    Joe Jr. kidnaps Kristina and takes her to the coffee warehouse. He forces her to call Alexis and apologize for not coming to the wedding. He reveals himself as Trey’s dad and she loses it. They scream at each other. He tells her Sonny made a big mistake when he didn’t kill him and this will all be over before Sonny even says I do. She tells him to call for the ransom but he does not want that. He wants the money, power, reputation – everything Sonny stole he wants back and he will get it as soon as she is dead. When she dies, her husband will inherit everything and Trey will never know a thing.

    A Wedding For The Books.

    Monday, October 01 2012

    Michael picks up Starr at her apartment for the wedding. Trey and Kristina hang back. He tells her that Kate is his mom and his dad is Joe Scully Jr. She realizes he manipulated her to use her against her own family. He admits his dad wanted them to marry to get revenge on Sonny. But he doesn’t know the rest of the plan. He told his dad he wanted out. When they made love he meant every word he said. Upset, Kristina leaves for the wedding alone and is grabbed outside her apartment.

    Party’s Over.

    Friday, September 28 2012

    Mac pulls Milo off the pool table at The Floating Rib and Connie follows them out the door. The ladies are grateful to Lulu for making Milo’s moves happen. Mac and Felicia congratulate Maxie for making the party a success and she hopes to use it as a way back at Crimson. Felicia thinks she should go see Spinelli and Lulu agrees. She tells Maxie she has to make the first move and this time, work at it. Meanwhile, Liz listens in as Kristina reminds Sam that she is still in love with Jason. Lulu returns to Liz to finish their conversation. Liz notices Sam is listening and tells Lulu that Jason kissed her. He has feelings for her and told her that he is about to sign the divorce papers and move forward with is new life with Liz. The timing has never been right but now they are both free. Sam walks out. Meanwhile, Starr approaches Kristina and tells her Trey is having problems with his mother. He would not tell her anything but maybe he will tell his wife.

    Starr and Kristina get home and Trey is there. They can tell he is upset.

    Magic Milo.

    Thursday, September 27 2012

    Maxie does a shot at The Floating Rib. She is nervous about impressing Kate. Kate is expecting her party to be ecstasy, rapture and Xanadu all in one. Connie arrives, totally unimpressed. Mac hands her a glass of champagne and they all toast to a great party and marriage. Mac assures Felicia the booze is watered down while Maxie goes over the evening’s itinerary with Connie who demands strippers, primo ones. Dante drops off Lulu and Olivia while Maxie scrambles. He asks Lulu to keep an eye on Olivia. Lulu is ready to get drunk and make some babies. Kristina drags Sam into the party and refuses to let her leave. She assures her she is among friends while Liz shoots her the stink eye from the bar. Sam thinks maybe the divorce won’t happen after her kiss with Jason at the Noodle Buddha. Liz overhears and thinks about the DNA results she gave Jason. Maxie emcees an intro about Kate’s flawless taste. Connie interrupts – it is time to get their drink on! They all do shots and Connie reminisces about her party days with Olivia. She asks about her recovery and Olivia is just trying not to hallucinate. Meanwhile, Maxie calls Spin to see if he can help find a stripper but he does not answer. Kate summons Maxie over and wonders where the strippers are. If she can’t do this, she can’t be her assistant at Crimson. Lulu helps her rope Milo into doing it. Later, Liz tells Lulu about her reconnection with Jason but then she did something stupid. Sam overhears. Maxie introduces Magic Milo, who at first doesn’t move at all. Connie is not impressed. Once he starts getting into it with some help from Lulu and Maxie, Connie eats it up. They all start spraying him with champagne and Connie gets some singles. They start really partying while he jumps up on the bar. Connie gets on top of him with some whip cream. Mac pulls Milo down and rushes him out the back. Connie follows and gets Milo alone. She is not Mrs. Corinthos yet. She starts kissing him and Olivia walks in.

    Some Coincidence.

    Monday, September 24 2012

    Sonny impatiently waits for Kristina at Alexis’ house. He refuses to say anything to Kristina about Trey’s parentage until Kate knows Trey is her son. Alexis agrees. Kristina arrives and Alexis hands over the annulment papers. Kristina refuses to sign because they have already consummated the marriage. Sonny’s face is frozen in horror. She knows all she needs to know about Trey so they can tear up the agreement. Sonny tells her it can still be annulled on the grounds of fraud. Kristina does not want to end it. Trey arrives and tells them how much he cares about Kristina. Sonny shakes his head and Alexis has to hold him back as Trey and Kristina go home. Alexis wonders if Trey is sincere but Sonny knows he and his dad are up to something.

    Leopard Print And Cleavage.

    Thursday, September 20 2012

    At her apartment, Starr tells Michael on the phone she can deal with Trey. Trey overhears and she tells him she is worried about him. Kristina comes out of Trey’s room and cuddles up to Trey. He has someone to talk and their relationship is not for show anymore. She leaves to shower and Starr urges Trey to fess up. He turns it around and asks what she is hiding. Kristina returns and Starr thinks they will want the place to themselves now that they are married. She leaves and Kristina wonders why she is so worried. She has enough to deal with her parents. Alexis wants her to come home and sign the annulment papers but she won’t sign after last night.

    Connie's Back

    Wednesday, September 19 2012

    Kristina shows up at Trey’s apartment and Starr voices concern that Trey is troubled about something that happened. Kristina says she wanted Trey to trust her for helping him, but is worried now if he is upset. Michael calls and wants Starr to come over to identify Trey’s dad for Sonny. Starr leaves Kristina and doesn’t tell her what she thinks she knows about Trey and his father. When Trey returns to the apartment he apologizes to Kristina that he wishes he never got her into this. They decide they need each other and Trey takes Kristina to the bedroom.

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