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Spoilers for the Week of August 22, 2016

08/22/2016 12:00am

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Week of August 22:

Soapbox: One General Hospital mystery shines while another fails

Monday August 22:

GH Recap: Naomi asks Hayden to leave town, and a package arrives for Nikolas

Carly fires Avery's nanny.

Nelle steps in to help Carly.

Ava comes up with a sinister plan.

Liz receives a mysterious package.

Naomi takes Rachel to dinner and offers advice.

Laura and Liz discuss Spencer’s future.

Tuesday August 23:

GH Recap: Ava switches Morgan's meds and Rachel's diamonds turn up

Morgan and Sonny have a heart to heart.

Nelle helps Sonny and Carly out in a bind.

Ava and Liz make an intriguing discovery.

Liz turns to Franco for support.

Kevin and Laura go on a date.

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Wednesday August 24:

GH Recap: Lulu and Dante get bad news and Liz and Franco get closer

Alexis is caught in an unfavorable position.

Molly attempts to broker peace between her mom and sister.

Naomi receives a troubling call.

Dante and Lulu receive devastating news.

Just In! Emme Rylan's emergency surgery on a broken nose and how it'll affect her schedule on GH

Finn and Obrecht have it out.

Announcement: Tika Sumpter (OLTL) pregnant and Thomas Gibson (ATWT) fired

Breaking: Network gives debut date on CMT for Nashville, with Jonathan Jackson

Thursday August 25:

Carly and Nelle grow closer.

Andre gives Jordan advice.

Laura confronts Kevin.

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Friday August 26:

Liz grapples with a big decision.

Rachel discovers some bad news.

Mother and daughter begin to make amends.

Coming up:

Paul questions Andre.

Ava realizes something and makes a request of Paul.

Franco is privy to Heather's secret.

Claudette receives news from Nina.

Maxie gets advice from Felicia.

Hayden slaps Liz after learning she’s in possession of the diamonds. Finn has to break up the catfight, but Hayden becomes a suspect when Liz is later found injured.

Finn defends Hayden.

Someone's arrested.

Finally, the General Hospital Killer is revealed!

Carly still wants to help Nelle.

Sabrina and Michael have a heart-to-heart.

Diane is there for Alexis.

Spinelli returns to Port Charles.

SOD Fall Previews:

Carly’s desire to keep her family safe will test her and Sonny’s love in a big way.

Details surrounding Nelle will be revealed.

Though Sam and Jason have finally found happiness, they will be drawn into their families’ issues in a very dramatic way.

Franco learns a secret about Liz that puts him in the middle of a big reveal. Look for an emergency to draw Liz and Franco closer.

The General Hospital killer is on a timeframe and works to complete their agenda.

Alexis’ testimony weighs heavily on Julian’s fate. However, Julian may have another option aside from pleading guilty or not guilty, which causes more stress for Alexis – and for Paul.

After Anna returns and reacts to the outcome of Julian’s trial, she immediately finds herself in another dangerous situation. This leads her on a path of soul-searching.

Maxie and Nathan prepare for their wedding, as Claudette holds on to one more piece of info to reveal.

Kevin wants another shot to prove himself worthy of Laura.

Tracy reexamines the past, due to a dramatic crisis, and must fight for the future of the hospital.

The attraction between Dillon and Kiki will surface once again. Little does Kiki know, Ava is the one behind her need to withdraw from Morgan.

Dante and Lulu’s deep love flourishes.

Kristina continues to explore her sexual identity.

Ned and Olivia share a secret.

Finn finds it difficult to fight the attraction between him and Hayden.

Curtis is pulled into Nina’s ‘need to have a child’ dilemma.

Valentin is behind bars – for now…

Events could affect Michael and Sabrina’s future together.

Jordan and Andre don’t agree on various cases.

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- Amy Mistretta

Spoilers for the Week of August 15, 2016

08/15/2016 12:00am

General Hospital spoilers August 15 - 19 image

Week of August 15:

GH Soapbox: A barrage of stories and too many newbies made for a mixed up week.

Monday August 15:

GH Recap: Sam tells Jason she's pregnant and he does the unexpected

Carly makes an introduction.

Ava witnesses tension between Morgan and Kiki.

Michael learns of surprising information.

Jason receives important news.

Tuesday August 16:

GH Recap: Sam's malaria results are in and Nina wants Curtis to find her a baby

20 insane on-air soap opera feuds that still make us cringe

Carly urges Nelle to remain in Port Charles.

Dillon rebuffs Ava’s manipulations.

Ava eavesdrops on a private conversation.

Kiki and Dillon find themselves in familiar circumstances.

Nina asks Curtis for help.

A decade of shocking soap opera deaths!

Wednesday August 17:

GH Recap: The DNA results on the skeleton from Cassadine Island are revealed

Alexis prepares for an important hearing.

Molly and Kristina have it out.

Tracy and Laura acknowledge a common bond.

Olivia insists on being heard at the hearing.

Franco and Liz make amends and come to a decision.

Thursday August 18:

GH Recap: Valerie is attacked as she investigates the hospital killer

Maxie and Lulu discuss wedding plans.

Alexis confesses to Sonny.

Valerie makes an important discovery.

Finn seeks out Rachel.

Nina pays Alexis a visit.

Friday August 19:

GH Recap: Maxie accuses Nathan of loving Claudette and Kevin asks Laura out

Confrontations abound and feelings are hurt.

Paul takes Jordan to task.

Jake and Liz have a heart to heart discussion.

Nathan and Maxie make a stunning discovery.

Curtis and Valerie consummate their relationship.

A supportive Franco is there for Liz.

Kevin and Laura acknowledge their feelings for each other.

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Photo Credit: XJJohnson/JPI

- Amy Mistretta/Dustin Cushman