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    General Hospital ACTOR - Claire Coffee

    Full detailed profile on Claire Coffee playing Nadine Crowell on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Claire Coffee (Brian To/
    Claire Coffee

    Birthday: April 14 1980
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Currently playing: Nadine Crowell


    Claire earned a Theater degree from Northwestern Univeristy in Evanston, Illinois. Her career began at age five when joined The Mountain Play theater company in Northern California's Marin County. After college in the midwest, she moved to Los Angeles.


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    General Hospital - Nadine Crowell (2007 - present. Went on contract in February 2008)
    Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investagative Service - Nikki Crawshaw (2006)
    Psych - Sally Reynolds (2006)
    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Cindy Jansen (2006)
    Cold Case - Kelly Witkowski (2005)
    The West Wing - Cassie Tatum (2003)
    Hidden Hills - Russ' Girlfriend (2002)
    The Mind of the Married Man - Young Couple (2001)

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