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    I have a question about Liz?

    Started by tripelhhh at 2006/12/12 07:46AM
    Latest post: 2006/12/13 07:53PM, Views: 716, Replies: 13
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    #11   2006/12/13 07:40AM
    Re: I have a question about Liz?


    Quote Crater#5: I wouldn't put it pass Maxie. That girl seemed to know everything that goes on in that hospital. Liz read the paternity test results they gave her and that what she thinks. I cannot understand why they would make this Jason's baby. Liz have been pregnant many of times and I would think she would be pregnant at once once by her hubby. Everything started with those condoms,should be more folks pregnant around GH. Than again everyone thinks Saint Liz do no wrong, the baby might be Lucky's. Liz is a little cash crazy.

    I really don't think Maxie changed the results...if Maxie had any idea about Liz and Jason's night I think she would have told Lucky ASAP knowing/hoping that would end there relationship! And for the record Liz is NOT cash crazy, she has turned down money from Jason plenty of times and only took it once hoping to help Lucky get better, if this was all about money to her she would have taken the $300,000 Lucky tried to give her.....

    I keep hoping the baby is Jasons! GO Liason

    #12   2006/12/13 07:46AM
    Re: I have a question about Liz?

    i hope it's true! i want lucky to be the daddy so much.

    #13   2006/12/13 06:25PM
    Re: I have a question about Liz?

    I know some of you are hoping that Liz's baby is Jason to "spice up the s/l".
    But wouldn't it be better to have the baby actually be Lucky's?
    But have Liz think it's Jason's; while Lucky think's it's his.
    Then-Jason finds out it's his; Liz has to confess her ONS; Lucky dumps Liz for lying to him for sooo long!
    Then Maxi accidentally slips and reveals that she tampered with the test.
    Liz has to re-test only to find out that Lucky IS the father, but now HE wants nothing to do with Liz.

    #14   2006/12/13 07:53PM
    Re: I have a question about Liz?

    I have not heard anything like that but what I do know is that it all comes out eventually. You know how it is, the baby will need to have an organ or somrthing and of course no one will be a match but Jason or if him and Sam have a child then it will be a match.

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