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    The paternity test

    Started by taramartin at 2014/02/14 05:57AM
    Latest post: 2014/02/14 10:59AM, Views: 1820, Replies: 22
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    #21   2014/02/14 10:08AM
    Re: The paternity test

    Well, I think the writers can still do as they please. Britt only knows what her crazy mad scientist mom has told her. There may have been leftovers from Dante that weren't mixed with Lulu's.

    #22   2014/02/14 10:54AM
    Re: The paternity test

    Quote mauimama:
    Quote ransomha:
    Quote taramartin: Ok, now Elizabeth knows Dante is Ben's father but is anyone in PC questioning who the mother is? I am sorry for Lulu but wish it was Britt - only on a soap could that be true.

    I do too.

    I really like Britt with Nic and Spencer. he has changed her life.

    I don't know why anyone would be looking for more details.

    Brad showed Dante and Lulu the report by Ellie that their embryos were destroyed by accident.
    Why would they question that?

    Ohhh-- excellent point (that Brad showed them a report that showed the embryo's destroyed! - I love it) I want Ben to be Dante's donation and Brit' egg --- No way do I want Screwloose getting her hands on Ben or any other baby - ever! Dante- yes! Shrewlu- NEVER

    IMO, they aren't going to keep looking into the situation now that they know where Britt got her sperm from.

    It's going to take Ben needing medical attention that neither Britt or Dante are a match for for the truth to come out.

    Maybe down the road.......

    #23   2014/02/14 10:59AM
    Re: The paternity test

    If they have any brain cells they'll question anything. Logic dictates second, third and even forth opinions. That's just standard.

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