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Spoilers for the Week of September 26, 2016

09/26/2016 12:00am

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Deconstructing GH: Julian's trial was an insult to our intelligence

Week of September 26:

Spoiler Video: Charlotte's DNA results are in

Monday September 26:

GH Recap: Sam finds Alexis drunk and Julian threatens Nina

Alexis shows her support to Sam.

Nina asserts her authority at Crimson.

Tracy makes a wrong assumption.

Kiki acknowledges her mistakes from the past to Michael.

Morgan struggles with his schoolwork.

Nelle witnesses a touching moment between Sonny and Michael.

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Tuesday September 27:

GH Recap: Paul tells Susan what he did for her, as someone eavesdrops

Franco makes a plea that doesn’t go over well and tries to get his hands on more money.

Hayden and Liz butt heads.

Morgan makes a questionable decision and is hit hard by the repercussions.

Morgan’s celebratory mood is quickly dampened.

Alexis is unnerved by an encounter.

Wednesday September 28:

Breaking: Soap creator, Agnes Nixon, passes away at 93

GH Recap: Tracy ends up alone with Paul and Griffin may be a father

Tracy is shaken by a conversation she overhears.

Anna has some questions for Paul.

Nathan and Maxie grow closer, despite tough circumstances.

Curtis and Andre face off in the gym.

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Thursday September 29:

GH Recap: Anna learns Paul is the killer, and Claudette drops a new bomb

Claudette drops a bombshell on Griffin.

Maxie fears for the worst.

Laura has an unexpected travel companion en route to Port Charles.

Anna and Jordan work together.

Progress is made at the PCPD.

Jason and Sam share a romantic moment.

Friday September 30:

Dillon has an emotional confrontation.

Morgan finds himself in hot water.

Ava and Carly find common ground.

Sam makes her intentions clear.

Sonny makes a promise to Jason.

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Meredith stands by Alex as his troubles worsen

Week of October 3:

Morgan confesses to Andre.

Finn and Hayden overhear news about GH.

Nina gets a big reality check from Curtis.

Griffin hears details from Claudette about her past.

Nelle and Kiki discuss Carly.

Dante has his work cut out for him.

Ava has a close call.

Morgan gets the wrong idea.

Sonny’s faith is questioned by Griffin.

Alexis is tipsy and encounters a visitor.

SOD Fall Previews:

Carly’s desire to keep her family safe will test her and Sonny’s love in a big way.

Paul decides to silence Tracy after realizing she knows he’s the hospital killer.

Anna learns the truth about Paul as well.

Kiki shares her upset regarding Morgan with Franco and admits she’s ready to walk away from him.

The fallout from Morgan’s behavior, Julian's acquittal and Michael's revenge will test how strong Carly and Sonny’s marriage really is.

Details surrounding Nelle will be revealed.

After Anna returns and reacts to the outcome of Julian’s trial, she turns her attention to Paul and immediately finds herself in another dangerous situation. This leads her on a path of soul-searching.

Julian signs Alexis' divorce papers.

Now that his family has tuned their backs on him, Julian tries to figure out where to go next in life.

Tracy reexamines the past, due to a dramatic crisis, and must fight for the future of the hospital.

Ned and Olivia share a secret.

Curtis is pulled into Nina’s ‘need to have a child’ dilemma.

Valentin is behind bars – for now…

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- Amy Mistretta

10/03/2016 12:00am

General Hospital spoilers October 3 - 7 image

Week of October 3:

Monday October 3:

Morgan confesses to Andre.

Kiki confides in Franco.

Hayden and Finn overhear disturbing news about the hospital.

Tuesday October 4:

Sonny and Carly confront Morgan.

Curtis gives Nina a harsh reality check.

Claudette fills Griffin in on her past.

Kiki and Nelle compare notes about working with Carly.

Wednesday October 5:

Dante tries to be the voice of reason.

Ava dodges a bullet.

Morgan makes a wrong assumption about something he sees.

Thursday October 6:

Griffin questions Sonny’s faith and confides in Anna.

Nelle offers her support.

Tipsy Alexis has an unexpected visitor.

Friday October 7:

Sonny has a crisis of conscience.

Alexis takes a turn for the worse.

Kiki reveals her true feelings.

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- Amy Mistretta