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    General Hospital CAST - Kristina Corinthos-Davis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kristina Corinthos-Davis Played by Lindsey Morgan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsey Morgan (ABC)

    Birthday: February 27 1990
    Birthplace: Georgia
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Lindsey Morgan
    Height: 5' 5"


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    I Was Here.

    Thursday, January 03 2013

    Ellie is hit by Connie’s speeding car as she walks along the highway. Michael, Starr, Trey and Kristina spin out trying to avoid Connie’s crashed car. They are all shaken but okay. Starr follows Connie’s voice to the cliff as Michael pops open her trunk with a crowbar to rescue Johnny. Michael gets Johnny out and then Trey calls him over. Kristina isn’t breathing! Trey does CPR until she comes back. Trey tells her he couldn’t live without her. They kiss, but then Trey collapses. Meanwhile, no one can hear Ellie’s weak call for help as she fights to stay conscious. She knows her condition is critical. At the cliff, Connie begs Starr for help as she hangs off the edge. Johnny hears them fighting and runs over as Starr is trying to release Connie’s grip. Without Connie they both will be free. Johnny finally tells Starr the truth. He shot out Anthony’s tires. He took Cole and Hope away. Connie screams out as she begins to slip and together they get her up. Starr smacks Johnny while Connie runs back to the car, looking for the girl she hit. Meanwhile, Michael finds Ellie’s phone, then finds Ellie.

    Wish Me Luck

    Wednesday, January 02 2013

    In the parking garage Trey talks with Connie. She mentions getting a new start too and tells him she and Johnny had a parting of ways. Kristina asks about the noises coming from the trunk. Connie says it is mice but Trey asks her to open the trunk. She claims the key doesn’t work and she’ll pop it from inside. Michael and Starr show up and see Kristina and Trey. Connie sees them and drives off. The four of them discuss what happened and Starr tells them Johnny is in the truck. They decide to go after Connie.

    On the road Connie apologizes to Johnny in the trunk about driving fast. Michael chases after Connie with Starr, Trey and Kristina in the car. The fog is thick. Kristina tries to call the police. On the side of the road Ellie tries to get a signal to call Spinelli about her car breaking down. She’s walking when a call from Spinelli comes in. She screams in Connie’s headlights. Connie screams hitting the breaks. Starr yells for Michael to watch out and he hits the breaks.

    Aren't You Kate Howard?

    Friday, December 28 2012

    At the gym Kristina and Trey argue with Sonny who doesn’t want to lose Kristina to Trey. Michael and Alexis defend Trey and support Kristina. Kristina says he won’t lose her but gives him an ultimatum. They have a heart to heart and Kristina apologizes. Sonny asks Alexis if she is free on a certain date for them to go visit Kristina and Trey. Kristina is happy and they hug. Michael calls Starr but she doesn’t answer. Trey discusses Kate with Sonny and wonders if he should talk to her before he leaves. Alexis and Sonny reflect on the year after everyone leaves.

    Connie closes the trunk of her car in the parking garage with Johnny moaning inside as Trey and Kristina show up and startle her. Trey wants five minutes to talk. Kristina hears a noise coming from the trunk.

    Over My Dead Body

    Thursday, December 27 2012

    At the diner Kristina and Trey discuss L.A. Alexis walks in and wants to know what news Kristina needs to break to her parents. Kristina shares Trey’s news and Alexis is happy for him, until they share that Kristina is going. They ask for Alexis’ support and Kristina says it’s a decision she has to make on her own. Alexis agrees and tells Kristina to tell her father but reminds her that Sonny is in a fragile state. Alexis sends them to the gym since it should be too distracting with the photo shoot for Sonny to yell.

    At the gym Shawn gets Sonny ready for the photo shoot. Sonny shares he is not giving up on Kate. They spar and discuss Michael. Sonny speculates he went to the Quartermaine’s for Christmas when Michael walks in and tells him he is wrong. He tells Sonny that A.J. told him what happened. Sonny says he will hurt Michael, but Michael says he will give A.J. a chance. Sonny wishes Michael a Happy New Year since he didn’t get to wish him a Merry Christmas. Kristina, Trey and Alexis show up and share the news about the move to L.A. Michael questions what they are doing and then says he’s happy if she’s happy. Sonny is quiet. Kristina asks him to say something. He says, "Over my dead body."

    Enough To Move To L.A.?

    Wednesday, December 26 2012

    Kristina brings Trey to Sonny’s for Christmas Eve. When she says she likes being with him he asks, "Enough to move with me to L.A.?" Alexis and Shawn listen to Sonny’s concerns about a Christmas without Connie and the possibility of Michael having Christmas at the Quartermaine’s. Alexis assures him he is right letting Michael make his own decisions. Sonny won’t pressure Michael by calling to see if he is coming. He greets Kristina and Trey. Other partiers arrive. Max takes Ellie’s coat and Milo checks her out when she arrives with Dante and Lulu. Kristina tells Alexis Molly is at the soup kitchen. Olivia arrives and says her radar is a little off when he asks if she has any insight into what Michael might do. Ellie gets a text from Spinelli that he is delayed. Sonny toasts his guests, celebrating the coming baby for Dante and Lulu, and to remember Jason. He stops as Connie barges in to join them with a "Merry Freakin’ Christmas." Ellie receives another text from Spinelli that he is delayed again. Sonny tells Max and Milo it is Christmas, Connie can stay. She confronts Trey, but is nice to him. Sonny calls Michael. Outside Ellie bumps into Spinelli as she leaves Sonny’s and breaks up with him. Kristina joins Trey on the terrace and says she will go to L.A.

    Starting To Sweat.

    Wednesday, December 12 2012

    Kristina and Alexis ambush Sam with Christmas decorations at the penthouse. Trey delivers the tree and Kristina walks him out. Outside, Trey tells Kristina he is leaving Port Charles right after the New Year to work on a film set. He had been hoping they could find their way back to each other. She was hoping that too. He asks her to come with him. She doesn’t have to decide now, but it feels right to him. She’ll think about it and they kiss. Alone with Alexis, Sam tells her how she blew up at John but have smoothed things over. He is at PCPD assigned to find the person who shot Jason. Sam will live on faith as long as it takes. Later, Alexis brings down Danny in a Santa outfit and Sam is ecstatic. She thanks Alexis for always being there for her. Molly arrives and tells Alexis to sue Connie.

    Wallow In Bliss.

    Monday, November 26 2012

    Molly and Kristina hang back in the church after the ceremony for Edward and discuss Sam. They are worried about her. They invite Sam over for dinner at Alexis’ house and she accepts. Meanwhile, Maxie tries to rush off with Lulu before Spin stops her, but she is too late. He wants to talk but she brushes him off. Kristina hangs back after Molly leaves and is surprised to see Trey working. The pastor lets him sleep in the basement in exchange for work. She offers to buy him lunch. Alone with Sam, Spin tells her about Ellie. They have grown close in a short time. But after keeping him at arm’s length for more than a year, Maxie recently confessed she is in love with him. He is her "Mac." Sam wonders what he would have done if he did not have Ellie. The answer is moot since he is with Ellie. She asks if he still believes Jason is alive. He wants to believe but lacks Sam’s unwavering faith. She can’t believe he would give up after holding out hope for Maxie for so long and here she is, finally giving him her heart. Ellie arrives and is thrilled to meet Sam and Danny. Ellie was worried about Spin and glad Maxie was there for him.

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