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    General Hospital ACTOR - Jason Thompson

    Full detailed profile on Jason Thompson playing Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Thompson (ABC)
    Jason Thompson

    Birthday: November 20 1976
    Birthplace: St. Albert, Alberta Canada
    Marital Status: Single
    Currently playing: Dr. Patrick Drake
    Web site:


    A native of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, Thompson left home at the young age of 18, to become a model. He was seeking fame and this is exactly what he got! Modeling for commercials for a time, you may have seen Thompson in Ads for 'The Gap'!

    With the money he made from modeling, Jason was able to pursue another dream - travel! He has traveled extensively, internationally.

    After modeling, Jason decided to try his hand at acting, working in theatre, film and television, before coming to daytime television.

    Thompson was seen in guest roles starring on 'Felicity', 'Zoe', and 'Flipper'.

    Thompson resides in Los Angeles and loves playing hockey and surfing! to play hockey and surf. A little trivia for you... Jason co-owns two restaurants in Edmonton Alberta, Canada!


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    Daytime Emmy Nominee, Outstanding Lead Actor (2013, 2014, 2015)
    Daytime Emmy nomination, Outstanding Supporting Actor (2012)


    General Hospital - Patrick Drake (2005 to present)
    Deep Cover - Grant Henry (2002)
    Undressed - Miles (2000)
    Felicity - Jordan (2000)

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