Deconstructing GH: May Sweeps kicks in with some exciting surprises

May 8 - 12

Deconstructing GH: May Sweeps kicks in with some exciting surprises image

From Helena's return, to a huge cliffhanger involving Anna, it was an exciting week in Port Charles. I cannot wait until we learn what is going on with Anna and her doppelgänger.

Chimera in a can.
The major story this week was the mysterious Chimera Project, along with Helena Cassadine’s return. Helena only appeared in flashbacks, however given her man that was shown beating Jason during his conditioning also popped up in Port Charles to deliver the Chimera Project to Jake, I wonder if Helena isn’t so dead. Also, what the heck is in the can? I speculated in last week’s Deconstructing GH that the Chimera Project had something to do with Charlotte’s conception, but now I’m wondering if it is a biological weapon given the look of that canister. Whatever it is, I predict that Helena’s conditioning of Jake will kick in and he’ll unleash it during this year’s General Hospital's Nurses’ Ball!

Some fans are annoyed that the show is yet again rewriting the past with Jason having been alive on Cassadine Island and not frozen on ice all those years, which is how he was reintroduced on the show. His character is turning out to be the “GH” version of John Black from “Days of our Lives.” I enjoyed having Helena back, so I’m rolling with it. What annoyed me more than anything was how Franco and Jason separately took the fastest redeyes in the world to get from New York to Greece.

The honeymoons are over.
Nathan got the bad news that Maxie is extending her stay in Portland, and may not be back at all. I found it odd that she revealed that to Nina, after Nina offered Maxie her job back, and hadn’t told Nathan of these plans. Nathan needs to get his butt to Portland to make sure Maxie is there and hasn’t been kidnapped by crazy Nurse Amy. While Nathan’s marriage was on the rocks, Nina’s crashed and burned after Valentin once again spent time with Anna. Everyone told her that Valentin was not trustworthy, so it's hard to feel for her. Oddly I felt more for Valentin, who got used and played by Anna. As for Anna, it’s obvious Anna isn’t Anna, but instead most likely her twin Alex. As the show came to a conclusion on Friday, Valentin seemed to be planning a huge confrontation with Anna after learning she bugged his phone. However it's not Anna that's in Port Charles, because viewers finally learned Anna is in a hospital in England and apparently has not been doing well at all. I am eager to find out if that is Alex in Port Charles, or someone else.

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Divorce court.
The fallout of Sonny and Martina sleeping together is doing nothing for me. The only entertaining part was when Ava found out and was gleeful over how she could possibly use it to get Avery away from Sonny. Otherwise it’s boring and another storyline where we wait for the secret to get out and Carly to go ballistic again.

The trouble with Andre.
Andre seems to have taken over the role of the show’s moral preacher from Griffin, and it’s as annoying as it was when Griffin did it. He also seems to have a permanent scowl on his face, though I can’t blame him for being disgusted watching Jordan and Curtis canoodling in public. At least he is starting to figure out something was wrong with Morgan’s meds, but I don’t know if they’ll ever actually trace it back to Ava at this point.

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Not only was Andre sickened by Jordan and Curtis’ date, so was Valerie. I loved seeing her tell Jordan off for dating the man she warned Valerie not to date. Jordan and Curtis do nothing for me, just like Jordan and Andre did. Maybe they should let Shawn Butler out of jail for Jordan. After all, he didn’t shoot anyone, so why is he still in jail? He’s serving the longest sentence of all the criminals in Port Charles for the least offensive thing done.

An unexpected twist to a bad storyline.
Thankfully it looks like Finn’s addiction story is wrapping up, and they are close to nailing Brad for tampering with his required drug screenings. I was pleasantly surprised when Griffin revealed the test came back positive in more than one way, Finn is pregnant. Actually, Hayden is, because we only learned after the sample was given to test that it came from Hayden. Now things are getting interesting!

Let's force viewers to feel sorry for Nelle.
Nelle was so close to leaving town when she was attacked by a mugger and left unconscious on the docks. Oh brother! What an inventive way to try and gain sympathy for this divisive character. I'm sure Michael will suddenly realize he's head over heels in love with Nelle given her brush with danger.

These are my opinions on the week's episodes. Please leave your own in the comments.

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- Dustin Cushman

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