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    Franco & Carly

    Started by Jigglea at 2013/11/13 12:11PM
    Latest post: 2013/11/14 03:45PM, Views: 1214, Replies: 22
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    #21   2013/11/14 03:13PM
    Re: Franco & Carly
    anne in the atl

    What about Carlyco of Carco

    #22   2013/11/14 03:20PM
    Re: Franco & Carly

    I say we just refer to the as the "hot ones" and leave it at that.

    #23   2013/11/14 03:45PM
    Re: Franco & Carly

    I may be one of a few but I hate Carly & Franco.

    The reason is because Roger Howarth is Todd and I cannot connect him with Franco.

    When Todd left what happened? he hurt Carly and she cried and was upset what did she think? Todd was trouble with a capital T. Blair told her that over and over.

    I hope that Carly gets hurt all over again. He is related to Heather and Carly should know this will not end well, but it may be her daughter ( does she remember she has a daughter?) will be the one that gets hurt and if Carly cries and gets upset I will not be one who feels bad for her.

    Carly was one of my faves for a long time, but she is just getting lower and lower with the guys she picks.

    Jax was the best and she ruined it.

    And why would Carly with all her brains think that Franco brought her dead flowers? HE HAS NO MONEY!!!! STUPID!

    I hope Carly gets what she deserves with Franco.

    Let's face it Roger Howarth will be boring playing a nice and sweet character. It will not work for him.

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