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Spoilers for the Week of October 15, 2012

10/15/2012 12:00am

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The end of Heather? (ABC)

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Week of October 8:

Thursday October 11:

Jason and Sam have a dangerous face off with Heather.

Olivia's hallucinations may be coming true.

Todd is tempted to tell Tea the truth.

Olivia points at Epiphany and screams, "You stay away psycho!" Epiphany replies, "Oh no you didn’t."

Luke asks Duke, "You are still here?" Duke replies, "I still haven’t agreed to give up Anna."

Sam looks at a picture of her baby and says, "I wish I could hold him." Jason replies, "You will."

Heather tells the baby, "Uncle Todd is going to help us because he has no choice."

Tea pleads with Todd, "Do you know something I don’t know?"

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Friday October 12:

Vampire Diaries recap: Growing Pains.

Tracy and Luke discuss their troubled love lives.

Heather tempts death when she feels cornered.

Duke is determined to get what he wants.

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Vampire Diaries recap: Growing Pains.

Week of October 15:

Monday October 15:

Sabrina tells Patrick and Dr. W, "There is a crazy lady on the roof with a baby."

Steve asks Dante, "What do you mean she is not upstairs?" Dante replies, "She fell from the roof."

Sam begs Jason, "Where is my son, Jason?"

Tea, hysterical, asks Todd, "Does she have my son with her? Does she have my son?"

Heather heads to the roof with the baby while McBain and Dante go after her.

Tea and Todd run after Heather.

McBain finds Sam with the baby.

Tea and Todd arrive in the hospital as Sam and Jason come in with Victor.

Sabrina overhears something suggesting that Robin is alive and tells Patrick.

McBain forces Todd to tell Tea that Victor is not her son.

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Looking up. (ABC)

Tuesday October 16:

Sam tells Jason, "I almost feel guilty for being so happy."

Tea screams, "Why are you lying?"

Kristina asks Trey, "What are you doing here?" He replies, "I came to see you."

Connie asks Carly, "What do you want?"

Alexis tells Sonny, "I think I have a way for you to get Kate back."

Sam and Jason bond with the baby.

Sam names her son.

Todd and McBain help Tea face facts.

Patrick confronts Anna about what Sabrina heard.

Luke and Tracy share a meal and he worries to her that Duke may still be a gangster at heart.

Duke has other plans.

Alexis tells Sonny a relative closer than Olivia could have Connie committed.

Trey asks Kristina for another shot.

Carly tests Johnny's marriage to Connie by kissing him.

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Wednesday October 17:

Connie opens the door for Sonny and asks, "What the hell do you want?"

Monica asks Sam, "What is Daniel’s last name? McCall or Morgan?"

Tea asks Todd, "Did you know the baby wasn’t mine?"

Joe asks Duke, "You said someone else has to die. Who?" Duke replies with a gun aimed at him, "You."

Alexis, Molly and Kristina react to the news about Sam's baby.

Jason tells Monica that it's up to Sam if they get back together.

Tea confronts Todd.

Trey tells Starr that Sonny and Alexis want him to annul his marriage.

Alexis warns Sonny not to do anything stupid.

Anna panics when Duke disappears.

Duke makes a threat.

Thursday October 18:

Jason makes his case to Sam.

Carly hears about Sam's baby.

Starr confronts Todd about his part in the baby switch.

Joe Jr pulls a gun on someone.

Duke hopes to rekindle his romance with Anna on their wedding anniversary.

Luke talks to Lulu about Anna.

Duke kisses Anna.

Friday October 19:

Sam gets a surprise visit.

Trey, Starr, and Michael tell Dante about Joe's visit and departure.

Duke sweeps Anna off her feet.

Todd wants to tell Carly the truth about the baby switch.

Lulu visits the doctor and learns that Dante submitted to a fertility test.

Lulu has news for Dante.

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