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    General Hospital ACTOR - Dylan Joseph Cash

    Full detailed profile on Dylan Joseph Cash playing Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Joseph Cash (ABC)
    Dylan Joseph Cash

    Birthday: November 30 1994
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: single
    Currently playing: Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past)


    Dylan made his big television debut on Bill Cosby's "Kids Say the Darnest Things" . He was just four, announcing to Bill Cosby that his plans were to become a movie star!

    Dylan has worked in film, in big names such as 'Polar Express', he has worked in television, on shows such as 'Sabrina: The Teenage Witch', and it's his face you see in various commercials!

    Dylan is the Spokesman for Fuji Film's "Meet the Greens" national television ad campaign.

    When he is not working, Dylan enjoys football, bowling, karaoke, and baseball.


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    Daytime Emmys Pre-Nomination, Outstanding Younger Actor (2003, 2005, 2006)
    Young Artist Awards Won, Best Performance in a TV Series (2003; for Michael Corinthos on General Hospital)
    Young Artist Awards Nominee, Best Performance in a Commercial (2003; for Fuji Film)


    General Hospital - Michael Morgan Corinthos (March 28, 2002 to December 29, 2008)
    Judging Amy - James Garrison - Ep: "Shock and Awe" (2003)
    Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - Billy - Ep: "You Slay Me" (2003) - Ep: "Spellmanian Slip" (2003)
    The Division - Noah - Ep: "'Till Death Do Us Part" (2003)
    Malcolm in the Middle - Kid #2 - Ep: "Monkey" (2002)
    Apple Valley Knights - Wyatt (2002)
    Family Affair - Jackson - Ep: "Space Invaders" (Unaired)
    Kids Say the Darndest Things - Himself (April 28th, 2000)
    The Polar Express - Boy on Train (2004)
    Bad Santa - Kid on Bike (2003)
    All You Need - Dylan Rempley (2001)

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