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Spoilers for the Week of August 25, 2008

08/25/2008 12:00am

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The shortest reconcilation ever? (

Week of August 25th

Friday August 29th:

Jerry hears Matt make a confession to Maxie.

Lulu gives Laura all the details about the night she killed Logan.

Lulu sees Logan while she's talking with Laura.

Sonny takes Kate down to his private island for some fun.

Liz goes to Jason and shares her feelings.

Patrick refuses to give up on the idea of marriage.

Jerry overhears a confession from Matt.

Visions of Logan are trapped in Lulu's mind.

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Can Johnny trust Claudia? (

Week of September 1st

Monday September 1st:

(This episode is an encore presentation from 7/7/09)

Lulu murders Logan.

Claudia reminds Anthony of his negligence when she was sixteen.

Sonny gives Claudia a morale boost.

Robin weighs in on Sonny's decision to marry Kate.

Kate loses her diamond in Jax's lap!

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Tuesday September 2nd:

Sonny's island doesn't prove to be as carefree as Kate had thought.

Jason puts Elizabeth's safety before his happiness.

Claudia puts two and two together regarding the night Logan died.

Wednesday September 3rd:

Alexis warns Jax that he will end up with a broken heart. (Read about Ingo Rademacher's new baby.)

Scott makes a shocking announcement.

Anna questions Robin as to why she won't marry Patrick.

Thursday September 4th:

Kate finds out about the night Sonny and Carly had sex.

Johnny is afraid of what Claudia will say on the stand.

Maxie moves into Jason's place to take care of Spinelli. Want to know about Maxie's fashions?

Friday September 5th:

Jax and Kate join up to confront their partners.

Maxie is the likely reason a mob war is about to break out.

Lulu's fate rests in Claudia's hands. (Read all about Julie Marie Berman's wedding.)

A Sneak Peak into Fall...

Sonny and Kate do indeed get married, but the groom falls back to his old ways soon thereafter!

Jason's mob leadership will be tested and then some.

Max is in hot water with his mobster dad because he led him to believe that he ran the mob personally. Daddy isn't pleased. Daddy also goes after Max's girl.

Things for Carly and Jax get worse before they get better. Jax revisits his former ruthless business roots.

Lucky and Sam find more adventure.

Prince Nikolas and Nadine get closer.

Maxie and Spinelli (yes, Spinelli!) find romance, off and on. Matt is involved via a connection that will be revealed.

Luke factors into the Lulu/Laura relationship when he returns.

We'll see a new side of Claudia.

The scrubs baby will be born by the end of October.

Coming Up!

Are Max & Milo chips off the old block? When their dad comes to town on September 15 we'll all find out! (Vincent Pastore will play Maximus Giambetti, find out more in's Comings & Goings section.

Will Laura truly "wake up" or will her conversations with Lulu be just another hallucination?

Anna's going to Night Shift, but will Robert come to daytime? Find the inside scoop here.

Cody's back, can Jason really trust him?

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