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    General Hospital CAST - Trey Mitchell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Trey Mitchell Played by Erik Valdez on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erik Valdez (ABC)

    Birthplace: Lubbock, TX
    Real Name: Erik Valdez
    Height: 5' 10"


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    The Real Deal.

    Friday, November 09 2012

    In court Diane explains to the judge that Kate is the alter and Connie is the true and original person. Alexis disputes this but Diane tells him the rape caused Connie’s psyche to fracture, creating Kate. Alexis tries to dispute with Keenan’s medical report, but it is shot down because of his criminal activities. Diane calls another doctor to the stand who gives her diagnosis in favor of Connie. Sonny whispers something to Alexis and they change tactics. If this is really Connie, then they need to hold her for double homicide of Hope and Cole. Stricken, Connie jumps up – she never fired a gun in her life! A fight breaks out over it and the judge demands order. He denies Trey’s petition and Connie and Johnny leave to celebrate. Sonny seems defeated.

    I'd Like To Report A Fugitive.

    Thursday, November 08 2012

    Much to Sonny's surprise, Diane walks into the courtroom late, but ready to represent Connie against Trey's petition to have her committed. On the stand, Sonny denies that he coerced Trey; he just wants Trey to have a relationship with his mother. Diane accuses Sonny of wanting payback for being jilted at the altar. Connie takes the stand, yells that Sonny didn't get what he wanted so he stooped low to get Trey to have her committed. Later, Alexis confronts Johnny on marrying Connie to keep Kate from getting the help she needs. What is he getting in return for marrying that woman; she asks and prods him to unburden his guilty conscience. He says, "everlasting love' and later denies that his wife has anything on him. Later, on the stand Trey tells the court that his mom is sick and needs help before they can have a relationship. Connie whispers to Johnny and Diane that Trey may have softened the judge up with his sob story, but don't worry she has an ace in the hole. Later, Diane asks the judge to have Trey's petition dismissed on the grounds that Connie Louise Falconieri is a real person and that Kate Howard is the actual alter.

    Follow The Money.

    Tuesday, November 06 2012

    At her old apartment Maxie tells Trey and Starr she is moving back in. She has them call heads or tails and Trey is the one who has to pack it up. Starr refuses to stay if Trey has to go. Together they pack up but neither one of them knows where they are going.

    A Little Candy.

    Friday, November 02 2012

    Starr nervously waits for Michael at home. Trey comes in and she asks what happened at the hearing. He tells her how Alexis filed the motion but Connie told the judge she was never his mother, so how could he have her best interests at heart? A hearing has been scheduled for her and Johnny to tell their side. She is distracted. She is worried about Michael. Trey figures out that Michael is on a condom run, then realizes this is their first time together. He jokes that Michael might have chickened out but she is really worried about him. She gets ready to go look for him when he shows up. Trey goes to bed and leaves them alone. Michael tells Starr he saw his father.

    Lady Lazarus.

    Tuesday, October 30 2012

    Trey visits Sonny at the gym. He’ll commit Connie. Sonny is grateful – he knows how hard it is to do anything for him. Trey is doing it for Starr, not Sonny. He’ll sign the papers under one condition. Did Sonny send Jason to kill Joe? Sonny swears on his children’s lives he didn’t. He wanted to but Kate demanded Sonny spare his life. Trey leaves. Later, Michael comes in and hands over the picture. Sonny has his reasons for hating AJ but the best thing he ever did was have Michael. Michael wonders if things would be different if AJ had not been killed. They leave together to eat pizza and talk.

    At home, Starr rips up a picture of her and Johnny. Kristina comes by to check on Trey and Starr offers to order takeout with her if she wants to wait. Kristina notices the ripped up picture and they discuss why Johnny would have married Connie. Kristina thinks Johnny isn’t bad, just makes bad mistakes. The talk about Trey’s belief that Sonny killed Joe and how hard it is to think his father told him a lie on his deathbed. Trey comes home and tells Kristina and Starr he is committing Connie.

    I’m Home.

    Monday, October 29 2012

    Connie visits Trey at home and acts concerned for him. She hugs him and he pushes her off. He wonders what angle she is trying to work. She thinks they need to stick together. The fact he did not commit her gave her a lot of hope. Trey calls her on her BS and she admits it. "Aren’t you Kid Columbo?" she asks. He asks which one left him for dead and she tells him it was Kate, but in her defense she had been raped and traumatized. Trey wonders why Connie wished he was dead when he found out. She tries to convince him that was Kate talking. He doesn’t believe a word she says. She better lawyer up because she is going to need it.

    Sonny thinks about his problems with Kate and Jason while he boxes at the gym. Michael is concerned about him. Neither of them can stop thinking about Jason. Michael informs Sonny that he broke the news about Jason to Monica, but she reacted harshly when he compared Jason to his father. Sonny feels bad for Monica. She always had a soft spot for AJ. Michael is thinking about the next move for the organization. He wants to hit back right away. That is what Jason would have done, and he wants in. Sonny refuses. He looks at Michael and sees the life he wishes he had – a real life. Jason wanted a good life for Michael too. Sonny asks him to check on Monica and stay safe. They exchange "I love you’s" and hug. Later, Trey comes by. He will commit Connie.

    Up To No Good.

    Thursday, October 25 2012

    At Starr and Trey’s, Sonny tries to convince Trey to commit Kate. Trey refuses - Connie is his problem. Sonny tries to set Trey straight about the events at the pier. Alexis cuts in – she thinks Trey is angry with Joe. She understands he was abandoned by Kate, but maybe he will have a chance to get answers to questions. Trey has heard what they had to say but they have to leave now so he can arrange to bury Joe.

    Starr comes home, upset with Trey. She wants his help putting Connie away, but Trey refuses. Starr thinks it is never too late to do what is right.

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