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Spoilers for the Week of May 23, 2016

05/23/2016 12:00am

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Deconstructing GH: Jason reconnecting with friends and family, and Laura's recounting of the past struck a cord with fans

Week of May 23:

Monday May 23:

GH Recap: Michael and Sonny save Sabrina in the nick of time

Michael and Sonny arrive in the nick of time.

Michael is filled in on all the grim details.

Alexis grows certain that Julian is trying to buy her silence and makes a surprising call.

Diane lends her professional advice.

Obrecht warns Liz about the mysterious Finn.

Liz cautions Nikolas about playing with fire.

Brad has a surprising request for Felix.

Tuesday May 24:

GH Recap: Bobbie faints as the Nurses' Ball begins

The Nurses' Ball kicks off, promising an evening of excitement.

Liz is in for a public humiliation.

Obrecht plots to disrupt the ball… again.

Tensions run high between Nikolas and Jason on the red carpet.

Rachel asks to speak with Jordan privately.

Carly is stunned by what she finds.

Someone is taken ill.

Maxie asks Griffin for a favor.

Wednesday May 25:

GH Recap: Lucas is attacked as his wedding is set to begin

Lucas is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Nikolas and Rachel cause a scene.

Curtis swoops in to save the day.

Ava refuses to buy into Carly's threats.

Where are they now? Larry Poindexter guests on Major Crimes, Ron Melendez (Dr. Andy Archer) has a primetime gig as well and more!

Thursday May 26:

GH Recap: Lucas and Nikolas' lives are both in danger as the ball concludes

Nikolas crafts a plan at Wyndemere.

A body is discovered on the rocks.

Griffin has a hunch about Finn.

A heartbroken Morgan watches from a distance.

Jordan makes an arrest.

Friday May 27:

Sam finds signs of a struggle.

Carly is certain Ava will back off.

Paul and Ava play one another, seeing who will break first.

Anna says a final goodbye.

Dillon makes a surprising discovery about Tracy.

Michael makes an emotional plea.

TVLine Nurses' Ball spoilers:

Executive Producer Frank Valentini reveals…

Liz is thrown back into Jason's orbit.

Carly and Ava get into it regarding the custody battle over Avery.

Trouble and mischief surround Nik and Rachel.

Brad and Lucas' wedding may - or may not - go off without a hitch.

Emma and someone else deliver an awesome performance.

Week of May 30:

Monday May 30:

An encore General Hospital episode will be seen on the Memorial Day holiday.

Friday June 3:

Rachel's mother, Naomi Dreyfus, turns up.

Week of June 13:

Monday June 13:

A mysterious man named Huxley appears in Port Charles.

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Spoilers for the Week of May 16, 2016

05/16/2016 12:00am

General Hospital spoilers May 16 - 20 image

Programming alert! General Hospital Memorial Day pre-emption

Deconstructing GH: The writers seem hell bent on destroying popular couples

Week of May 16:

Monday May 16:

GH Recap: Julian admits all to Alexis and Jake goes missing

Alexis and Julian's relationship starts to unravel.

Liz breaks bad news to Jake.

Jake's actions send Liz into a panic.

Carly is concerned to learn the latest about Michael.

Monica makes an executive decision.

The reality of Jason's circumstance hits home for him and Sam.

Tuesday May 17:

GH Recap: Tracy finds a baby and Sonny threatens Alexis

The countdown to the Nurses' Ball begins.

Jason and Monica have a bonding moment.

Tracy gets a shocking delivery.

Jake's wishes leave Liz in a tough spot.

Kevin makes Laura an offer.

Lucy comes to the wrong conclusion about Kevin.

Wednesday May 18:

GH Recap: Laura and Kevin discover a lead at the Campus Disco

Sonny and Jason have a heartfelt talk.

Kevin and Laura's investigation leads them into her past.

Diane arrives at Wyndemere with frustrating news for Nikolas.

Rachel turns to Tracy in her time of need.

Finn turns to Felix for assistance.

Michael makes a daring move.

Where are they now? A Guiding Light Reunion, a reboot and more!

Thursday May 19:

GH Recap: Obrecht refuses to believe Finn is innocent in his patients' deaths

Ava believes the only thing standing between her and a relationship with Kiki is Morgan.

Ava makes a plea to Morgan.

Obrecht starts snooping around and is on a mission to uncover the truth about Finn

Michael has an emotional moment.

Ned is stunned by his mother's actions.

Friday May 20:

GH Recap: Sabrina begs for her life and Nik makes a move against Hayden

Primetime: Grey's Anatomy recap: Amelia makes it to the alter while April goes into labor

Sonny and Michael act on a lead on Sabrina's whereabouts.

Rachel gets a cold dose of reality.

Brad and Lucas lock in a wedding date.

Nikolas must go to extreme measures to solve a problem.

Morgan puts on the brakes.

Carly realizes she must find a way to stop Ava.

SOD May Sweeps:

Ava wants full custody of Avery back, but Sonny and Carly won't go down without a fight.

Sonny and Michael take a trip, which leaves Carly concerned.

Carly keeps digging for the source of Joss' kidney, which could reveal more than she ever wanted to know.

Morgan makes a declaration to Kiki, which could cause two relationships, one involving her friendship with Dillon, to change.

Someone might get in the way as Andre and Jordan take their relationship to the next level.

Curtis worries about Rachel, as he and Valerie grow closer.

Kristina can't forget about Parker but begins a new relationship with hopes of finding herself.

The feud between Liz and Rachel continues.

A surprise from Nik will impact his marriage to Rachel.

Liz and Franco's friendship faces obstacles.

The Nurses' Ball will be the backdrop for a wedding, a return and a major discovery.

Dante and Lulu work to reclaim their lives and come to a decision.

Thoughts of Claudette weigh heavily, as Nathan and Maxie plan their wedding.

Laura may be headed down a dangerous path as she continues to search for answers surrounding Helena's gift.

Michael receives a message from Sabrina and works fast to find her.

Friday June 3:

Rachel's mother, Naomi Dreyfus, turns up.

Monday June 13:

A mysterious man named Huxley appears in Port Charles.

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- Amy Mistretta