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Spoilers for the Week of August 24, 2015

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In Friday's blog, Dustin felt many stories were finally making headway. Read this week's Deconstructing GH and find out which story he thinks is a major bust.

Week of August 31:

Monday August 31:

Kiki lambastes Morgan for his behavior.

Carly worries about Morgan.

Ric demands answers.

Tuesday September 1:

Carly and Sonny bond over their love of family.

Franco reassures Nina.

Michael helps Morgan.

Wednesday September 2:

Michael questions his loyalty.

Sonny empathizes with Morgan.

Patrick and Sam have a surprise visitor.

TJ seeks Molly’s help.


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Thursday September 3:

Michael brightens Carly’s day.

Sonny takes an important call.

Sam makes an offer.

Friday September 4:

Michael tries to assuage Morgan’s fears.

Carly has a touching moment.

Jake and Sam continue their investigation.

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Spoilers for the Week of August 17, 2015

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Friday August 14:

Read Friday's GH Recap: Lucas meets Brad's wife.

Valerie moves out of Wyndemere.

Sonny assures Carly he is not involved in the recent mob criminal activity.

Liz continues to conspire with Nikolas.

Dante and Lulu receive a surprise visitor.

In Friday's blog, Dustin was getting a little tired of the bad guys constantly coming out on top. Read this week's Deconstructing GH and find out what he also thought about the reveal of who Brad is married to.

Week of August 17:

Monday August 17:

Read Monday's GH recap: Brad explains why he can't divorce Rosalie.

Elizabeth continues to confide in Nikolas in order to protect their secret.

Brad explains his past to Lucas.

Jordan questions Sonny about the recent mob violence in Port Charles.

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Tuesday August 18:

Read Tuesday's recap Julian is arrested for mob activity.

Olivia comes close to disclosing the truth while Julian continues to proclaim his innocence.

Lucas struggles to come to terms with Brad’s past.

Valerie and Maxie establish common ground.

Wednesday August 19:

GH Recap: Court is in session

Julian witnesses a confrontation between Obrecht and Ava, prompting Ava to come clean with Julian.

Sonny and Carly’s concerns about Morgan increase.

Nina offers to sacrifice herself for Franco.

New! Read GH Stars: Where are they now? One actress teams up with a soap star's sibling in a new film, another is set to produce and more.

Thursday August 20:

Read today's GH recap: Ava tells Julian who she is.

Ava turns to Julian for help.

Carly seeks Michael’s opinion about Morgan.

Molly worries about TJ living with Sonny.

Friday August 21:

Scott discloses the truth about Ava.

Nina confides in Nathan while Nathan makes an important discovery.

Sabrina and Michael discuss his family history.

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- Christine Fix