Deconstructing GH: Olivia's antics felt like classic crazy soap storytelling

March 6 - 10

Deconstructing GH: Olivia's antics felt like classic crazy soap storytelling image

Crazy Olivia Jerome terrorized Port Charles, and it was loads of fun. Sure her storyline is ludicrous, but it is the type of wacky that works on soaps. In contrast, the insanity of Lulu and Valentin's custody battle wasn't working. Soap fans often can accept the illogical when things are fun and exciting, but other times we question what world the writers live in.

Nora-Diane-meet-GH-JJAnother joke of a trial in Port Charles.
I never watched “One Life to Live,” so seeing Hillary B. Smith as Nora Buchanan wasn’t as much of a thrill for me like it was for others. Still, being a soap fan, I am glad to see characters from the soaps we've lost being revived. Nora was fun, and her and Diane were great together. That said, the legal system in Port Charles is a joke. I was amazed that Diane actually brought up Valentin using the embryo and a surrogate to bring his and Lulu’s child into the world without telling her. I was sure they’d skim over that. They didn't, but the judge just dismissed it as if what he did was no big deal. Now they are bringing in Charlotte, who never got to know Lulu and hates her, to hear what she wants. Excuse me? This is more painful to watch than all the times Lulu screwed herself over trying to connect with Charlotte.

Scout gets a name.
Jason and Sam naming their daughter after Emily was touching, and it’s always good to see Monica and Jason in a scene together. However, I’m glad they kept Scout for her middle name. There is something adorable about it. She might not think so when she gets older though.

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Olivia thinks she’s Helena.
In last week’s Deconstructing GH, I wondered what was underneath General Hospital. I joked hopefully it wasn’t a weather machine or an ice diamond, but it turns out I wasn’t far off. A few fans recalled that Helena’s cryogenics lab was under it, and that’s exactly what Olivia wanted in order to bring Duke back to life. Oh lord! When Robin told her it couldn’t be done, she resorted to using Griffin as a vessel to put Duke’s soul in. Possession, that makes total sense. I guess Griffin’s shirt was blocking Duke’s soul from entering his body, so of course it had to go and she strapped him half-naked to a gurney to try and resurrect Duke. That’s the kind of logic that viewers don’t question, the half-naked part I mean! Of course, her plan didn’t work, but Griffin pretended to be Duke to fool Olivia, who even imagined he was Duke. It was good to see Ian Buchanan back for a few scenes, even if he was just in Olivia’s messed up head. While this storyline put some excitement in the week, it was annoying to see Anna put her life on the line when she was told over and over how serious her condition was.

Sister, sister!
I had been waiting for Ava and Olivia to come face to face for awhile now. Olivia complimenting Ava's taste and trying to bond over martinis was great. However their meeting was far too short. Olivia simply used Ava to lure Julian back to her so that she could nab Alexis.

Tick, tick, boom!
Olivia used a trick out of her old playbook and put Robin and a pressure plate trigger bomb in the GH elevator. Did she know Robin was pregnant? Because she has been swearing up and down that she'd never hurt another baby. Then again she also pushed Sam off a bridge. What struck me was that if Jason could take Robin's place on the pressure plate, couldn't they have just put a heavy weight on it instead? With Jason stuck on the bomb, Finn and Hayden trapped in the drug ward, and Griffin choosing to stay with a sick girl, the story at least made for a great Friday cliffhanger.

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The letdown continues.
Last week I discussed what a letdown I felt Nelle’s secret was. While many agreed, others did enjoy the big reveal.

Carly-slaps-Nelle-GH-JJ I still feel it was predictable that Nelle was a Benson, and laughable that she never once questioned whether Frank was telling her the truth. Also, Carly and everyone in town explained that they thought the kidney had come from Liz’s son, but when they learned it hadn’t, that was when Carly went on a hunt for the truth. If Carly was just out to use Nelle, why would she hunt her down? This whole story is just ridiculous. With the news that Ingo Rademacher is returning as Jax Jacks, hopefully there is still another piece of the puzzle that will turn things around.

These are simply my opinions on the week. Whether you agree or disagree, please leave your own in the comments.

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- Dustin Cushman

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