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    General Hospital ACTOR - Bruce Weitz

    Full detailed profile on Bruce Weitz playing Anthony Zacchara (deceased) on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bruce Weitz (ABC)
    Bruce Weitz

    Birthday: May 27 1943
    Birthplace: Norwalk, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Married to Vivian Davis, 1 child
    Currently playing: Anthony Zacchara (deceased)


    Weitz earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Pittsburgh's Carnegie Institute of Technology. He then trained in regional theaters such as the Guthrie in Minneapolis & Minnesota and the Actors Theatre of Louisville (Kentucky). His Broadway debut was in a revival of "Death of a Salesman" starring George C. Scott in 1976. He also shared the stage with Al Pacino in "Norman, Is That You?". Before transitioning to television in the late 1970's, Weitz also performed in 13 New York Shakespeare Festival productions.


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    Emmy Winner, Outstanding Supporting Actor Winner in a Drama Series for "Hill Street Blues" (1983)
    Emmy Nomination (five times), Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for "Hill Street Blues"


    General Hospital (2007 - May 12, 2012)
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