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    Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Started by Lisa - Admin at 2010/03/10 08:12AM
    Latest post: 2015/07/15 05:06AM, Views: 1296091, Replies: 26505
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    #25741   2013/05/14 08:43AM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING
    Texas Sunflower

    Quote LiasonSteckyFan: UGHHH my Quiz avi is still showing and I changed it

    Ok, so I am already over Quiz...I had high hopes for AJ, I REALLY wanted some character growth and I wanted him to get the better of Carly & Sonny! BUT instead he goes and shags the she-beast?! THEN Liz tells him she wants an honest relationship and he doesn't come clean! I know its not cheating, they are not exclusive and if it had been any other woman other then Snarly I'd be alright with it but he shags the woman who basically ruined his life?! ...Does he need a reminder of the meat hook and her making it look like he was drunk! IDIOT! Besides he was WAY to cocky and smarmy after they hooked up, he didn't look remorseful and when Liz showed up he dared to kiss her check after those lips were on she-beast?! ...Also, he hasn't even mad a move on Liz in NY..there she is supporting him and looking lovely ...all he does is throw a temper tantrum and have a panic attack ...Its like the writing really flipped for AJ when the OLTL'ers left ( heaven forbid She-Beast go a month without bedding a man ) ... AJ really needs to step it up and stop being a tool!

    Ok, now I know you are all gonna disagree with me on this BUT hear me out first

    I am LOVING Nikabeth 2.0 ( I hate the name Niz ) ...I have always loved the Dark Prince, he knows how to treat a lady right!

    Honestly, who didn't swoon when he made that speech to Liz at Wyndemere?! When he said that they could go out to dinner, he could talk her for a walk..then talk her he dreams about waking up next to her... Love him or hate him Nik can really do an intense hot scene!

    Yes, I despised Niz 1.0 BUT that was because of the writing! Tyler recently said in an interview that s/l was done to trash both him & Becky before they were canned...Tyler & Becky have awesome chemistry! ...I'd like for them to be given a real story free of Luckass and see what happens!...If Liz marries Nik she can really be Princess Liz

    Yes, I know Nik is coming on strong...but thats because Liz admitted that she still feels that way about him but is too afraid to act on it...he has the ability to fire her up and stir emotions. And I hate to say it BUT Nik is doing EXACTLY what I always wanted Jason to do but never did! He is fighting for Liz and what he wants! Like he said he will back off but he ain't backing down, he has AJ's number and unfortunately he is right....and I hate to admit it but honestly Nik made me weak in the knees when he was in Liz's hotel room and slid her purse off her shoulder .... Tyler is looking GOOD! He has toned up and his hair is almost at porn hair length

    As a Liz fan, I am just happy that she is getting a storyline and as much as I loved Liason, Jason is fish bait and its time for Liz to move on and for the haters to choke on it

    As for the rest of the show, meh! ...I despise Sabrina, I hate her...she makes Patrick boring and its like he is dating an immature teen...he needs a STRONG woman! ...its pretty bad that I am team Brit! LOL

    I like NuLulu I think she is doing a great job! I also like seeing more of Milo!

    My poor Johnny is gone ... I wonder if they may try and pair Maxie & Dante? Daxie?! I'd be alright with it...I just do not want Spixie at all, I hate them.

    I liked Ellie but now that have made her all about stupid Maxie baby s/l and its very very annoying!

    I love that kid Rafe, I don't know why but I just like him! Too bad he is saddled with Sam, poor kid...I don't like TJ, that dude is way too jealous and possesive and he's only a teen..I think Ric Lansing needs to come back!

    I love Duke & Anna, I would love to see more of them!

    Ok, thats all I got for now

    You have made good points....... I was a Quiz fan, but the minute he grabbed Carly - I was done....... no left overs for Beautiful Elizabeth......

    If rumors are true.....

    Well, I wouldn't mind if she leaves on Nicholas' arm and lives in Italy with him and her (their) boys.....

    We were totally ruined by the Liason crap and I never believed one word of that crap..... if he choose to stay with her..... then, I never could see her going back to jason..... too bad......

    Most beautiful love story NEVER told...... (to quote Steve Burton...)

    #25742   2013/05/15 03:44AM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Good morning and Happy Hump Day.

    MamaBear posted and I missed her.

    Did lots of running around after work yesterday and a little bit of socializing so I didn't get to watch the show. By the time I got home I still had to make cookies for today's bake sale. At least I know my cooking won't make anyone sick unlike the relish.

    Have a great day everyone

    #25743   2013/05/16 03:45AM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Good morning and Happy Thirsty Thursday.

    I'm so glad that the long weekend is almost here.

    So I caught up on GH last night. The whole Chew was a waste of time for me.

    I would like to think that AJ is being all noble and taking responsibility for what happened but he's not. He just doesn't want Elizabeth to find out that he and Carly had sex. AJ you're just making it worse for yourself because when the truth comes out you're toast.

    Leave it to TJ to put his worst foot forward. Instead of getting your girlfriend back you've pushed her futher away.

    Sorry but as far as I'm concerned Sxx talks a good game but isn't as tough as she thinks she is. The scenes with Dr. Clay proved that to me.

    I can't believe I'm saying this but I loved Connie and Olivia. Eating Pizza and holding a gun on the bad guy. Far-fetched yes but it was entertaing to me.

    The issue that I have with AJ right now is that he's letting what everyone says about him get to him and shake his confidence. If he would just suck it up and show them differently they wouldn't have the power over him. I want a new man on screen for Elizabeth.

    Have a great day everyone.

    #25744   2013/05/16 10:58PM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Hello Ladies!

    Brit, where are you? Haven't seen you post in a while!

    Nik, is such a gentlemen he held Liz's hair while she barfed Then he carried her! <3 That man is winning brownie points with me

    I got a tweet from Kelly T ( who plays Britt ) today...I had a total fangirl moment ... I enjoy the Britch, she is fun! I despise Punky and I want her gone like yesterday...I still enjoy Felix!

    AJ is still a total @sshat! Liz is sick and at the hospital and he is too busy talking to Carly to go check up on her

    I wish the OLTL'ers never came back as these dumb@ss characters...I love Roger as Todd but these new characters do nothing for me at all....I am sorry but I hated Starr and I hate this Kiki twit even MORE!

    Veggie, I liked the Liv & Connie scenes too...its refreshing to see a funny scene like that where Connie isn't over the top for once!

    PLEASE DO NOT do Olivia/Sonny for the love of GOD! LOL

    #25745   2013/05/17 04:35AM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Good morning and T.G.I.F.

    Yay it's a long weekend and I'm so looking forward to it.

    Yay Lesley is back. I always loved her. I hope that she stays for a while and isn't just here one day and gone the next.

    There wasn't much about yesterday's show that held my interest. It almost seemed like filler. I guess I'm just such a Liz fan that I don't enjoy the show as much when she's not on. Hopefully today will be a better show.

    Have a great day everyone and Happy Victoria Day Weekend.

    #25746   2013/05/22 03:49AM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Good morning and Happy Hump Day.

    Just wanted to start off by saying that my prayers go out to the victims and all the people of Oklahoma.

    I'm tired of the "drawn out mystery" of who RH is playing. Just tell us who he is already. It's not suspenseful it's down right annoying.

    Not liking Kiki and Morgan. I feel an ulterior motive coming on for that one.

    I laughed at AJ and Nik both bringing Elizabeth a piece of cake trying to win points with her and Elizabeth not having any of it.
    So Lesley is able to perform weddings? How convenient was that.

    I'm still on the fence about nuLulu. I know it's difficult to take over an established character and especially one who's one half of a popular couple. I'm not seeing much chemistry there but things can change.

    Why wasn't Sxx surprised that Silas showed up on her doorstep? Was she actually expecting him? A man that looks like the man that kidnapped her and her son shows up on your door and you look at him like you're bored and annoyed. You were terrified of him when you saw him in the hospital.
    I guess it's the nuances that are missing again.

    I did like the Tracy/Luke scenes on Monday. Love them or hate them you have to admit that the actors who play them are phenomenal.

    Have a great day everyone.

    #25747   2013/05/23 03:42AM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Good morning and Happy Thirsty Thursday.

    I had to laugh at the Liz/Carly scenes. Carly was running scared and back peddling as fast as she could to figure out what Elizabeth was going to say to her and what she actually knew. Just wait until that little tidbit comes out. Elizabeth looked gorgeous in that red top. Then again she looks beautiful no matter what she wears.

    I confess I FF through the Lucy scenes. I like Lucy but now they have her as way over the top and while she was quirky before I don't remember her being this off the wall.

    Silas lose the ponytail, it doesn't suit you. Now we know how they are keeping him in PC. He's decided to go for custody of a nephew that he never knew existed.

    Michael/Kiki/Morgan is a bit of a yawn for me. I'm not surprised that Carly doesn't like Kiki. There are very few women she likes and she isn't going to like anyone that her sons pick. She never liked Abby but put up with her because Michael loved her. She didn't warm up to Starr right away either. Of course, the fact that the young woman Morgan is seeing is the one who encouraged him to gamble doesn't earn her any brownie points either.

    I guess we have to wait until tomorrow to find out who the mystery man is. The guest list is all people with ties to Jason, so he must have a connection to Jason as well. I know what the speculation is so I probably won't be surprised at the reveal.

    Have a great day everyone.

    #25748   2013/05/24 03:55AM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Good morning and T.G.I.F.

    Had a very busy evening yesterday, so I didn't get to watch the show. I hope there is some good stuff to catch up on.

    LSF and Brit or anyone else, if you're lurking please pop in and post. You've been away for a while and I'm wondering how you are doing.

    Have a great day and a great weekend everyone.

    #25749   2013/05/24 06:09AM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Hello people!!! How's it going for everyone!!!

    Just stopped in to say howdy!!! Going to catch up on GH & Y&R for last week over the long weekend.

    Maura West is a great actress and if GH is smart, the pairing will be Sonny and Ava. Even if at first its as enemy mobs...and OH Laura Wright and Maura West as enemy mamabears protecting their cub.

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

    #25750   2013/05/24 08:32AM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Hello all!!! Yes I know it's been awhile.

    I was super busy with finals and with my job, but I'm back.

    I got 2 B's and an A

    The show is eh alright nothing to special lately. Morgan and Kiki make me want to punch the screen they are super SUPER annoying.

    I wish Spinelli would just find out he is going to be a dad already it is dragging out to long. I'm thinking RoHo is Franco and I hated the Franco story it was so LAME

    Well I hope you all are doing good, and I promise I will post more instead of being a lurker

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