Deconstructing GH: Are Viewers Being Punk'd by All the Jason Hints?

October 2 - 6:

Dustin Cushman

Friday, October 6th, 2017

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The trend of the majority of the storylines having nothing to do with Patient Six or Ava being a drag continued this week. So many of these tiresome stories need to be wrapped up and more interesting ones started. The mention of Julian was a glimmer of hope.

Scarred but beautiful.
Ava helped Patient Six escape, but it cost her the future surgeries to her face and her freedom as Dr. Klein moved to drug her and keep her a prisoner. Fortunately, Griffin, priest, doctor, and now investigator and superhero, came to her rescue. Episode # 13904 Is there anything he can't do? As it turned out, the one procedure that Dr. Klein already did almost completely fixed her face, save for a scar and discoloration along her jawline. I'm sure any competent plastic surgeon could deal with that. However, I am willing to bet she's going to have to live with it for a while, and it will help redeem her and accept Griffin's love. Actually, this storyline sounds familiar . . . maybe because "Days of our Lives" already did it with Eve, and then Carrie.

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Patient Six needs a name!
I'm getting tired of referring to this guy as Patient Six, so I hope he identifies himself soon. Given he called Sonny last week, and Sam this week, it really looks like he is the real Jason and our current Jason is the twin, Drew. However, I'm not counting out that he isn't Drew. I wouldn't put it past Helena to have somehow acquired both twins and brainwashed Drew into thinking he was Jason just to cause drama. After all, Helena did curse that Sam and said she would never find happiness.

The return of Huxley.
Trent Dawson returned to General Hospital as Huxley, the man who held Nikolas and Ava hostage last summer. It appears he's still up to no good, and on the run from someone. Hopefully they will make more use of the actor than they did last summer. He crossed paths with Patient Six on the ship to America, but not much else came from this little reveal on Friday, except for the fact that Patient Six learned it was 2017 and was stunned.

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Everyone loves balloons.
Franco bringing balloons when he visited Jason in the hospital was great, but I wish Franco would just open his mouth and reveal what he knows about Jason's twin. Then again, it’s likely nobody would believe him. Still, Jason doesn't seem to be able to let the notion that there is a photo of him and Franco together as kids go. He’s definitely going to keep digging, and probably beat the truth out of Franco. By Friday though Jason's mind had turned toward finding gainful employment, and he made a cryptic call to Julian in prison. What could he possibly want from Julian? Whatever it is, I am looking forward to having Jules back on our screen.

Who's your daddy?
Joss questioned Oscar about the father he’s never known, and if he’s not the least bit curious about who he is. Obviously, they are setting him up to be Drew’s kid. No real mystery here!

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The worse spies ever.
In last week’s Deconstructing GH I noted the amazing chemistry between Finn and Anna. Granted I would rather have Hayden back because writing her off was a travesty. Regardless, Finn and Anna were hilarious this week in the scenes of Anna telling him that he was the worst spy ever and such a pessimist. It’s actually fun seeing Finn do something other than dying of a disease or being addicted to drugs, though not all viewers seem to find this storyline entertaining.

The mysterious Cassandra.
I’m definitely down for Cassandra coming to Port Charles and putting the screws to Valentin. He’s been sitting a little too pretty lately and it’s time he starts feeling the heat again. Not that Laura holding him at gunpoint wasn't great. But he probably knew he wasn't in any real danger from her, and told Nina as much when he assured her he could handle what Laura threw at him.

Other storylines continue to bring the fun down.
Nelle admitted she kept Zack’s ring because she felt it was hers and not his family’s, and Carly attempted to hire Brick to look into her past. At this point I think Carly and Zack’s sister Sharon are the only ones who care about Nelle anymore. Nathan was feeling the effects of being outed as Ask Man Landers and worried his job was in jeopardy, but it wasn't. I wish his outing could have just been the end of this whole storyline. Then there was the return of Aunt Stella, who announced she had landed a job in Port Charles and isn't going anywhere. Oh lord! Someone needs to find her long lost love Marcus and send the two of them off on a long cruise around the world. Maybe Nelle can tag along!

As usual, these are only my opinions on this week's episodes. Please leave your own thoughts in the comments.

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- Dustin Cushman

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