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    Diane is BRILLIANT!

    Started by ReignOfTerror at 2013/09/12 10:06AM
    Latest post: 2013/09/17 05:14PM, Views: 1858, Replies: 31
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    #31   2013/09/17 05:13PM
    Re: Diane is BRILLIANT!

    Quote oltllover:
    Quote ransomha:
    Quote genhospchat:
    Quote ghfanfare:
    Quote ransomha: IF Diane is so "brilliant" why hasn't she come up with Ava Jerome as a suspect?

    She doesn't need to. She's not a detective. She's a defense lawyer.

    I wonder if everyone is watching the same show? She's not trying to send Sonny to jail, she's trying to show reasonable doubt that AJ didn't do it, which is her JOB. Just as she pulled a ton of crap to get Frodd off his charges and has got Jason and Sonny off of numerous charges we KNOW they did.

    I do wish that they would have done a gun powder test on his hands, face and clthes. That alone would have shown it wasn't him. ANYONE could have worn gloves and shot that gun.

    Never occurred to The Brilliant One that AJ could be Ava Jerome. Would show even more reasonable doubt then a man with an air tight alibi.

    First of all it's a soap so naming sonny is a plot point and second no matter how many times you say it Sonny does not have an alibi, Connie was still alive when he got there so we have no idea when she was shot I know sonny didn't do it but Diane doesn't have to prove he did all she has to do is make the jury wonder if its possible

    It's a soap? Thanks for the heads up.....

    And I think Sonny being in an elevator with another person with a cell phone message from Connie saying "AJ what are you doing in my office with a gun" is a darn good alibi.
    Also because she wasn't dead, doesn't mean they can't tell by the amount of blood loss the time of entry. This is 2013.

    Anna even said, Sonny is not a suspect no matter what the newspapers are saying.

    #32   2013/09/17 05:14PM
    Re: Diane is BRILLIANT!

    Quote ghfanfare: Maybe Sonny did do it. He wanted Olivia pretty bad after Connie "betrayed" him. So maybe he just offed Connie and the rest is a big act. Pin it on AJ so he gets two for one. Now he can horndog after Olivia. Then Olivia figures it out and in a blind rage, kills Sonny. What a great TWIST that would be!

    IF Sonny wanted Olivia, all he would have to do is snap his fingers.

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