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Spoilers for the Week of December 31, 2012

12/31/2012 12:00am

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Week of December 24.

Thursday December 27:

Starr confronts Connie as she tries to get to the bottom of things.

Spinelli has something to tell Ellie about their future.

Sonny doesn't take news from one of his children well.

Friday December 28:

Kristina responds to Sonny.

Carly wonders what Sam is trying to steal.

Patrick asks Sabrina about her plans.

AJ charms Lucy.

Sam is caught trying to crack Todd's safe again.

Sam has a warning for Carly.

Lucy pushes Tracy and AJ to fight.

Patrick asks Sabrina about her New Year's Eve plans.

Week of December 31:

Monday December 31:

Pre-emption. A repeat of the December 12 episode Soul Destroying Disappointment will air.

Tuesday January 1:


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Wednesday January 2:

Kristina wonders what's in he trunk.

Spinelli hopes Ellie will show up for his big night.

Patrick plants a kiss on Sabrina.

Lulu asks Olivia if she sees a dog in her latest vision.

Todd starts to doubt that Carly is really over Johnny.

Lulu and Dante celebrate the new year, looking forward to starting a family.

Milo helps Spinelli plan some romance.

Olivia has more visions.

Starr suffers an injury.

Thursday January 3:

Patrick tries to stop Sabrina.

Spinelli leaves a voicemail message for Ellie.

Another crash.

Michael, Trey, Kristina and Starr are left unconscious.

Todd and Carly finally take the next step.

Starr discovers Connie in dire need and in the same spot where Cole and Hope died.

Friday January 4:

Maxie and Spinelli hit some troubled water and may make things worse.

Johnny threatens Carly's happiness.

Connie considers running.

Sabrina opens up to Liz about Patrick.

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