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    Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Started by Lisa - Admin at 2010/03/10 08:12AM
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    #121   2010/03/10 04:56PM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Woooow nice shiny thread!
    Had to come in to leave my Liason B moment:
    I love how Jason took care of Elizabeth after she checked herself out the hospital and drove to their SH in the rain.

    I adore how worried he was about her because of the rain and how long it was taking her to get there.

    I love how he grunted when he hugged her and how he took care of her. She was in the pink bathrobe and he covered her up on the sofa, and leaned down and kissed her forehead.

    They talked, Liz said Jason couldn't come running everytime she got a splinter and he said you know I would want to. (this is why I don't buy Jason not visiting Liz in ShadyAcres, this Jason would have gotten in to see her)

    And he sat down at her feet and watched her sleep and when she had a disturbing dream, he was there, right next to her and she discussed the dream with him. He fixed her coffee and they sat so close together and looked at her drawings of Jake. They both smiled alot and were so comfortable there.

    And they had one of the conversations that I love to pieces:

    I still can't help but imagine the four of us together -- one house, one family.

    Jason: Me, too.

    Elizabeth: Is there anything we can ever do to make that happen?
    I was wondering if you ever picture things --
    Things the way you would like them to be.

    Jason: Well, you -- you know what's funny is my mind doesn't usually let me make things up, but now -- I mean, sometimes I do and I think it's because of you and Jake.
    But I don't --

    Elizabeth: But you deal in realities.I know. I look around and I realize what a foreign concept this must be for you -- no penthouse with bulletproof windows, no armed guards at the door.

    Jason: Yeah, it's different. But it's good.

    Elizabeth: You have two speeds.
    You're either completely on or completely off, and I love that about you -- I'm not trying to change you -- and I love being here and our time together. But I would just like you to see that -- that there might be something in between on and off.
    You might even get to like it.

    This is why I know Elizabeth is the right life partner for Jason because she and Cake can add the shades of color to his stark black life. Whereas that other person he is passing time with at the moment thrives only on the blackness and will only shove him deeper into that dark abyss.

    Sorry, ladies got carried away again. Liason does that to me.

    #122   2010/03/10 05:08PM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING
    Charming the...

    Quote Starrgirlfish:
    Quote Charming the Flame:
    Quote Starrgirlfish: I don't know if this is considered a "classic"...or a "B", if it is a classic, I'll name another one.

    But I REALLY adore the scene after Alexis' sister Kristina's funeral...(after Alexis yelled at Jason and Sonny)...Jason is at the docks, and Elizabeth happens upon him (she was there at the funeral too)....and he starts in on telling her that she probably shouldn't be around him, she was already shot....and she just listens to him...and reaches for his hand, and then their's just beautiful. And so poignant. In my opinion, the recent reaching for his hand with the, "I'm here..." was reminiscent of that scene. It was almost exactly like it. *sigh*

    But, if that is considered a classic..than my favorite would have to be.....

    Jason: "You've got the bug...."
    Elizabeth: "What bug?"
    Jason: "You like riding..."

    Elizabeth was drawing and Jason came upon her, and didn't want to disturb her, but Elizabeth stopped him and then she playfully started hinting that she wanted to go on a motorcycle ride and then Jason started teasing her for how much she was starting to get addicted to riding. lol. It was cute....

    Is that a "B" moment? Or a classic, I have no idea how to distinguish....because honestly, I've loved all their little moments.

    Hmm...tell me if I need to think of a more "B" moment.

    Your first one is TOTALLY a B!!! Sounds AWESOME! Do you have the YT clip for it??? I MUST see it. I don't even remember it...

    BURRRRRRRRRRST..... clip please!!

    I don't know if someone responded to you before I got here, but here is the clip!

    OK-- WAIT! I'm still not breathing... *sighhhhhhh* gulp. That was BEAUTIFUL!!! LoVe how he resists with his head, rolling his neck to look away, but his arm is solid and suspended there- connected to her, holding a part of her because no matter what they will always be a part of each other.

    #123   2010/03/10 05:12PM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    I'm jealous. All of you have so many memories of Liason that I missed. Thank goodness for YT. and for all of you sharing your memories.

    #124   2010/03/10 05:15PM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Quote tiffers1912: Ah boo. I don't think I can make it. I'm having my own GNO and none of them are GH fans! Next weekend would be so much better, but I don't think you guys want to wait that long. We could just have a GNO two weekends in a row!

    Two weekends in a row works for me. I'm game for a GNO anytime unless I have previous plans, which is a rarity for me.

    #125   2010/03/10 05:18PM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Quote tiffers1912: I hope we don't jinx it! We say their love is not tainted, and then the next thing you know tptb will have Jason cruelly taking Jake away from a sobbing, pleading Liz.

    No! I refuse to believe Jason would do that! He'd have to be brainwashed or drugged.

    Bite your tongue Tiffers. We know better. Jason would never take Jake away from Liz. He knows what a good mother she is. I agree with the bolded part.

    #126   2010/03/10 05:18PM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    ^^^I know right. I can't believe my fellow Liason fans forgot one of my most favorite Liason scenes (besides the classics and the globe game, don't know if that is a classic)....

    Please tell me somebody remembered that scene.

    If not, that's okay...I forgive all of you. lol

    I always thought that scene was one of the most hauntingly beautiful Liason scenes. And the wind was blowing Elizabeth's hair...and it was just symbolic of "their wind"...and how Jason taught Elizabeth how to experience it, and she taught him how to see it. I know I'm stretching on the wind thing, just added to it and reminds me of all their past wind scenes.

    #127   2010/03/10 05:19PM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING
    Charming the...

    Quote Starrgirlfish: Does anyone remember the "I watch Alias" clip? It's sooo funny. That's another one of my favorites. Elizabeth locks herself out of Kelly's, and Jason offers to open it for her (because well, he's Jason so of course can)...but Elizabeth stops him and says she will do it, and then she asks for a credit card. lol. Jason warily gives it to her and Elizabeth says, "I watch Alias..." and she breaks his credit card and is like, "Oh...." and Jason says, "Oh, that worked."

    And then it gets all sweet when Elizabeth bandages Jason's hand (from breaking the glass to get in)....

    Holy Moley! It's like a Liason Christmans! Where are you coming up with these Starr?

    This one was so great! Yet it broke my heart in the end when Zander came walking up....

    #128   2010/03/10 05:21PM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Ohhh my, this is a sweeet scene. I love how Jason does that big swallow after he tells Liz she is better off with Zander!

    Scenes like this is why I don't believe that Guza is the hack that a lot of people say he is.

    #129   2010/03/10 05:22PM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Quote Burst-JasonLiz: I keep wondering if the safehouse still exists. I would love for Elizabeth to just go there to take a "breather" and the who should happen apon the safehouse the same time....

    Burst I love it! I believe that the safehouse still exists and I wouldn't be surprised if the painting supplies he bought for Elizabeth are still there.

    #130   2010/03/10 05:23PM
    Re: Liason & Liz FANS only thread #2 - NO BASHING

    Quote Burst-JasonLiz:
    Quote iteach:
    Quote Vertigobarbie: Okay Ladies and Gentlemen if there are any gentlemen viewers out there who are Liason lovers like us ladies.

    I have done my poetry homework assignment. Thank you to Charm for her editing and suggestions, they are apreciated. This is partly inspired by Charm's fanfic Always and the first verse was inspired by SmileandStare who just started posting yesterday in the old thread.

    I Love You Always

    Saw you across the room, could not help but stare
    Your beautiful smile told me you were aware
    My continued desire, on my heart it weighs
    I love you always

    Every glimpse of your face is held dear
    I wish I could have you near
    I struggle to stay away
    I love you always

    Vivid memories of you remain in my heart
    Though we decided to part
    You continue to amaze
    I love you always

    Now there is someone else in my life
    But it is you I want as my wife
    Desire for our life together stays
    I love you always


    Show off!

    Is Vertigobarbie tryingt o show you up iteach! LOL!

    No I'm not. I feel guilty enough as it is without everyone else picking on me too!!!

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