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    Trey and Joe Jr.

    Started by Axl Rose at 2012/07/03 05:50PM
    Latest post: 2012/07/05 11:47AM, Views: 2525, Replies: 11
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    #11   2012/07/04 04:35PM
    Re: Trey and Joe Jr.

    I'm kinda disappointed that Kate's son is Trey.

    #12   2012/07/05 11:47AM
    Re: Trey and Joe Jr.

    Quote HOT PINK:
    Quote Monkey Mama:
    Quote days4ever2: I'm ok with this being the case and I kinda figured it too. My only issue is that both Kate and Joe Jr are very tall and Trey is shorter (not super short). I think the actor is very handsome and I am actually starting to like the character a little because he is different. How old is Kate supposed to be? I know Kelly Sullivan is only 36 but is playing older on the show.

    I can believe this, both me & my husband are short. I am 5 foot and he is 5ft 4. Our daughter (who is 2) has always been in the 90th percentile for height since she was born. She is already 1/2 my size!! No idea where she got this height from - lol

    From what I've read, people can get their height, color of eyes, hair and other characteristics from ancestors several generations back.

    From my genealogy books it says a child CAN take up to 5 generations back

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