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Spoilers for the Week of September 18, 2017

09/18/2017 3:03pm

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Deconstructing GH: Viewers ecstatic over the teased return of a favorite

Week of September 18:

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Monday September 18:

Franco wants answers from Betsy about Jason

Franco is deceived.

Sam grapples with a big decision.

Griffin worries about Ava's well-being.

Anna's determination grows.

Curtis attempts to explain himself.

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Tuesday September 19:

GH Recap: Patient Six reacts violently to a familiar name and reveals his face

Ava’s curiosity intensifies.

Sonny is conflicted.

Liz is accosted.

Franco is furious.

Lulu’s instincts are correct.

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Wednesday September 20:

GH Recap: Carly plants seeds of unrest causing Michael to doubt his decision

Carly confronts Michael.

Nelle receives some unexpected advice.

Kristina has second thoughts.

Lulu softens towards Valentin.

Finn is reluctant.

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Thursday September 21:

GH Recap: Ava discovers a secret about Patient Six

Ava gets positive news.

Lulu learns the truth about Ava.

Valentin stays two steps ahead.

TJ calls Jordan out.

Sonny visits Sam.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Patient Six needs to be controlled

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Friday September 22:

Michael makes a bold move.

Elizabeth remains committed to Franco.

Sam leans on Alexis.

Sonny and Carly put two-and-two together.

Joss is put on the spot.

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SOD GH fall previews:

A man returns with Jason’s face and will be connected to many who wouldn’t have known him with that face.

Sonny receives information from Brick.

Sam dwells on the future.

Concerns surround Sam.

The friendship between Jason, Sam, Sonny and Carly will be affected when Jason and Sam pursue a new life.

Josslyn and Kristina’s pursuit of romance will challenge Sonny and Carly’s relationships with their daughters.

There may be more to Oscar than many know.

Liz is forced to explain herself.

Franco wants a fresh start.

Franco’s journey of discovery takes him in a terrifying direction.

Franco’s past demons may affect his relationship with Liz.

Andre plays a part in Franco’s story and also has connections with some other people.

Alexis heads back into the dating pool while trying to ignore her feelings for Julian.

Finn and Anna’s partnership in an attempt to locate Hayden delivers a surprising response.

Valentin and Nina’s relationship could be stirred up as Anna continues searching into the past.

Ava finds herself in over her head.

Ava and Griffin’s bond is explored.

Griffin appears as a hero.

Laura seeks justice.

Kevin helps Laura deal with the challenges of Spencer’s civil suit against Valentin.

Bobbie and Carly created obstacles in Michael and Nelle’s relationship.

Maxie comes up with a plan in regards to the publishing party surrounding Man Landers.

Charlotte’s custody case is finally settled.

Stella continues to be anti-Curtis/Jordan.

Kristina makes a self-discovery and her and Valerie’s friendship grows.

Ned and Michael may not see eye to eye where EQL is concerned.

There may be romance in Dr. Bensch’s future.

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- Amy Mistretta

Spoilers for the Week of September 11, 2017

09/11/2017 12:00am

General Hospital spoilers September 11 - 15 image

Deconstructing GH: Betrayals, secrets, but no forgivness!

Week of September 11:

Monday September 11:

Lulu is suspicious as Ava makes a deal with Valentin

Lulu has much to celebrate.

Sam feels threatened.

Carly keeps vigil.

Sonny takes Griffin for a heart to heart.

Franco remains fixated.

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Tuesday September 12:

GH Recap: Ava meets a mysterious woman on her flight to Russia

Alexis and Sam share a heartfelt moment.

Carly decides it's time Michael knows the truth.

Ava gains a supportive new ally.

Kiki tells Griffin what she knows.

Franco doesn’t know who to believe.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Franco and Jason Morgan, a big mystery

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Wednesday September 13:

GH Recap: Bobbie confronts Nelle causing Michael to take a stand

Sonny does his best to protect his family.

Michael defends Nelle.

Carly has a lot of questions for Oscar.

Bobbie reaches out to Monica.

Anna looks to Finn for help.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Michael reacts to Nelle’s latest secrets

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Thursday September 14:

GH Recap: Griffin plants to look for Ava, who has a creepy encounter in Russia

Nina is taken aback by Valentin’s honesty.

Griffin is forced to confront his feelings.

Maxie eyes a second chance at Crimson.

More trouble surrounds Amy and “Man Landers.”

Dillon drops in on Kiki.

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General Hospital Spoiler Video: Maxie's upcoming Man Landers reveal

Friday September 15:

GH Recap: Betsy's ready to fess up as Anna gets the goods on Finn

Maxie crosses Nina.

Jordan is put off by something she sees.

Franco makes his intentions known.

Alexis consoles Monica.

Anna uses any means necessary to get what she wants.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Franco’s mysterious, biggest fan arrives

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- Amy Mistretta