Deconstructing GH: Fanna storyline leaves more questions than answers

May 15 - 19

Deconstructing GH: Fanna storyline leaves more questions than answers image

Alex/Anna finally being exposed was the highlight of the week, but questions remain. Overall the episodes were eventful, but the excessive need for characters to recap their stories was on heavy rotation and got annoying.

Jake’s great big magic trick.
I speculated in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Jake would use the Chimera Project during the Nurses’ Ball, and now we know he intends to during a magic show. I’m still interested in finding out what the heck it is or does.

Family time.
It was good to see one of Liz’s other kids, Aiden, reappear this week. Cam is at Boy Scout camp, which probably means a recast is coming. Jason’s heart to heart with Jake was an amazing scene, and I also liked seeing Jason and Franco shake hands and thank each other for their help. Many fans hated it given their past, but they are trying to put Jake first. Franco and Liz’s romantic scene and promises made for sweet moments before the chaos with the Chimera comes.

Sonny never learns.
Sonny deciding to take one last roll in the hay with Martina before she left town was just another bad decision in a long line of them the “alleged” mobster has made. I can’t believe Martina would give him another tumble seeing that she was freaked out that this could get her disbarred in the first place. With Carly discovering them in bed at the end of Friday's episode I'm sure heads will roll next week. They both better be afraid.

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Alex finally exposed.
Viewer suspicions for two months now that Anna’s sister Alex has been impersonating her was finally confirmed. It was wise that the writers didn’t drag this out any longer given everyone had figured out what was going on. I adored that it was Emma who busted Alex in the airport for being a fake Grandma. I've enjoyed the story, though some haven't. I do wish we got more answers in Friday's episode. We still don't know who Alex is working for now, or what this fricken Chimera does.

Stay strong Nina!
Nina’s reluctance to give in and go back to Valentin reminded me of why I liked her character in the first place. She is a strong and fierce woman, and it would appear she’s learned her lesson of sacrificing herself for the man she is with. However, what was with her serving drinks to herself and Andre at the Metro Court. Where were the bartenders? Nina told Andre the drinks were on her, but who was charging them? Are self-serve bars a new thing that I’ve been missing out on?

Lulu gets the upper hand.
Dante-reads-story-Lulu-GH-CD I loved seeing Lulu spend time with Charlotte, and keep her head sanely on her shoulders for a change. For once she had Valentin on the run. Coupled with Nina walking out on him, Valentin is slowly losing his cool. Unfortunately, we can probably count on Lulu becoming too sure of herself and ruining things all on her own. Valentin just needs to sit back and wait.

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Julian won’t play let’s make a deal.
The show threw a tiny morsel to Julexis fans by giving Julian and Alexis some quick scenes at the beginning of the week. The new DA tried to convince Julian to frame Sonny, in exchange for his freedom, but Julian refused to play. That would at least have been a realistic way to spring Julian from the slammer. Now we wait to see for the unrealistic reason he will be freed.

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Nelle’s terrible sympathy garnering plot-line.
Nina and Michael are the only people in Port Charles that seem to feel bad for Nelle’s current situation with her bruised kidney. Honestly, Nina probably only feels bad because Nelle was leaving town partially due to her spying on Valentin. Michael feels bad for Nelle, well because Michael is a doormat. Even fans are ready to pull the plug on Nelle and this storyline.

Finn and Hayden sitting in a tree.
Finn and Hayden moving forward with the decision to have their baby has been a nice starting point for a whole new story for these two. Brad-busted-Finn-Hayden-GH-XJJ However their storyline contained another twist in that Brad is innocent in tampering with his tests and it's been Obrecht all along. Poor Obrecht, if she's caught it means no Nurses' Ball for her! Hopefully she's not caught till after the ball, because she was the best performer in the years she crashed it.

These are only my opinions on the week. Please leave yours in the comments.

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- Dustin Cushman

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