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    Custody Outcome

    Started by Mrs. Lansing at 2013/11/19 07:52PM
    Latest post: 2013/11/21 10:18PM, Views: 1977, Replies: 22
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    #21   2013/11/21 10:06PM
    Re: Custody Outcome

    Quote Bizlet:
    Quote tyandy: Ill be honest...Spin getting the baby over both Maxie and Lulu surprised me, but makes sense after the fact...should have seen that coming with his compelling testimony filled with compassion for Dante and Lulu...but I will say THANK freakin god Lulu didn't get the baby...I get it, shes hurt, feels betrayed, etc etc...but still doesn't give her the right to Im a better mother then you BS she threw at Maxie....your not BORN a good mother, you have to become one once becoming a parent, so that part of the story line kinda irritated me. If Lulu hadn't lied months ago on the adoption application, they would have already (maybe) had a baby...Maxie not being honest just drug this thing out way longer then I cared for...don't want to say glad its over, because we all know its not....waiting to see what happens next!

    We know Sam's dirty laundry already and she has attached herself to Silias (I bet there is more to come with Silias just a hunch) who has a crazy ex (Ava). So Spinelli living there with Sam and two babies could get interesting.

    Not to mention just finding out her father is Julian and she IS the widow of another mobster.

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    #22   2013/11/21 10:11PM
    Re: Custody Outcome

    Quote IslandGirl33: Although I think it's crazy that Maxie does not get any visitation, I am glad the Judge granted the custody to Spin over Lulu. Lulu simply had NO rights.

    Now, the fact that Spin does not even have a home and yet was granted custody also blows my mind. I get that they had to play this out around KS's maternity leave but this was so unbelievable that it ruined the entire s/l for me. How sad because it could have been GREAT!

    It makes SO excited to watch the AJ trial... NOT!

    I am surprised as well that the judge didn't make it a priority that Spin find a place to live and have the place looked over by a social worker before agreeing to give the baby to him.

    Then again I'm shocked he would be living in his office anyway considering the amount if money Sam now has and the fact Jason would have had a will that would have left him money. Also surprising is that there is even an office left to stay in since he never works and aside from a few trashy outfit cases, Sam NEVER did. Where are they making money?

    I'm not surprised Maxie doesn't get visitation, she definitely has a screw loose upstairs. KS's mat leave wouldn't be for a couple months so I'm guessing she's going to go loco after those two months, steal the baby and run or have to visit Ferncliffe for awhile to get her head back on straight.

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    #23   2013/11/21 10:18PM
    Re: Custody Outcome

    Quote JaneDoe:
    Quote cardgirl:
    I to am usually only on at night. Nobody I know well is on during the day anymore except NM And Janedoe, but hardly ever. So, you are the only one I know who is on when I am.

    Maxie does need to grow up. I really love her with Spinelli, I can only tolerate them if they are together...alone not so much. And Ellie to me just makes Spinelli more dislikable. And good lord if they would speak English and not be so freaking geeky, and Ellie was a little bit bad I could like her...maybe. I bet she was snooping in the hospital and found Ninny's clown bag and loves it. Heee Heee.

    Sorry to say Ellie is on the you know what list...shhh.

    Maybe Sonny could take Mikey Morgan and Dante and get a threefer.

    **waving** Hello cardgirl! I've missed posting with you! I really only have time to post a few days a week (when I'm in my office at work shhh ) , really wish I could more. Maybe we'll get lucky soon and there will come a day when we all pop in at the same time to have some fun!

    I really could use your bus.... Olivia needs it in a bad way! I'm OK with Ellie and I prefer Spin with her in an occasional on screen appearance, but I can't handle a Spixie redo. I NO likey them together!

    Oh and GEN..... I've still got my eye on you and Julian! He's MINE.... OK? Got it?

    Hehehe for right now, dearest JD, you have a fight on your hands. Using your words will get you nowhere my Helena loving friend. Watch your back!

    NOW when he becomes all about Sam and is bowing at her feet, I WILL GLADLY step back and surrender because that is something I don't want to see. even now when they are in scenes together I can't just sit and enjoy his deliciousness.

    Make no mistake though, until then, I will NOT give up on what is MINE (I have this avi for a reason)

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