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    General Hospital CAST - Trey Mitchell - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Trey Mitchell Played by Erik Valdez on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Erik Valdez (ABC)

    Birthplace: Lubbock, TX
    Real Name: Erik Valdez
    Height: 5' 10"


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    All In The Wrists.

    Monday, January 14 2013

    Olivia says goodbye to Trey in his hospital room. She hopes he can feel her love and take it with him. She sees him open his eyes and tell her everything is going to be okay. She grabs his face but realizes it was just a vision. Later, Sonny and Connie run up and Kristina reaches out her hand to Connie. They will do it together. Connie signs the papers and they all gather around Trey’s bed and suffer through their goodbyes. Starr, Michael, Steve, Sonny and Alexis all hold hands. They are not leaving until Trey does. When he passes, Olivia sees his soul leave the room and tells them he is at peace.

    Second Chance, All Expenses Paid.

    Friday, January 11 2013

    At the hospital Olivia is worried about Steve. He tells her not to worry. There is a wedding, a grandchild and a honeymoon coming up. Why be upset? She is sad she never got to know her cousin’s son. Now she never will and neither will Kate. Outside Trey’s room Kristina blames Sonny for Connie’s escape. Sonny defends Connie. He believes she was truly broken up about Trey. They split up to search for Connie and Alexis finds Kristina with her hand on the plug in Trey’s room and stops her. Alexis tells her it will be considered murder. Kristina worries Connie is gone for good. Meanwhile, Olivia has a vision and thinks Connie is doing shots at the Floating Rib. Sonny leaves to check it out. Starr encourages Michael to call Carly. She is in bad shape because of Todd.

    Two Clients, One Cell.

    Tuesday, January 08 2013

    At the hospital Patrick explains that Trey is brain dead. Kristina, Starr and Connie are devastated. Dante comes by to arrest Connie and warns that if Trey dies she will be arrested for murder. Sonny is convinced Connie is not acting and asks for her to be able to stay with her son. Dante tells them about Johnny’s confession and gives her until the end of the day to face the music. Later, Connie gets off the phone demanding someone, a doctor, get a day pass from prison. She cries to Sonny that the accident is her fault and she is not going to leave Trey now. Meanwhile, Michael takes Kristina for a walk while Starr stays with Trey in his room. She would give anything to have her friend back. Later, Patrick speaks with Michael about next steps. It will be Connie’s decision whether they will turn off the machines and let him go. Connie won’t let them pull the plug. She left him to die once and won’t do it again.

    Certain Appetites.

    Monday, January 07 2013

    Trey’s blood pressure drops at the hospital as Connie and Kristina scream for the doctors to save him. Kristina tries to push Connie out, then Liz tries to get her out but she refuses to leave her kid. Steve throws Kristina and Connie out as they bicker and Liz removes them. Steve keeps working on Trey.

    Starr and Michael go to Trey’s room. Things are not going well and Liz escorts them out. Kristina and Alexis come back and Connie and Sonny walk up as Steve comes out and tells them he is sorry.

    Connie Happened.

    Friday, January 04 2013

    Michael finds Ellie by the side of the road and calls for help. Her pulse is weak but Starr gets her to open her eyes. Connie and Johnny bicker until Kristina calls for help after Trey collapses. Johnny tries to get a pulse. He can’t get cell service and leaves to flag down a car. Connie stops him and he accuses her of not caring if her own son dies.

    Michael returns to the crash site and tells them an ambulance is on the way. Starr joins Johnny and asks if he was lying when he admitted to shooting out the tires. He wishes he was. She is sick with grief. She tells Connie and Johnny they absolutely deserve each other as she runs off to meet the paramedics. Meanwhile, Connie tries to sneak off but Dante stops her. He knows all about her knocking out Starr and kidnapping Johnny. She tells him Johnny confessed to shooting out Anthony’s tires. He has her cuffed to the car but when the cops return she has picked the cuffs and is gone.

    At the hospital Sabrina tells Liz about her night with Emma, Patrick’s near kiss and Britt’s naked arrival. They gossip until they get notice of the accident coming in. Kristina will not leave Trey’s side as Steve orders lab work. Liz takes Johnny to get stitches and when they are alone Starr collapses on Michael. He assures her they are okay and leaves to call their parents. Ellie is taken to a separate room. Sabrina gets her phone and leaves a message for Spin about the accident. Later, the doctor suspects there is a spinal injury.

    I Was Here.

    Thursday, January 03 2013

    Ellie is hit by Connie’s speeding car as she walks along the highway. Michael, Starr, Trey and Kristina spin out trying to avoid Connie’s crashed car. They are all shaken but okay. Starr follows Connie’s voice to the cliff as Michael pops open her trunk with a crowbar to rescue Johnny. Michael gets Johnny out and then Trey calls him over. Kristina isn’t breathing! Trey does CPR until she comes back. Trey tells her he couldn’t live without her. They kiss, but then Trey collapses. Meanwhile, no one can hear Ellie’s weak call for help as she fights to stay conscious. She knows her condition is critical. At the cliff, Connie begs Starr for help as she hangs off the edge. Johnny hears them fighting and runs over as Starr is trying to release Connie’s grip. Without Connie they both will be free. Johnny finally tells Starr the truth. He shot out Anthony’s tires. He took Cole and Hope away. Connie screams out as she begins to slip and together they get her up. Starr smacks Johnny while Connie runs back to the car, looking for the girl she hit. Meanwhile, Michael finds Ellie’s phone, then finds Ellie.

    Wish Me Luck

    Wednesday, January 02 2013

    In the parking garage Trey talks with Connie. She mentions getting a new start too and tells him she and Johnny had a parting of ways. Kristina asks about the noises coming from the trunk. Connie says it is mice but Trey asks her to open the trunk. She claims the key doesn’t work and she’ll pop it from inside. Michael and Starr show up and see Kristina and Trey. Connie sees them and drives off. The four of them discuss what happened and Starr tells them Johnny is in the truck. They decide to go after Connie.

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