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Spoilers for the Week of April 25, 2016

05/02/2016 12:00am

General Hospital spoilers May 2 - 6 image

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In Friday's Deconstructing GH Dustin weighs in on all the couples in peril in Port Charles, and how some fans are upset about it.

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Week of May 2:

Monday May 2:

Sam appeals to Julian.

Things heat up between Jordan and Andre.

Nikolas plays dirty with Rachel.

Tuesday May 3:

Anna tosses accusations at Alexis.

Franco gives Nina something unsettling.

Rachel has a secret agenda involving Nikolas.

Wednesday May 4:

Anna reaches her breaking point.

Franco confides his emotional trauma to a sympathetic ear.

Jason makes demands of Liz.

Thursday May 5:

An incredulous Alexis confronts Julian.

Sonny takes matters into his own hands.

Griffin reveals more about himself to Anna.

Friday May 6:

Dante and Lulu weigh their options.

Carly makes a heartfelt plea to Sonny.

Complications arise with the PCPD

SOD May Sweeps:

There's a life or death situation.

Ava wants full custody of Avery back, but Sonny and Carly won't go down without a fight.

Sonny and Michael take a trip, which leaves Carly concerned.

Carly keeps digging for the source of Joss' kidney, which could reveal more than she ever wanted to know.

Morgan makes a declaration to Kiki, which could cause two relationships, one involving her friendship with Dillon, to change.

Someone might get in the way as Andre and Jordan take their relationship to the next level.

Curtis worries about Rachel, as he and Valerie grow closer.

Kristina can't forget about Parker but begins a new relationship with hopes of finding herself.

As Sam and Jason rebuild their relationship, something happens to bring his past back to the forefront which causes a shakeup among a few of his connections.

The feud between Liz and Rachel continues.

A surprise from Nik will impact his marriage to Rachel.

Liz and Franco's friendship faces obstacles.

The Nurses' Ball will be the backdrop for a wedding, a return and a major discovery.

Dante and Lulu work to reclaim their lives and come to a decision.

Lucas and Brad make plans for a May wedding.

Thoughts of Claudette weigh heavily, as Nathan and Maxie plan their wedding.

Griffin uncovers something very shocking about his past.

Laura may be headed down a dangerous path as she continues to search for answers surrounding Helena's gift.

Tracy's recent health scare gives her a chance to be a better person.

Finn makes a very powerful enemy, which risks secrets from his past resurfacing.

Michael receives a message from Sabrina and works fast to find her.

Paul searches for and helps recapture Carlos, which plays into Anna's feelings.

Julian and Alexis fight to save their happiness in light of Carlos' reappearance.

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- Amy Mistretta

04/25/2016 12:00am

General Hospital spoilers Apr. 25 - 29 image

Read this week's Deconstructing GH to find out which couples were hot, which were not, and an interesting theory about Griffin's secret.

Week of April 25:

General Hospital Weekly Promo: Stalkers, gawkers and a body

Monday April 25:

GH Recap: Franco and Jason have words about Jake

Alexis makes a move that infuriates Sonny.

There's an unexpected twist in the case against Carlos.

A surprise witness steps forward.

Michael and Felix's worries about Sabrina are negated.

Franco unintentionally sets off Jason.

Nina and Julian make a connection.

Tuesday April 26:

GH Recap: Franco embraces his dark side

Ava is alarmed by Julian's confession.

Alexis and Julian believe they have reason to celebrate.

Dillon tries to be a friend to a recovering Kiki.

A message from Nina has Franco assuming the worst.

Obrecht encourages Franco to explore his darker side.

Someone is keeping a close watch on Jason and Sam.

Sam enlightens Jason about his history with someone.

Carly receives unsolicited advice from a surprising source.

Wednesday April 27:

GH Recap: Jason and Sam realize they're not alone

Jason has serious concerns about his violent tendencies.

Alexis comes shockingly close to betraying her client.

Julian betrays Alexis' trust.

Kristina is ready to take Sam's advice.

Hayden's day goes from bad to worse.

Kiki starts to regain her strength.

Where are they now? Sebastian Roché's (ex-Jerry) new Amazon series

Thursday April 28:

GH Recap: Sonny asks Jason for his help

Sonny worries about Michael.

Sam and Jason make a disturbing discovery.

Maxie seeks Sam’s help.

Monica puts her foot down.

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Friday April 29:

Primetime! Grey's Anatomy Recap: Callie and Arizona try to get their friends to choose sides

GH Recap: Carlos makes Michael a deal involving Sabrina

Jason questions Sonny’s motives.

Alexis' update leaves Carlos petrified.

Paul makes good on his threat.

Andre defends Anna.

Lucas comes up with a plan.

Carly doesn't hide her skepticism about Finn.

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- Amy Mistretta

Spoilers for the Week of April 18, 2016

04/18/2016 1:00am

General Hospital spoilers Apr. 18 - 22 image

In Friday's Deconstructing GH, Dustin weighed in on what was and wasn't working, and found himself glad that the ELQ storyline is finally over.

Week of April 18:

Monday April 18:

GH Recap: Jordan arrests Anna and Paul

Julian’s plan involves the help of his wife.

Anna and Paul's day of reckoning arrives.

Kristina opens up to Sam.

Griffin's encounter with Nathan has surprising results.

Tuesday April 19:

GH Recap: Paul makes a huge confession to Anna

Sonny levels Julian with a threat.

Carlos is cautious about Alexis' advice.

Paul's confession horrifies Anna.

Lomax takes Jordan to task.

Nina finds herself in a bad state.

Obrecht gives Franco advice about his love life.

Wednesday April 20:

GH Recap: Griffin comes face to face with Carlos

Sam has a nightmare that she can't shake.

Michael and Felix work together to find Sabrina.

Dante warns Michael about the danger of becoming too involved in the search for Sabrina.

Carlos and Anna have it out.

Laura learns the meaning of Helena's message from beyond the grave.

Lulu focuses on rebuilding her marriage.

Thursday April 21:

GH Recap: Ned and Olivia are reunited.

Obrecht unintentionally plants an idea in Monica's head.

Ned wonders if Tracy really is a changed woman.

Andre is brought in to give a psych evaluation of a prisoner.

Sonny warns Alexis where her association with Julian could lead.

Julian tries to get information out of Alexis.

Friday April 22:

GH Recap: Anna gets representation while Michael and Felix search for Sabrina

Primetime! Grey's Recap: Arizona and Callie clash over Sophia

Mac and Felicia enlist legal help for Anna.

Jordan and Anna finally verbalize their feelings.

Scott has an unconventional idea about how to best represent Anna.

Michael finds a clue to Sabrina's whereabouts.

Franco's attempt to make amends with Nina goes very wrong.

Nathan makes a grandiose public display of love and affection.

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- Amy Mistretta