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    Spoilers from

    Started by Shellefan514 at 2006/10/02 08:17AM
    Latest post: 2006/10/02 12:25PM, Views: 14838, Replies: 2
    #1   2006/10/02 08:17AM

    Liz says to Jason flat out that her unborn baby could belong to either Lucky or him, thanks to the enduro condoms.

    Jason processes this bit of information before asking Liz to be his wife, For the SAKE of their baby, if it's his.

    As taken back as Liz is by Jason's kind offer, they're not in the same space. He's a hit man, and she's STILL hung up on Lucky. So she DECLINES!!!!

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    #2   2006/10/02 08:31AM
    Re: Spoilers from

    If that is true, there will be a lot of Jason/Sam fans mad about his move. I would be impressed by his offer, but I find it surprising and hard to believe. First, Jason knows that Elizabeth is not entirely over Lucky, and he knows that if the baby is Lucky's then she is going to have a lot of things to work out. Despite what he did for Carly in regards to Michael's paternity, I don't think Jason would want to take a child away from Lucky--especially if Lucky is able to come out of rehab and is clean, and is obviously capable of caring for a child. However, I wouldn't be surprised if he makes this gesture AFTER they learn the paternity results, and it turns out to be Jason's. I don't find it surprising for Liz to turn him down though--I think she's through with Lucky (especially if this is Jason's baby), but she's not even divorced yet, and that will take time to process, not to mention, she's very protective of her children and she would want to make sure Jason is going to stick before she lets Cameron get attached to yet another daddy.

    #3   2006/10/02 12:25PM
    Re: Spoilers from

    You are so correct fcgirl. Liz wouldn't accept Jason's proposal while she's still married. I believe Liz knows Jason would be around for their baby and make a great daddy to Cameron. I hope Liz sees how Sonny is able to put his childrens protection above everything and that Jason would do the same thing. Once she realizes that they can be one happy family.


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