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Spoilers for the Week of November 11, 2013

11/11/2013 12:00am

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Week of November 4:

Thursday November 7:

GH Recap: B.L.T.

Franco's surprised at the gallery opening.

A big reveal occurs after someone's outburst.

TJ confronts Shawn about his line of work.

Lazaro makes accusations against Sonny.

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Friday November 8:

GH Recap: Chaos.

Sonny has a hard time after learning of a betrayal.

Many in Port Charles become fearful after a shocking revelation.

Max and Shawn prepare to do something at the art show.

Scott's worried that recent events will affect his future.

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Week of November 11:

Monday November 11:

GH Recap: Who Am I?

Sonny makes a surprising announcement.

Carly rethinks Franco's actions.

Morgan fights with Michael when he confronts him.

Sam and Silas catch Derek making an announcement.

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Tuesday November 12:

GH Recap: The Cost.

Olivia's there for Sonny.

Sam is worried for Danny's safety.

Carly finds Michael in danger at the docks.

Sam's evening may end in romance.

Wednesday November 13:

GH Recap: I Am Julian Jerome.

Baby Connie's custody battle begins.

Scott receives an unfavorable warning from Julian.

Franco receives a strange delivery.

Luke and Tracy watch baby Connie.

Thursday November 14:

GH Recap: If It's A Fight You Want.

Patrick may make a life-altering discovery.

Maxie's out for revenge in the thick of the custody battle.

Memories overtake Robin when she visits the lab.

Felix helps Sabrina search for a wedding dress.

Friday November 15:

Robert and Anna need to work together to escape.

A couple's closeness leads to a kiss.

Carlos continues to seek a reunion with Sabrina.

Obrecht is ready to expose the truth.

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SOD November Sweeps:

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Luke gets sucked back into Jerry Jacks' drama in Robin's race to save him.

After baby Connie is awarded to someone, Maxie and Lulu's friendship may not recover.

Sabrina's eager to make it to her big day with the love of her life, Dr. Patrick Drake.

Someone's performance art will outshine Franco's on his big night and the big reveal will tear through Port Charles.

Silas will be there for Sam, but Alexis will struggle with her feelings for someone when the truth comes out.

Britt and Nikolas can't help but get close despite being chaperoned by the two Dr. Evils.

Elizabeth's hopes could be crushed during AJ's trial when new information comes out about the night Connie died.

In his jaunt to find Anna, Duke could very well make the connection between Julian and Derek.

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