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Spoilers for the Week of January 28, 2013

01/28/2013 12:00am

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Week of January 21.

Thursday January 24:

GH Recap: Potentially Lethal Whack Job.

AJ and Michael plot the next move in their attempt to take control of ELQ.

Todd tips Johnny off on his latest scheme to get out of trouble.

McBain tells Sam to leave things alone.

Patrick has some questions for Liz about Sabrina.

Epiphany has it in for Felix.

Johnny tells Todd they are both going to Pentonville.

Felix is glad Carly didn't take off.

Patrick goes looking for Sabrina.

Tracy tries convincing Ned that they need to keep Lucy out of it.

Michael asks AJ how Heather could help them take over the company.

Friday January 25:

GH Recap: It's A Win-Win.

Carly accuses AJ of manipulation.

Liz questions Sabrina's choice.

Emma doesn't like Britt.

Michael manipulates Johnny.

Tracy gets an unpleasant surprise from AJ and Michael.

Tracy tries getting Sonny on her side.

Britt loses it with Emma.

A desperate TJ tries to beg Connie into giving Molly her book back.

Ned may be too late when he tries to help Tracy.

Week of January 28:

Monday January 28:

GH Recap: A Personal Question.

AJ and Michael force Tracy into a corner.

Emma goes missing.

Patrick panics.

Felix persuades Liz and Sabrina to spice up their lives.

Tracy has another plan for revenge.

Lulu hears Spinelli talking about sleeping with Maxie.

Maxie learns that Spinelli and Ellie are finished.

Kristina lashes out at Connie.

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Tuesday January 29:

GH Recap: Play For Keeps.

Patrick is confused about his daughter's departure.

Mac tries to comfort Anna.

Tracy tells Connie that there may be no company left to run.

Alexis' daughter is taken to jail for assault.

Tracy winds up with Connie sobbing in her arms.

AJ has big plans for Duke.

Duke gets a job.

The search for Emma continues.

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Wednesday January 30:

GH Recap: Fix That Wagon.

New! Pretty Little Liars recap: Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Inferno.

Sonny tells Olivia that Kristina is in trouble.

Todd and Lucy hold the key to solving each other's problems.

Todd tries ordering Connie around.

Ned has some good news for Tracy.

Kevin Collins arrives.

Alexis asks Sonny to convince Connie to get Kristina out.

Thursday January 31:

Sonny rails at Connie.

Liz pays AJ a visit.

Lucy has an unexpected visitor.

Luke wants a favor from Tracy.

Patrick wants nothing to do with Britt.

People continue mistaking John for someone else.

Molly runs into Rafe.

Friday February 1:

John McBain winds up in a brutal crime scene.

Britt has something to tell Lulu about Maxie's baby.

Michael has to choose between his two fathers.

Spinelli brings Ellie home.

AJ and Liz bond.

The ball loses its funding.

Soap Opera Digest sweeps.

Laura returns to her family and is hiding something.

Tracy pulls Sonny into her fight to keep ELQ.

A new Quartermaine heir may be floating around.

Duke takes an interesting road as he tries to win Anna back.

Emma is stuck in a crisis.

Sam remains in John's orbit.

AJ and Liz bond over a health problem.

Molly and TJ find they have a new problem.

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