Deconstructing GH: Aunt Stella made up for the drama lacking elsewhere

GH: June 19 - 23:

Deconstructing GH: Aunt Stella made up for the drama lacking elsewhere image

As usual, Carly and Sonny dominated airtime, along with unpopular characters like Nelle and Amy. Fans of Kevin and Laura finally saw them together for a second week in a row, and Aunt Stella gave the best performance of the week.

Danger in the islands, well not really.
Sonny and Carly headed to Puerto Rico to deal with some business issues given Carly still hasn’t transferred Sonny’s assets back to him. Of course, out of the blue an old associate of Julian’s with a grudge against Sonny pops up to put Sonny and Carly in danger. This plot point was groan worthy because it only existed to push Sonny and Carly closer together. Julian tipping Sam and Jason off may earn him some points with Alexis, but Jason once again became the hero when he swooped in and saved that day. Yawn! Maybe Jason should listen to Sam and go to work with Michael because it would be something different.

Michael the boring.
In last week’s Deconstructing GH, I thought Joss made good points in lecturing Carly about her dysfunctional relationship with Sonny. Well this week I was back wishing she’d be quiet. While I feel for her over what Sonny did to Jax, she does meddle and complain a lot. Michael once again played peacekeeper of the family and tried to reason with her, but his words fell on deaf ears and she decided to throw a party while Carly was away. Maybe Michael will stop being mister nice guy when he finds out what she did behind his back. The only thing I like about Michael dating Nelle is that it will rock the boat with Carly and maybe he’ll finally start putting himself first. However, Friday's episode with Nelle and Michael getting closer had me warming up to Nelle.

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Ask Man Landers? No thanks.
All My Children’s Jennifer Bassey debuted on General Hospital as Quinn Danvers, the publisher who snatched up Amy’s Ask Man Landers book. After making the deal to keep Nathan’s face out of the media, everything seems to be coming together far too easily. I’m sure there will be a snag somewhere to bring Bassey back, otherwise I feel that was poor use of a beloved soap actress. Frankly they should have used her somewhere else than in this storyline, because I would rather it just end as is with Amy getting her book deal and not having to hear about it anymore.

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Sir Spencer and the quest for Wyndemere.
Spencer has always been one of those characters that people love or can’t stand because he is so over the top. However I find Spencer fun, when he’s not fighting with Cam over Emma. His squabbles with Charlotte, and his attempts to adjust to life without money and his father are more appropriate stories for someone of his age and history. Some feel his lashing out at Charlotte is inappropriate, and I agree because she's innocent of wrongdoing. It was great to see Laura put her foot down over his sneaking off and confronting Nina about Wyndemere and his birthright. Someone needed to finally punish him, and it was great seeing her confiscate his phone. The little Cassadine believes he has a surefire way to deal with Valentin. I look forward to seeing him face off with his uncle, just for the shear humor of the scene.

Aunt Stella unleashes a hell of a hell storm!
Aunt Stella finally learned the truth about TJ being Shawn’s child because Molly accidentally spilled the beans. I was glad to see this secret not be unnecessarily drawn out. Vernee Watson’s acting skills were on full display when she gave Jordan holy hell in the middle of the precinct. All the officers standing around pretending to work, but really eavesdropping, as Stella called Jordan a faithless whore was hilarious. Curtis came to Jordan's defense, but the damage of Stella's words hit home with Jordan when Stella pointed out she's destroyed their whole family, and it's only a matter of time before she takes Curtis out too.

These are only my opinions on the week. Please leave your own thoughts in the comments.

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