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    Spin/Maxie Speculation ~ No Spoilers

    Started by Nightmoves at 2013/01/05 07:54AM
    Latest post: 2013/01/09 05:26AM, Views: 2771, Replies: 24
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    #21   2013/01/09 05:00AM
    Re: Spin/Maxie Speculation ~ No Spoilers

    Quote Monkey83: I'm a huge Spixie fan!!! I ship them more than LnL2(who I absolutely love, but that's for another thread ) I don't mind Ellie but would rather see her with Milo than Spin. I'm really hoping Maxie tells Lulu and Dante what happened.. I don't want to see Maxie made to look worse than she already does to many. As much as I want to see Spixie together I don't want a Spixie baby, don't think either are ready for it.

    What I'd like to see happen is this... Ellie wakes up paralyzed and Spin feels responsible and tries to stay by her side out of guilt. He tells Ellie what happened and Ellie is angry. She tells Spin that its obvious to everyone he's not over Maxie and tells him to go be with Maxie. Ellie has to do physical therapy and Milo is her therapist. They fall in love and she ends up being able to walk again.

    Maxie and Spin stay apart because they feel guilty and Maxie feels really bad for losing the baby. Lulu is angry with Maxie and they have a brief period where they aren't talking. Lulu finds out she's pregnant; there was a misdiagnosis of her previous condition. Lulu apologizes to Maxie and while co planning the baby shower with Spinelli Spixie realize they still love each other.

    Nah, I haven't spent much time thinking about it lol.

    haha!! i want a Spixie reunion too but I also think Spin will stay with Ellie out of guilt. I like the Ellie/Milo idea

    #22   2013/01/09 05:08AM
    Re: Spin/Maxie Speculation ~ No Spoilers

    Quote theresao: My thoughts...normally during IV, they implant multiple embryos hoping one sticks, but more often then not more than one takes. Notice all the celebs with twins?

    So Maxie lost one of the embryos but is still pregnant with another one. That being the case she can't get pregant again...but...given Dr. Britch told her she miscarried, Maxie believes the baby is Spinelli's but in reality it's Dante and Lulu's.

    I predict years of storyline.

    1. Maxie's lets Dante and Lulu believe baby is theirs right up until she gives birth so we get the whole Lulu hovering s/l.

    2. At birth Maxie 'fesses up that baby is Spinelli's (of course no one thinks to check DNA), now it's the Spixie as parents s/l.

    3. Toddler gets sick, neither Spin or Maxie match, ...
    who's the baby s/l.

    Should be a fun few years.

    My thought was that since Maxie was given hormones to help her conceive, even though she had just become pregnant, that one of Spin's swimmers would stick

    I'm going with the twins theory but whatever it should be fun

    #23   2013/01/09 05:14AM
    Re: Spin/Maxie Speculation ~ No Spoilers

    Quote JaneDoe: Good thread NM! I'm certainly NO fan of Spixie, but I would like to speculate on what my hopes are. I'm hoping for dramatic effect, Maxie is preggers..... whether by Spin or still Lulu & Dante. She will think it's still Lulu and Dante's and maybe over time she'll consider the fact that it could be her and Spins' child. She'll get her hopes up, but in the end, the child turns out to be Dante and Lulu's after all. There's a whole lot of drama that could come from this, but for me.... the bottom line is no Spixie.

    I did like him and Ellie, but I'm rather indifferent to her character overall..... I've become increasingly indifferent to Spin as well. I'd rather see Maxie with just about anyone else. Johnny could sure use a friend right about now.

    Hey JD! I know you have no love for Spixie but I think Spin has toned it down a bit and I now like them together again. I find Ellie boring and think her and Spin as a couple would be VERY boring. At least with Maxie things are never boring. I wouldn't want to see Maxie and Johnny as I never really liked them together...

    Don't know what will happen with this pregnacy but it should be entertaining

    #24   2013/01/09 05:23AM
    Re: Spin/Maxie Speculation ~ No Spoilers

    Quote alikat:
    Quote Nightmoves: Some of you that have been posting a while may remember that I once adored Spixie. After a while I grew bored with them and once Matt entered town I was all for M&M. *Now that they have 'toned' Spin down, I again like him with Maxie.

    I really thought Spin still loved and wanted Maxie but after his drunken antics on the rooftop when Ellie didn't show up, I'm not sure. I'd like to think he is just afraid of getting hurt again and trying to convince himself that he no longer wants Maxie.

    Since Maxie and Spin have had sex, it think it's safe to assume she will become pregnant with his child. How will this all play out? Will Britt think she made a mistake in her haste to get out of the hospital? Did Britt make a mistake and will Maxie now be pregnant with both Spin's and Dante and Lulu's babies?

    I also think it's safe to assume Ellie will suffer some sort of paralysis as the doctors think she has a spinal injury.

    Will Spin stay with her out of guilt? What will happen when and if Spin finds out he fathered Maxie's child?

    I wonder when and if Lulu finds out Maxie miscarried she will blame Maxie and that will ruin their friendship?

    Interesting to see how this will all play out, any ideas and/or thoughts?

    Well, I was right there with you in not wanting Spixie for a while now. Pretty much since the Non-Wedding, I was over them. Even before, I felt that they weren't right together and should be friends like Jason and Carly.

    However, I must agree...if they allow Spin to grow up and not be so...Spinelli-ish...then I could see this becoming a rootable couple again.

    However, here's how I see it simply because of years of soap watching and knowing this writer is the traditional Soap101 type writer....

    Maxie won't tell Spinelli she miscarried. Ellie will be paralyzed. Spinelli will feel guilty and leave Maxie and go back to Ellie. Maxie will turn up pregnant with Spinelli's baby.

    She won't say anything at first thinking it's fate that she'd be able to provide Lulu and Dante with a child because Spin doesn't want her anyway. Ellie will actually find out the truth.

    In the end, when Lulu and Dante have the baby and Maxie is extremely depressed etc...and they are having issues because Maxie wants "her" baby back, there will be a paternity test. Ellie will change the test to say it's Dante and Lulu's.

    Down the road whomever...heck it can be a returned Ethan or a returned Jason or even Maxie or some kind of illness with the child that lets them find out the child is really Maxie and Spinelli's.

    You know how deep my love for Maxie runs (KM's Maxie) anything she does is A-OK with me lol. I think Spixie would be good together now as they have made Spin less Spinelli-ish. I also think Spin will go back to Ellie out of guilt. Just not sure how the pregnacy will play out, I'm hoping for the twins s/l though this way they both get their babies!

    #25   2013/01/09 05:26AM
    Re: Spin/Maxie Speculation ~ No Spoilers

    I have watched the entire episode from yesterday so this may have already happened, but I wonder if Spin will tell Ellie the truth about having sex with Maxie.

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