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Spoilers for the Week of April 17, 2017

04/17/2017 12:00am

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Deconstructing GH: Clashes and crumbling couples delight and disappoint

Week of April 17:

GH Spoiler Video: A fine line between love and revenge

Monday April 17:

GH Recap: Alexis comes face to face with Julian

GH Spoiler Video: Someone follows Alexis

Tracy attempts to upstage Olivia.

Sonny confronts Jax.

Dante fears the worst.

Alexis gets clarity.

Sam races after a lead.

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Tuesday April 18:

GH Recap: The mysterious woman from Turkey begs Tracy for help

Ned lets an uninvited guest have it.

Tracy disappoints the family.

Alexis finds closure.

Jake confides in Franco.

Liz is distraught.

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Wednesday April 19:

GH Recap: Nelle makes a surprise statement to Nate at the PCPD

GH Spoiler Video: Nelle wants to make a statement

Nelle takes the high road.

Finn balks at Griffin's offer.

Brad's anger intensifies.

Hayden isn't sure about the future.

Carly vows to punish Nelle.

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Thursday April 20:

GH Spoiler Video: Tracy asks Finn for a DNA test

GH Recap: Monica makes a promise to Samira

Monica stands her ground.

Finn questions Tracy's motives.

Jason has good news for Sonny.

Carly and Jax are interrupted.

Franco worries about Jake.

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Friday April 21:
GH Recap: Jax gives Carly news then makes a life-altering request

GH Spoiler Video: Jax is no longer welcome

Alexis admits the truth.

Liz and Jason show a united front.

Sonny causes trouble for Jax.

Carly feels double crossed.

Ava and Scott pay a visit to the PCPD.

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Still to come:

Tracy will cross paths with many familiar faces in a special standalone episode on April 28.

Tracy’s announcement shocks many.

Nathan receives bad news surrounding Maxie.

Anna is closer to uncovering Valentin’s secret.

Jason’s quest to help Jake could become fateful.

Sonny turns to another woman for comfort.

Robin and Emma visit.

SOD May Sweeps:

Nathan's discovery during a case becomes very personal.

Ned’s decision about his place in the Quartermaine family could affect his life with Olivia.

New information regarding Morgan’s death brings Sonny and Carly together as a team.

As Jason, Sam, Liz and Franco work to uncover what happened to Jake on Cassadine Island, an incident from the past has huge implications for all involved, as well as other Port Charles residents.

Nina begins to learn more about Valentin’s past and is forced to make a decision on whether or not to stand by him.

Griffin becomes concerned by Anna’s unusual behavior.

When Julian faces life in prison, Alexis must face her true feelings.

Dante and Lulu pull together when it looks as though Charlotte could be taken away from her for good.

Laura realizes Kevin is very important to her.

The secret surrounding Ava’s connection to Morgan’s meds could finally be revealed.

A fateful circumstance might help Michael forgive Nelle.

Jordan’s big decision affects both the men in her life.

Kiki is torn between career aspirations and her relationship with Dillon.

The Nurses’ Ball is filled with music, fun surprises and, of course, danger!

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- Amy Mistretta

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