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Spoilers for the Week of August 12, 2013

08/12/2013 12:00am

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Week of August 5:

Thursday August 8:

Connie regrets causing havoc with her decision.

Morgan whisks Kiki away from it all...away from Michael.

Ava can't believe her secret is out.

Sam is upset with Derek.

Friday August 9:

GH Recap: Kill You Where You Stand.

Will recent events foil Ava’s master plan?

What else is Ava hiding?

Morgan convinces Kiki to marry him now…unless someone stops the ceremony...

Week of August 12:

Monday August 12:

GH Recap: You Knew.

Maxie heads to Lamaze class.

Silas wants to know the truth.

Spinelli gives Felix and Sabrina info on Dr. Obrecht.

Luke is on Jerry's trail.

Reminisce with! Soap History: The City.

Tuesday August 13:

GH Recap: Damn You Anna.

Dante, Lulu and Maxie do Karaoke.

Mac and Felicia receive a surprise party.

Britt is on the brink of confessing.

Ava and Derek accuse each other of trying to harm Duke.

Wednesday August 14:

GH Recap: Hit The Road Obrecht.

Read our Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Mirror Has Three Faces to find out who Aria kissed.

Will the wedding be stopped?

Dr. Obrecht's plan turns sinister.

Duke hovers between life and death.

Patrick tries to get Emma excited about his new baby.

Thursday August 15:

GH Recap: You Asked For It.

Luke arrives at Jerry Jacks' hideout.

Dr. Obrecht's secret is revealed.

Duke insists the wedding can happen without him.

Britt realizes what her mother has been up to.

Friday August 16:

GH Recap: No Disco?

The wedding ceremony begins, but is interrupted.

Sonny is unsure if he and Connie will reconcile.

Luke starts making the connection between Faison, Jerry, and...

A shocking discovery is made.

Week of August 19:

Monday August 19:

Maxie has an unexpected complication.

Anna and Dante question Britt about her mother.

Tuesday August 20:

Carly has a heart-to-heart with Morgan.

Everyone gathers at the hospital due to an emergency.

Wednesday August 21:

Luke, Laura and many others rush to the hospital.

Michael and Carly are concerned about A.J.'s mental state.

Thursday August 22:

The truth about a baby is revealed.

A bone marrow transplant for Danny has been found!

Friday August 23:

Olivia tells Sonny she knows he is in love with Connie.

A gunshot shatters the lives of everyone in Port Charles.

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