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    Kelly Monaco Hitting Primetime

    Started by Qua-- at 2006/11/14 12:59PM
    Latest post: 2006/11/29 08:43PM, Views: 799, Replies: 11
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    #11   2006/11/29 06:42PM
    Re: Kelly Monaco Hitting Primetime

    I am so excited that kelly is staying. i am looking forward of more jasam love.Please dont break them up.have their love last forever and have sam and jason get married and have a baby togethet.They belong together forever.

    #12   2006/11/29 08:43PM
    Re: Kelly Monaco Hitting Primetime

    I'm very happy -

    happy for Kelly
    happy for all us GH fans-
    happy this is finaly settled!

    it's great that Kelly will get a chance at primetime (but hopefully not TOO soon) and that it's with ABC could mean she can stay with GH too!
    Before anyone goes to critising her let's remember that she is not the only one who has done this...there are TWO actors currently on this show who have left for greener pastures and returned to the fold (I'm sure there is more, but I can't think who they are).
    Tyler(Nik) & Ingo(Jax). If it is what Kelly really wants then I for one wish her luck when she gets her chance, though she will be sorely missed by all her GH/Sam fans. And if things don't work out, then I hope she returns to us!!!

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