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    for this jason and liz fans.............

    Started by onegirloneboy at 2006/10/06 01:34PM
    Latest post: 2006/10/10 01:41PM, Views: 1004, Replies: 13
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    #11   2006/10/09 09:36AM
    Re: for this jason and liz fans.............

    Quote ex-michel:
    Quote cincin:
    Quote carolynfb: sam threw herself in front of rick,now she wantcry wolf i don't feel sorry for her,

    I don't feel sorry for Sam either. She never accepts responsibility for her actions. I have been waiting for Jason and Liz to get together for years. I've been a Jason/Liz fan since she took care of him when he was stabbed and stayed in her art studio. Jason and Liz deserve the same chance Sam had with him.

    Liz had her chance with Jason (when she thought Lucky was dead) and SHE threw it away. Her chance is gone!!! If she was a real friend to Jason she would just GET OUT OF THE WAY OF TRUE LOVE!!!
    Otherwise she is really no better than Maxie. The only difference is that Maxie was using drugs to keep Lucky's attention and Liz is using an innocent baby!!! Though that appears to be changing on today's episode!
    SORRY Lizzie you had your chance and blew it, now stand aside for a woman who CAN handle the real Jason!!!

    Right on i totally agree.

    #12   2006/10/10 11:59AM
    Re: for this jason and liz fans.............

    There is no such thing in soapland as true love...sorry guys. The only time that works is when the couple leaves the show...together. So unless all of you guys are hoping Jason leaves the show with Sam (which is worse than having him with someone else, wouldn't you agree?!) then get over it...look at Liz and Lucky...those two back in the JJ days were so cute together....but now I hate the two of them together, it just irritates me. I would be happy for Liz to stay with Lucky if they got a new Lucky I liked,'s never too late for two people to find their way back to one another--(like Jason and Liz) at least, for a little while (until the writers think things need to shake back up again), even if Sam gets married to Jason, don't expect it to last.

    Look at Luke and Laura--daytimes "it" couple. She's in a mental institute and he's married to Tracy. Need I say more?

    #13   2006/10/10 12:03PM
    Re: for this jason and liz fans.............

    Very true fcgirl. I think the only marriages on GH to stand the test of time were Edward and Lila, and Audrey and Steve. The only reason those marriages ended were the spouses died. AS for Jason and Liz, I hope they get together, even if it's only for awhile. I know love never lasts forever in Soapland.

    #14   2006/10/10 01:41PM
    Re: for this jason and liz fans.............

    i like the jason and sam couple...but i also am rooting for liz

    jason and sam are obveously over for awhile...everyone is making liz out to be the bad guy...but remember jason slept with her...and sam slept with ric...not one of the 4 of them did the right thing...but it happened

    and everyone says sam deserves to be happy with jason...well jason deserves to be happy too and sam just keeps pushing him away!!!

    i say liz and jason give it a go and just see what not saying they should be together forever but obveously sam doesn't want him right now...she still has alot to work out

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