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Spoilers for the Week of December 03, 2012

12/03/2012 12:00am

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Week of November 26.

Thursday November 29:

Skye and Todd still hate each other.

Spinelli has to explain himself to Ellie.

Someone's identity is questioned.

Skye tells Todd, "He may be Tomas to you." Carly adds, "But he is Lorenzo Alcazar to us."

"Don’t disappear Kate, just stay with me okay," Sonny tells Connie.

Ellie says, "You are still in love with Maxie."

"We want you to carry our baby Maxie," Lulu says.

Friday November 30:

Alexis asks Shawn, who is with Sonny, "You’re not working for him, are you?"

Carly says, "Blair, the man you are planning on marrying is not Tomas Delgado."

Sabrina looks stunned as Patrick says, "Steve and I were just talking about you." Steve adds, "Patrick told me everything."

Robert asks Duke at the bar, "Are you open for business?"

Maxie tells Mac, "I am having a baby!"

Robert probes Duke.

Liz and Sabrina talk to Patrick about the Nurses' Ball.

Shawn and Alexis have an argument that could change their relationship.

Week of December 3:

Monday December 3:

Helena seems to know what Duke is hiding.

Tea, Skye and Blair team up.

Spinelli reacts strongly to Maxie's choice to be a surrogate.

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Tuesday December 4:

Sam asks Tracy, "What do you want?" AJ pipes up, "She wants your 18 percent of ELQ."

Patrick asks Sabrina, "Are you ready for our date?"

Robert tells Dante, "The guy who you think is Duke Lavery is an ex spy by the name of Faison."

Robert breaks into Duke's place.

AJ knows what Tracy is up to.

Felicia and Maxie have a nasty fight.

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Wednesday December 5:

Johnny tells Connie, "If you were to up and disappear it would be the best day of my life."

Robert assures Anna, "I can prove that this man is Faison."

Starr asks Todd, "Do you honestly think you are going to get mom back?"

Sonny confides in Carly, "This thing with Sonny and AJ? I think I just made it worse."

AJ asks Diane, "Well, let’s hear it. Am I heading to prison?"

Carly fights with all of the men in her life.

Starr's father has a warning for her.

Anna gets desperate.

Thursday December 6:

Connie claims she has no idea what happened to Molly's manuscript.

Olivia's vision disturbs Lulu.

Todd tells Johnny to steer clear of Starr.

Friday December 7:

Anna makes a disturbing discovery.

Robert thinks it's too late to help Anna.

Carly wants some comfort from Todd.

Patrick offers to help Sabrina with Todd.

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