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Spoilers for the Week of August 26, 2013

08/26/2013 12:00am

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Week of August 19:

Thursday August 22:

GH Recap: Give It Your Best Shot.

The truth about a baby is revealed.

Connie makes a discovery.

Someone overhears Derek referring to himself as Julian.

A bone marrow transplant for Danny has been found!

Friday August 23:

GH Recap: I Want My Baby.

Olivia informs Sonny she knows he is in love with Connie.

Michael tells Kiki the truth about Morgan.

A.J. is missing.

Maxie says too much from her hospital bed.

A gunshot shatters the lives of everyone in Port Charles.

Week of August 26:

Monday August 26:

GH Recap: AJ.

Spinelli lies to Dante and Lulu about his fight with Ellie.

Olivia has a vision about Connie.

Derek starts to remember his past.

Sonny reveals his true feelings to Connie.

Tuesday August 27:

GH Recap: Six Lives.

Franco is ready to end it all, until Ellie gives him another option.

Michael is determined to find A.J. before Sonny finds him first.

Olivia has regret.

Lulu asks Spinelli what Maxie was saying following her surgery.

Wednesday August 28:

GH Recap: One Good Turn.

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Lulu makes a desperate plea to Laura for the sake of their family.

Felix informs Patrick and Sabrina that Britt is missing.

Tracy becomes the focus of Anna and Dante's investigation.

A.J. wonders if he really did kill Connie.

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Thursday August 29:

GH Recap: If I Had Known.

Maxie is obsessed and comes up with a plan.

Derek is ready to tell everything.

Lulu can't help wondering about what Maxie said.

Patrick wants full custody of Britt's baby.

Friday August 30:

Diane advises her client not to say anything at this time.

Maxie and Spinelli argue.

Ava tells Kiki and Morgan about Connie's death.

Dante and Lulu don't know how to deal with Maxie.

Fall Previews:

Robin returns and this causes an explosion in the Britt, Patrick and Sabrina story.

The birth of Maxie's baby causes serious problems.

Luke and Laura continue to search for the cure with Scotty taking issue with her involvement.

The death of Connie affects many on the canvas.

Sam's paternity becomes an important question.

Michael continues to hover around Kiki and Morgan's marriage.

Will Liz and Nik get another shot at a relationship?

Someone new enters Carly's life.

Franco is a very different individual after surgery.

Obrecht is far from finished with her tricks.

Sam and Silas get closer because of Danny's health, much to Ava's chagrin.

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