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Spoilers for the Week of January 16, 2017

01/16/2017 12:00am

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Deconstructing GH: Bromances and catfights made for an entertaining week

Week of January 16:

Monday January 16:

Maxie sees a familiar face.

Rudge orders a hit.

Jason and Sam have a pregnancy scare.

Nelle has second thoughts.

Sonny confesses his sins.

Tuesday January 17:

Anna's memories become more vivid.

Julian receives a threat that hits close to home.

Jordan goes against Andre's wishes.

Wednesday January 18:

Lulu attempts to bond with Charlotte.

Griffin slings accusations.

Julian faces his demons.

Thursday January 19:

Anna uncovers a pivotal memory.

Dante comforts Lulu.

Valentin shows his true colors.

Friday January 20:

The show will not be seen since GH is preempted for Donald Trump's 2017 Presidential Inauguration.

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- Amy Mistretta

Spoilers for the Week of January 09, 2017

01/09/2017 12:00am

General Hospital spoilers January 9 - 13 image

Deconstructing GH: Julexis thrown a lifeline, other stories are drowning

Week of January 9:

Announcement: GH preempted for Donald Trump's 2017 Presidential Inauguration

Monday January 9:

GH Recap: Alexis makes a confession to Julian while Jason and Curtis get a lead

Dillon and Kiki’s bond grows stronger.

Jason and Curtis make a startling discovery at the pawn shop.

Alexis' memory betrays her.

Franco opens up to Scott.

Laura gives Liz a pep-talk about loving men with a dark side.

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Tuesday January 10:

GH Recap: Jason finds a mysterious photo and Sam accuses Ava of a crime

Jason’s alliance with Curtis hits a snag.

Sam is suspicious of Ava.

Julian gives Alexis an ultimatum.

Franco and Scott team up.

Nelle gets in over her head.

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Wednesday January 11:

GH Recap: Alexis reaches a breaking point and Nathan receives bad news

Alexis struggles with her sobriety.

Sonny confronts Nelle.

Kiki agrees to keep Franco’s secret.

Maxie and Nathan set out to find Claudette.

Nina and Valentin take Charlotte out to celebrate.

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Thursday January 12:

GH Recap: The cops close in on Franco, and Julian makes a move to protect Alexis

Liz questions her influence on Franco.

Julian comforts Alexis.

Nathan and Maxie return with bad news.

Valentin challenges Anna.

Lulu is ready for Charlotte to learn the truth.

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Friday January 13:

GH Recap: Maxie takes off and news of Claudette’s death spreads

Kiki and Liz work together.

Franco finds himself in trouble.

Alexis seeks the support she needs.

Finn hides a dangerous secret.

Lulu and Dante meet with Valentin.

Spinelli reappears, as Days' Blake Berris fills in for Bradford Anderson


Nathan is stunned when he plans a surprise wedding for Maxie but can’t find his bride-to-be.

Julian’s boss is finally revealed when he goes to great lengths to protect Jason by paying the woman a visit.

Laura is surprised to hear the advice Kevin gives Lulu.

Finn is given an ultimatum by Brad.

Alexis’ actions make Nathan and Dante more suspicious.

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Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

- Amy Mistretta