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    General Hospital CAST - Trey Mitchell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Trey Mitchell Played by Erik Valdez on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erik Valdez (ABC)

    Birthplace: Lubbock, TX
    Real Name: Erik Valdez
    Height: 5' 10"


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    Rough Couple Of Days.

    Thursday, September 13 2012

    Kristina and Trey arrive at home. Sam asks about their trip to Vegas and Kristina tells her they got married. She asks not to be judged but Sam wonders how she will explain it to Sonny. Kristina explains to her they are getting an annulment anyway, so no big deal. Sam hopes she is right. Kristina asks about the epidemic and Sam tells her that John was amazing through the whole thing. Jason wanted to go after Jerry too, but he had a bullet in his leg and stayed with Sam. Trey interrupts to leave and is evasive when she asks about the annulment. Later, Sonny shows up steaming. Kristina explains about Trey’s dad needing the money, but he doesn’t care. He demands to know who it is.

    Joe visits Trey at home and congratulates him. Trey is suspicious of Joe for making sure they got out of town before the epidemic but he denies knowing anything. He brushes him off, then Starr walks in.

    One For The Books.

    Wednesday, August 29 2012

    At the Vegas chapel, Kristina tells Starr and Michael to say hello to Mrs. Trey Mitchell! She assures them she did it to save "Mob Princess" and Michael is upset Kristina just took Trey at his word. His dad has history with Sonny. Kristina accuses Michael of lying – it can’t be true. Trey admits that he lied - to Starr. He pretended to have mob connections to make the wedding more dramatic. He knew Starr would tell Michael and it would be Romeo and Juliet meets the Sopranos. Michael knocks Trey down and chokes him until Starr pulls him off and they leave. Trey assures Kristina he lied to Starr, not her. She pulls out a bible and asks him to swear on it but he thinks they should trust in each other. They kiss.

    If You Don’t Play You Can’t Win.

    Tuesday, August 28 2012

    Trey calls Joe from his hotel room in Vegas and tells him it is almost a done deal. Joe wants him to stay in Vegas until he tells him it is okay. Trey gives the cameraman instructions, then Kristina comes in. Trey thinks she got the perfect dress. She just hopes they can get back the money they lost and he tells her how grateful he is. He asks if she is nervous and she is a little. The pastor arrives and gets his wife Esther as a witness for them. He makes sure the camera crew gets to reshoot footage of Kristina. After the vows the pastor asks if anyone objects to this union. Michael and Starr run in to stop the wedding but they are too late. Trey texts Joe that it is done.

    Practically A Buddy Movie.

    Wednesday, August 22 2012

    At his place, Kristina tells Trey that she will get married. It is not what she imagined, but she will do it for him and for his dad. He grabs her hand and tells her all they have to do is hop a plane to Vegas. The production company is going to hold him in breach of contract. She thinks the production company would want her parents there for drama. He makes up a story with her – he is from a rival family. They are children of enemies, deeply in love. She agrees and they get ready to leave but Milo is at the door – Sonny instructed him to go anywhere she goes. Trey and Kristina go back inside – one way or the other they are going. Michael and Starr arrive and ask Max if Kristina is inside.

    At Pozzolo’s, Sonny pulls a gun on Joe. He tells Sonny again that he did not rape Connie. Why should he die telling Sonny what he wants to hear? Sonny isn’t killing him today for Kate’s sake. Joe chides him about Kristina’s reality show. Everyone is talking about how Sonny can’t control his own daughter – he can’t wait for the debut. Sonny lets him leave but to make the rest of his trip in Port Charles short. Outside, Joe calls Trey to find out about the wedding and he tells him they have hit a snag.

    A Mercy Marriage.

    Tuesday, August 21 2012

    Joe Jr. shows up at Trey’s and gives him a big hug. As of yesterday he is a free man. He sees Starr’s underwear and assumes things are going well with Kristina. Trey sets him straight and Joe is concerned – he needs to focus on Kristina. Trey assures him Starr is just someone he can talk to. Joe wants him to focus. Now that Kristina’s mom is fine it is okay to move forward. Trey wonders how he knows Alexis is okay. He tells Trey it is all over the papers. Joe snaps that he is drowning in debt. He lost a lot of money on "Mob Princess" and Trey has to marry her – tonight. Trey has to trust him. He swears on their bond as father and son that everything he asks is for his own protection. Later, Kristina comes over and tells him they have to talk about the marriage. He agrees.

    Healthy Choice.

    Monday, August 20 2012

    At home, Starr is ready to finish her conversation with Trey about his dad. He tells her that he told Kristina his dad was in jail, but not that he is not who he said he is. He tells Starr his dad has a bad history with Sonny. She asks if that is why he got involved with Kristina and he assures her it was a coincidence. She thinks Joe is encouraging them to get married to hurt Sonny on the inside. Johnny texts her to come sign some paperwork. Trey asks her not to tell anyone. She just does not want his dad’s past with Sonny mess up his future with Kristina. Later, Joe arrives at his door.

    All Over Soon.

    Friday, August 17 2012

    In Alexis’ room, Trey tells Kristina his dad is in jail but he was framed. She asks by who as the doctors come in to check on Alexis. Molly and Sam run in and Molly is crying – Alexis looks so weak. Trey, TJ and Shawn leave so the doctor can speak with the girls alone. Alexis’ fever is going up, and the drugs are not working. If the brain shuts down, so does the body. The girls break down and hold on to each other. Sam runs out to get Steve to try something else. He tells them there is not much more time. Alexis’ machine starts beeping and Molly is hysterical.

    Pretend To Marry A Guy Like You.

    Thursday, August 16 2012

    At their apartment, Starr wants an explanation from Trey about his dad. He tells her it is complicated - Trey is all he has. Michael calls Starr to tell her Joss is in the hospital while Kristina tells Trey Alexis is there. They leave for the hospital together.

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