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    Why Does Felix Annoy Me So?

    Started by Trueheart 6 at 2013/12/29 08:23PM
    Latest post: 2014/01/03 11:03AM, Views: 1684, Replies: 22
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    #21   2014/01/02 07:53AM
    Re: Why Does Felix Annoy Me So?

    Quote stonecoldhot: Felix is such a breath of fresh air,and a joy to watch. He is so funny at times, you really need that to break up the boring characters that bring you down

    I love characters that can provide some comic relief. My biggest problem is when they become too front and center, which I don't think Felix is.

    I LOVED Spin when he first came on, but they put him on so much that it started to get old after a while. Same with funny Nurse Nadine..... who later became Nurse Ninny Poop, the most annoying character to ever exist walking around with her clown bag.

    I think the new regime is VERY good with balance, so I think Felix will continue to be a fabulous addition to GH.

    #22   2014/01/02 10:41PM
    Re: Why Does Felix Annoy Me So?

    I can not believe what I am reading. So who wouldn't want a "friend to the end" kind of person in their lives?

    Felix is only thinking about his BEST FRIEND. There is no harm in that. Felix is up-front and takes no nonsense from anyone. No harm in that!

    Sabrina is pretty darn lucky to have Felix always in protection mode. Maybe some people prefer to have people in their lives who are super passive and allow others to run all over them to the point of no end.

    Felix is kind to those who are kind to him and his friends. He holds others responsible for their flaws or attacks and he comes through for Sabrina as a BEST FRIEND should.

    Keep Felix in the fore-front! He too has fans!

    #23   2014/01/03 11:03AM
    Re: Why Does Felix Annoy Me So?

    !) He really needs to get a life (one of his own). He is unbelieveably annoying
    He is selfish and self righteous, telling her to wait for Patrick to pick her. A good friend would have said, get on with your own life, he should really feel for Robin who has lost 2 years away from her child, missed the growing and more than just that she missed those years with her husband.
    If Felix paid any attention to anyone but himself and Sabrina, he would have recognized that Patrick was still in love with Robin. Carlos saw that right away and he didn't even know Patrick that well.
    My advice is give Felix a life and let him deal with heart problems and that may enlighten him as to Robin and Patrick's love for each other. One more thing I CANNOT take another Baby storyline. That Patrick must be one hell of a man.

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