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    Diego's Last Day

    Started by msbobbie50 at 2006/11/18 12:58AM
    Latest post: 2006/11/21 05:38PM, Views: 779, Replies: 12
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    #11   2006/11/21 06:42AM
    Re: Diego's Last Day

    Quote Devil_or_Angel:
    Quote LovinGH: It was sad to see Diego go, but yes it was his own fault...I wonder how Georgie will react, the greif may be what ends things for her and Dilon???

    My guess is that what is breaking them up will be the BIG change that Dillon has undergone recently! I hate hime this way - I wish he would go back to being a wannabe director! Can't say I really blame Georgie, Dillon seems more interested in everything else than he is in her!
    Hope she w/ Prof. Pete if he does turn out to be Lulu's brother!

    Lulu's brother???? I missed that one, where did that info come from?

    #12   2006/11/21 05:35PM
    Re: Diego's Last Day

    What kind of father is Lorenzo , to bring his son into that kind of life ? I can say alot of things about Sonny , but I don't see him grooming Micheal or Morgan to take over the "FAMILY BUISNESS". I don't care if Diego was grown , he was young and misguided , and attracted to the lure of the life that his father paid so much attention to ... unlike the attention that he ever really gave diego . I don't care how many times he said he wanted to be in that lifestyle , Lorenzo knows all the pitfalls of that kind of life , he should have just kept saying NO !!! Alcazar should have taught him better , even when your children are adults , you never really lose your parental influence . regarding Diego , i don't think the writers really knew what to do with him , after his whole stalking thing , Diego who wasn't that intersting to begin with , just bounced around from one storyline that didn't really go anywhere to the next . If Alcazar wants to assign blame , he needs to take a long hard look in the mirror .

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    #13   2006/11/21 05:38PM
    Re: Diego's Last Day

    I agree.

    If Lorenzo didn't get Diego out of Jail when he did, Diego might still be alive.

    The worst thing Lorenzo did, was to get Diego out of Jail.

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