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    General Hospital CAST - Trey Mitchell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Trey Mitchell Played by Erik Valdez on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erik Valdez (ABC)

    Birthplace: Lubbock, TX
    Real Name: Erik Valdez
    Height: 5' 10"


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    Magic Milo.

    Thursday, September 27 2012

    At home, Trey remembers his confrontation with Kate. When Starr asks him what is wrong he blurts out he met his mother. She is on her way out to Kate’s party but she can stay and talk. He brushes her off and they both leave.

    At Poluzzo’s Milo was hoping to stay for the bachelor party, but Sonny sends him over to work security at The Floating Rib. Michael arrives and Sonny pulls him into another room. He shows him Joe’s medal and tells him Trey is Kate’s son. He is not sure what Trey knows. Michael is worried that whatever happens, Kristina will blame Sonny. Sonny is only going to do what is best to protect his family. Dante walks in and wonders what they need protection from. Sonny acts like he was talking about the card game. Meanwhile, Spin shows up and Jason gets him a drink. He assures Jason he has put his feelings about Maxie to rest and has joined an online dating service. He needs to find someone who challenges him, like Sam does for Jason. Jason then tells Spin he was wrong about the baby. Spin refuses to believe it and calls Ellie to do a follow up. Too much is at stake to quit. They discuss the divorce papers and Sam and Jason’s night at the Noodle Buddha. Spin assures Jason that Sam has not given up on him. They all sit down to play cards when Trey walks in. Sonny invites him to join in. He can just open an account with the bank of Corinthos and leads him off. Alone, he hands over a stash of cash, but thinks Trey is after more than that. Maybe this? He hands over the medal. Meanwhile the guys start without them and discuss the possibility of Michael and Starr getting married. Michael assures them he is not marrying Starr. Jason wins the hand and Spin is shocked he lost.

    Some Coincidence.

    Monday, September 24 2012

    Trey visits Joe at his motel room. He wants out of their arrangement. He and Kristina are going to try and be a real couple. Joe doesn’t care as long as they stay married. Trey is upset about Kate and Joe’s big plan to destroy Sonny. And now he is his father-in-law. Joe blows up. Sonny deserves everything that is coming to him! Trey wonders what that might be. He needs answers. Joe assures him that Kristina is not the target, her dad is. Trey has real feelings for her and needs to know why Joe wants him involved. He can’t get the money from her, so what are Joe’s plans? Joe tells Trey he is right – to just go and be happy. Trey is confused. Is Joe’s plan over now? Later, Joe apologizes to a picture of Trey. There is no way his plan is going up in smoke. Someone comes to the door and Joe tells them they are right on time.

    Sonny impatiently waits for Kristina at Alexis’ house. He refuses to say anything to Kristina about Trey’s parentage until Kate knows Trey is her son. Alexis agrees. Kristina arrives and Alexis hands over the annulment papers. Kristina refuses to sign because they have already consummated the marriage. Sonny’s face is frozen in horror. She knows all she needs to know about Trey so they can tear up the agreement. Sonny tells her it can still be annulled on the grounds of fraud. Kristina does not want to end it. Trey arrives and tells them how much he cares about Kristina. Sonny shakes his head and Alexis has to hold him back as Trey and Kristina go home. Alexis wonders if Trey is sincere but Sonny knows he and his dad are up to something.

    Leopard Print And Cleavage.

    Thursday, September 20 2012

    At her apartment, Starr tells Michael on the phone she can deal with Trey. Trey overhears and she tells him she is worried about him. Kristina comes out of Trey’s room and cuddles up to Trey. He has someone to talk and their relationship is not for show anymore. She leaves to shower and Starr urges Trey to fess up. He turns it around and asks what she is hiding. Kristina returns and Starr thinks they will want the place to themselves now that they are married. She leaves and Kristina wonders why she is so worried. She has enough to deal with her parents. Alexis wants her to come home and sign the annulment papers but she won’t sign after last night.

    Connie's Back

    Wednesday, September 19 2012

    Joe Jr. calls Tracy from the docks and leaves a message. Trey approaches him and confronts him about his mother, Kate Howard. Trey explains what happened when Kate saw his medal. He tells his father what she claimed. His dad defends himself making claims about what really happened as Trey continues to get upset. Joe claims he was protecting him as a kid. Trey asks why he didn’t tell him a truth as a man. Joe asks Trey to plot against his mom with him to get back at Sonny. Trey reasons that his mom is sick and Joe denies it. Trey doesn’t know if he can trust his father who asks him to stay married. Tracy returns Joseph’s call explaining she needs to hear his side of the story.

    Not An Angel.

    Tuesday, September 18 2012

    At Sonny’s Trey and Connie fight over the medal until Sonny walks in and grabs Trey. Connie pleads for Sonny to let him go and Trey runs off. Connie pockets the medal. Sonny can’t believe Trey married Kristina and Connie pretends that is what they were fighting about. He kisses her and she leaves the room, disgusted. She can’t believe she has a son she doesn’t want. He better not make any trouble for her. The shock of seeing her baby flattened Kate and Connie has taken over. Michael arrives and she is rude to him but quickly recovers. Michael asks Sonny about his history with Trey’s dad, but this is the first he is hearing of it. Michael asks Kate why she did not tell Sonny but she got sidetracked. She has to run off to see Kate and exits quickly. Michael tells Sonny that Trey implied Sonny took something from his dad at some point. When he confronted Trey he said he made it up to make more drama for the show. But Michael thinks their whole relationship is a setup. Trey’s dad got out of prison right before they went to Vegas and Sonny makes the connection.

    Trey comes home and tells Starr that Sonny was not there, but Kate was. Kate was livid and told him unbelievable lies. Starr asks what she said and he vaguely tells her it got ugly. She persists and Trey gets angry at her defense of Kate – didn’t she kill her kid and boyfriend? He can’t trust Starr anyway because she will run right away and tell Michael. Later, Trey leaves a message for Joe. He wants to talk about his mother.

    One Gangster For Another.

    Monday, September 17 2012

    At home, Kate realizes that Trey is Joe’s son because they have the same medal. He admits it. Joe raised him alone because his mom walked out. She demands to know who his mom is. He doesn’t give a damn about that Brooklyn trash. Shakily, she asks how old he is. She is his mother! Joe raped her. She can still see the medal dangling from his neck. Trey wants to leave, but she tells him she gave birth to a boy and thought he died. Crying, Kate walks over to Trey and tries to hug him. He pushes her off. He does not want anything to do with her. Connie comes out tells Trey he can’t hide from his past. He can call her Connie – that was her name when Joe raped her. She wanted to abort him and would have put him in the dumpster if she could. She left everything and he got saved, all thanks to dear old dad. They fight over the medal when Sonny walks in and pins Trey over the bar.

    Intent On Revenge.

    Friday, September 14 2012

    At home, Trey tells Joe that Kristina thinks they are getting annulled. Starr walks in and realizes Joe is Trey’s infamous dad. Joe explains his charges were dropped but Starr looks suspicious. She asks him flat out about his bad history with Sonny Corinthos. Joe tells her it is just a story – he never heard the name Corinthos until the "Mob Princess" project. She does not seem convinced and goes to her room. Joe is mad at Trey for spilling to Starr and pulls him into the hall. Sonny stole their future. Trey is upset and needed someone to talk to. Starr sees them through the peephole and calls Michael and tells him Trey's dad is there. Outside, Trey and Joe talk about Michael. Trey assures Joe no one knows his real name.

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