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Spoilers for the Week of September 30, 2013

09/30/2013 12:00am

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Catch up on Dallas, Grey's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, and Venice. Read our spoilers and weekly recaps!

Read the latest General Hospital Weekly Blog to hear what Kyle has to say about Kiki and Morgan's wedding reception, baby Connie and Brad's gift to Felix.

Vote! Carlos working for the Jeromes?

Week of September 23:

Thursday September 26:

GH Recap: Slaughter Away.

Watch this week's General Hospital spoiler video about Robin's Return!

Patrick walks in on Sabrina while she is treating a shirtless Carlos.

Patrick and Carlos have a tense argument over Sabrina.

Dante asks Spinelli to be baby Connie's godfather, when he is out with the baby.

Did Kurt say yes to Blaine's proposal? Find out in tonight's Glee recap: Love, Love, Love.

Find out who has a big blowout about a surgery on tonight's Grey's Anatomy recap: Act 1: Seal Our Fate.

Friday September 27:

GH Recap: Do The Right Thing.

Luke's condition has seriously deteriorated.

It's Christening Day for baby Connie!

Maxie prays for strength at the christening.

Nik continues to win Britt over.

Week of September 30:

Monday September 30:

Robin's Back! GH Teaser photo on @SoapOperaFan Twitter feed!

GH Recap: I Told The Truth.

Luke comes face to face with his nemesis.

Britt tells her mother that she told Patrick the truth.

Luke is informed that a cure is being worked on.

Sabrina questions the relationship she has with Patrick.

Revenge recap: Fear. Find out about Conrad's surprising diagnosis in the season opener.

Tuesday October 1:

GH Recap: Alive.

Patrick considers taking his wedding ring off.

Patrick tells Sabrina he believes Robin is still alive.

Lulu and Dante are in shock.

Maxie collapses into Spinelli's arms at the church.

Wednesday October 2:

GH Recap: Diamond In The Rough.

Morgan assists Ava in moving into her a new penthouse.

Franco begins painting again.

Kiki is still shocked about Morgan.

Olivia realizes what her visions about Maxie meant.

Read our After The Soap Finales: Where Are They Now for updates on former "ATWT," "GL," "Passions" and other Daytime actors.

Find out what dirt Logan gets on an unsuspecting character in today's recap! Venice recap: Season 4 Episode 9.

Thursday October 3:

GH Recap: Thinking About Me?

Many search for a kidnapping victim.

Sabrina receives flowers from Carlos.

Emma asks Patrick why he took his wedding ring off.

Who will get custody of Baby Connie?

Matt meets a strange fate on tonight's episode! Vampire Diaries recap: I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Friday October 4:

Read’s Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Everybody’s Crying Mercy to find out who is upset with Meredith.

Duke tells Alexis that he can prove Derek is Julian Jerome.

Carlos sends Sabrina more flowers.

Sam thanks Patrick for the advice he gave her about Silas.

Anna receives unbelievable news.

Fall Previews:

Robin returns and this causes an explosion in the Britt, Patrick and Sabrina story.

Luke and Laura continue to search for the cure with Scotty taking issue with her involvement.

Sam's paternity becomes an important question.

Will Liz and Nik get another shot at a relationship?

Someone new enters Carly's life.

Franco is a very different individual after surgery.

Obrecht is far from finished with her tricks.

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