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    General Hospital teen scene is a failure

    Started by Axl Rose at 2014/01/30 04:07AM
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    #1   2014/01/30 04:07AM
    General Hospital teen scene is a failure
    Axl Rose

    I think we can all agree that the teens on this show are boring at best. I was trying to figure out why GH is having such a hard time with these characters and I think I know why.

    The last successful teen scene GH had included Dillon, Georgie, Maxie and Lulu. I don't consider Michael or Kristina as being part of one because they were always in adult stories especially Michael. Prior to Dillon and company it was Nik, Lucky, Liz and Emily. Prior to that it was Jason, AJ, Robin, Brenda and Karen. You get the picture.

    Those aforementioned groups mostly included children of legacy families. The Quartermaines, Spencers, Scorpios and Joneses. And the characters that weren't attached were well-written and had personality and dimension. Right now we're dealing with Molly, Rafe, TJ and Taylor. Three of those people don't need to be here. In a perfect world I'd have Molly, Morgan, Christina Baldwin and maybe TJ. Realistically, Cameron should be involved but they're keeping him young with Emma and Spencer.

    The teen scene will continue to fail until RC decides to bring in characters that matter. He needs to have people we care about. Serena should have been brought in ages ago. And what happened to Sly Eckert? What about Tommy Hardy Jr.? Could Victor bring another Cassadine teen with him like how Stefan brought a young Nik? There are so many different ways they could go.

    Bottomline: They don't have any stories. They're just there. I feel like the teen scene is just reacting to what's happening with other people. They're not reacting to anything that's happening with them. Like today, they're talking about Silas' arrest. Prior to that it was all about Shawn, Sonny and the warehouse. They need something more than a failed attempt at a quad where Rafe and Taylor try to make TJ and Molly jealous. It was terrible, especially since we're not really invested in any of the characters or their relationships.

    Give Molly something else to do beside be a busybody. Hopefully, Ric's return will help with that. Maybe some Daddy issues will surface.

    Anyway, that's my two cents about GH's teen scene, like what should they do differently?

    #2   2014/01/30 11:41AM
    Re: General Hospital teen scene is a failure

    Oh wow I forgot about Tommy, wouldn't he be about Lucas' age now?


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