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Spoilers for the Week of November 27, 2017

11/27/2017 12:00am

General Hospital Spoilers November 27 – December 1 image

Week of November 27:

GH Spoiler Video: Jason & Six's shocking paternity twist

Monday November 27:

Ava Finds a Surgeon to Finish her Treatment

jason-six-dna-test-gh-abcJason’s insecurities get the best of him.

Sam isn’t exactly forth coming.

Kiki says the wrong thing.

Ava has high hopes.

Alexis’ plan backfires.

GH Spoiler Video: Six tells Kim she's got the wrong guy

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Tuesday November 28:

julian-tells-alexis-what-he-wants-gh-abcOscar sneaks out.

Alexis is shocked.

Jordan and Curtis team up.

Ava hesitates.

Griffin arrives just in time.

GH Recap: Kim and Oscar meet Jason

GH Spoiler Video: Julian expects one thing from Alexis

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Wednesday November 29:

GH Recap: Jordan and Curtis Find Andre Who Refuses to Return to Port Charles

maxie-nathan-announce-baby-news-gh-abcValentin is blindsided.

Finn informs Anna of his intentions.

Nina calls Sam out.

Dante agrees to help Patient Six.

Jordan makes an emotional plea.

GH Spoiler Video: Nathan and Maxie's baby announcement

Thursday November 30:

GH Recap: Spinelli is reunited with Six

Liesl-talks-to-six-sonny-about-jason-gh-abcSonny confronts Obrecht.

Carly puts Jason on the defense.

Franco has a change of heart.

Curtis comes through on his word.

Josslyn comes up with a plan of her own.

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GH Spoiler Video: Liesl says Jason Morgan was a big asset

Friday December 1:

GH Recap: Spinelli Backs up the Truth Following Andre's Shocking Jason Reveal

julian-pays-someone-a-visit-gh-abcSonny gets help from an old friend.

Jason is in disbelief.

Alexis runs into Dr. Bensch.

Ava shares her fears.

Griffin’s anger runs deep.

GH Spoiler Video: Julian pays an unexpected visit

Coming up:

Jordan convinces Andre to come clean regarding Jason/Six.

Laura's mom, Lesley Webber (played by Denise Alexander) returns.

SOD spoilers:

Liz asks Franco to marry her.

Finn sets something in motion.

Bobbie receives devastating news from Carly.

Ava wants nothing more than to make Griffin happy.

Lulu is caught snooping by Nina.

Anna holds important information.

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Photo credit: Jill Johnson/JPI; ABC

- Amy Mistretta

Spoilers for the Week of November 20, 2017

11/20/2017 12:00am

General Hospital Spoilers November 20 - 24 image

Deconstructing GH: Port Charles & the viewers fight for their Jason

Week of November 20:

Monday November 20:

Michael and Six are Reunited for Thanksgiving

anna-finn-discuss-cassandras-new-drug-gh-abcNathan is under fire.

Cassandra tests the waters.

Finn seeks out Anna.

Felicia shares too much.

Michael is standoffish.

GH Spoiler Video: Ned wants to discuss ELQ

GH Spoiler Video: Cassandra’s new drug is lethal

More: Kelly Thiebaud returns to General Hospital

Tuesday November 21:

GH Recap: Nora reads a statement from Olivia Jerome exonerating Julian

carly-tells-robin-they-made-mistake-gh-abcSix faces his past.

Carly lays blame.

Jason has terrible timing.

Franco comforts a foe.

Ava continues her quest.

GH Spoiler Video: Carly tells Robin they made a mistake

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Wednesday November 22:

GH Recap: Kim Nero meets Sonny and Carly, and is stunned to see Patient Six

sonny-carly-welcome-oscars-mom-kim-gh-abcJason turns to Monica.

Carly opens her home.

Alexis attempts to make amends.

Stella is reflective.

Lulu is observant.

GH Spoiler Video: Oscar’s mom arrives for Thanksgiving

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Thursday November 23:

Deconstructing GH: Thankful for being eager to tune in daily again

"General Hospital" will be pre-empted today.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital will air an encore of this year's Wednesday September 27 episode. Read's GH Recap: Spinelli barges into the Man Landers event for a refresher.

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Friday November 24:

"General Hospital" will be pre-empted today.

College football will air in "GH's" place today, but head over and vote in our GH poll about Andre's fate.

SOD November Sweeps spoilers:

Someone unexpected visits Jason.

Andre feels regret for his actions.

Finn and Anna’s relationship ruse could cost them their lives.

Oscar comes closer to finding his father, as his mother makes her presence known.

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Laura is faced with a dilemma after a surprise from Kevin backfires.

Maxie has an announcement.

Lulu uncovers a secret.

Lulu does something that could get her in trouble with Dante.

Man Landers publisher Quinn (played by Jennifer Bassey) returns to Port Charles.

While Ned asserts himself more at ELQ, Olivia does the same at the Quartermaine mansion.

Dillon and Kiki’s relationship could be at risk due to their careers.

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Alexis is called out by Dr. Bensch.

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Photo credit: Jill Johnson/JPI; ABC

- Amy Mistretta