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Spoilers for the Week of February 19, 2018

02/19/2018 12:00am

General Hospital Spoilers February 19 - 23 image

Deconstructing GH: No romance on Valentine's Day

Week of February 19:

More: GH video, Carly vs. Nelle

Monday February 19:

GH recap: The Election Takes a Twist That Leaves People Gasping

Alexis is caught off guard.

Sonny confides in an old friend.

Jason is pitted against Drew.

Anna pays Maxie a visit.

Peter changes his mind.

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More: Drew Cheetwood expecting third child

Tuesday February 20:

Molly lashes out.

Monica surprises Michael.

Olivia stands by her man.

Wednesday February 21:

Alexis ends up in a precarious position.

Anna makes a promise.

Sam looks out for a friend.

Thursday February 22:

Jason looks to Peter for help.

Peter knows more than he lets on.

Ava’s gallery is threatened.

Friday February 23:

Sonny confides in Epiphany.

Griffin calls for help.

Franco meets with Kevin.

SOD previews:

Drama surrounds Liz and Franco’s wedding, as he tries to deal with his past and an act of God may affect things.

Faison leaves Anna something in his will that will haunt her about their child.

The bulk of Faison’s possessions are left to his son – but which one?

More: Drew Fonteiro returns to GH

Election Day turns dramatic between Ned and Alexis.

Ned begins to worry and hides out at the Quartermaine mansion.

Olivia and Jim Harvey try to boost Ned’s confidence.

More: Marc Anthony Samuel back to GH

Jim’s fortunes hinge on Ned winning the election.

Though no fault of Ned’s, a scandalous article is published about Alexis and involves her, Julian and his pub being a cover for organized crime.

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- Amy Mistretta

Spoilers for the Week of February 12, 2018

02/12/2018 12:00am

General Hospital Spoilers February 12 - 16 image

Deconstructing GH: A touching goodbye to Nathan

Week of February 12:

More: GH Friendships Shattered, family in crisis

Monday February 12:

GH recap: Maxie blames Lulu for Nathan's death

Anna and Felicia commiserate.

Drew questions Franco.

Finn seeks legal advice.

Oscar tries to get one over on Kim.

Julian throws a bone.

More: GH video, Maxie brings Lulu to tears

More: GH wins WGA award

Tuesday February 13:

GH Recap: Mike displays troubling symptoms

Michael takes Jason’s words to heart.

Ava is concerned.

Jake puts Jason on the spot.

Franco is put on notice.

Drew learns something new.

More: GH video, Kim snaps at Drew

Wednesday February 14:

GH recap: Valentine's Day proves complicated

More: GH stars celebrating Valentine's Day

Sam lays into Jason.

Sonny and Carly reminisce.

Ava looks forward to her time with Griffin.

Spinelli steps in to help Kiki.

Curtis surprises Jordan.

More: GH video, Griffin's valentine

More: Emily Hinkler books GH role

More: Robert Palmer Watkins as sexy Cupid

Thursday February 15:

GH Recap: Nelle gaslights Carly

Nelle thinks quickly on her feet.

Michael gets an unsettling phone call.

Anna visits Andre in prison.

Alexis is a ball of nerves.

Ava lashes out at Griffin.

More: GH video, Carly's theory about Nelle

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More: Parry Shen returns to GH

Friday February 16:

GH recap: Faison's will is read

Carly encourages Jason to find out everything he can.

Drew is put in an uncomfortable situation.

Diane relays a particularly audacious announcement.

Ava takes care of Kiki.

Sonny lays his trust in Griffin.

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SOD February Sweeps:

Sonny and Carly will share a romantic Valentine’s Day.

Robin visits Jason and lets her opinion be known about his decision not to pursue Sam.

Jason has a run-in with Liz and Franco.

Curtis tries to cheer Jordan up on Valentine’s Day.

Ava plans to tell Griffin she loves him but gets the wrong idea after witnessing an incident.

Lulu’s world is rocked.

Diane visits Carly.

Someone plays Monica for a fool.

Drew’s plans are interrupted by Danny.

Jason and Sam’s New Year’s kiss could affect her marriage to Drew.

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Photo credit: ChrisD/JPI

- Amy Mistretta