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Spoilers for the Week of October 05, 2015

10/02/2015 3:00pm

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Week of October 5:

In Friday's GH Blog Dustin enjoyed seeing what other residents of Port Charles had been up to. Read the blog to find out which couples he felt were great, and what couple has become a bit of a bore.

Monday October 5:

Read Monday's GH recap: Hayden wants answers about her shooting.

Liz receives a disturbing phone call.

Tracy questions Michael’s loyalty.

Anna is plagued with guilt when Emma expresses admiration for her.

Tuesday October 6:

Read Tuesday's GH Recap: Sonny learns he is paralyzed.

Nikolas tries desperately to get a handle on Hayden.

Jake questions Liz about a recent phone call.

Franco tries to help a struggling Kiki.

Tracy and Paul get into an argument.

Wednesday October 7:

Read today's GH Recap: Jake decides to search for his past.

Hayden overhears a revealing conversation.

Jake makes a plea to Sam.

Anna and Sam have a heart-to-heart discussion with Emma.

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Thursday October 8:

Dillon turns to Paul for advice.

A wrong assumption made by Nathan leads to dire consequences.

Alexis and Julian take a big step.

Julian has a surprise encounter.

Friday October 9:

Dillon reveals his feelings to Lulu.

Laura urges Liz to tell the truth.

Jake and Sam find themselves in a precarious situation during an investigation.

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- Christine Fix

Spoilers for the Week of September 28, 2015

09/28/2015 6:00am

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Season 12 premiere! Grey's Anatomy Recap: Maggie sucker punches patient’s bullying parent

In Friday's GH Blog Dustin pondered who could be Paul's other partner. Read the blog to find out what other stories he wish the show would focus on, aside from Sonny and the mob.

Week of September 28:

Monday September 28:

Read Monday's GH recap: Ava forces a truce with Michael.

Feeling wistful about Jason, Sam makes a confession to Jake at the Noodle Buddha.

Carly convinces Sonny to move forward with an important decision.

Anna confronts Julian about his involvement in Duke’s murder.

Tuesday September 29:

Read Tuesday's GH recap: Kyle rats Anna out to Paul.

Carly receives some terrifying news.

Ava fills Julian in on a recent meeting with the five families.

Nikolas and Hayden discuss their volatile history and question whether they will ever be able to trust each other.

Wednesday September 30:

Read Wednesday's GH Recap: Paul confronts Anna over killing Carlos

Michael and Morgan promise Carly they will not get wrapped up in Sonny’s business.

Lulu expresses her concern for Dante to Dillon.

Valerie comforts Dante amidst his family crisis.

Paul rattles Anna with news of a recent development.

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Thursday October 1:

Read Thursday's GH Recap: Ava takes custody of Avery.

Paul seeks background info on Anna from Nathan.

Anna proposes a business venture to Sam.

Nathan urges Valerie to get over Dante.

While working on his movie, Dillon makes a confession to Maxie.

Ava confronts Carly.

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Friday October 2:

Read Friday's GH recap: Valerie confesses to Dillon.

Nina seeks to make peace with the past and make a fresh start.

Franco apologizes to Kiki for not being more present in her life since Silas’ murder.

Tragic events take a toll on Kiki.

Patrick and Sam receive a surprise visitor.

Dillon and Valerie confide in one another.

Maxie and Nathan reaffirm their love and trust in each other.

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- Christine Fix