Big Messes.

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Lisa needles Patrick. Franco has messages for Jason and Dante, Jason is put back in prison, and Warren makes threats.

Big Messes. image

Still at the Metro Court, Claire tells Sonny he showed admirable restraint watching Jax leave with his family. Sonny didn't want to make a scene and feed into everyone's perception of him being a time bomb waiting to go off. Claire thinks he could change that by quitting the mob. He calls her naïve because it's not that easy in his line of work. She thinks he's addicted to the rush, but warns him not to choke on it. She leaves and Alexis walks up inviting Sonny to spend time with her and the girls.


Kristina and Molly wait for Alexis at the Country Club. Kristina admits she's a little uncomfortable, because she used to like it there and now all people around can see is what happened with Kiefer. As they talk about it, Sonny and Alexis arrive. They all sit at a table and talk about sports, school and eventually Taylor. Kristina tells Sonny what happened with her new study partner and he empathizes with her reaction to him. Warren approaches and tells Alexis her court date is coming up sooner than she thinks. He gets angry and demands she and Kristina pay for what they did to his son.

Maxie shows up at the police station after getting Lucky's call. He awkwardly asks her to join him for a concert in the park. Maxie tells him Elizabeth is in labor, but Lucky still wants to go to the park.


At Crimson, Franco wonders to Lulu why there's no security around her considering he kidnapped her last time. He's feeling a little ignored and asks her who he has to kill to get a little attention. She tries to secretly call for help on her cell phone, but he sees her and implies he'll kill her before anyone can get to her. She puts her phone down and he hands her an envelope to give to Dante. Maxie and Lucky come to Crimson after the concert in the park and find no one is there. Maxie thinks he's anxious to get to the hospital, knowing Elizabeth is about to give birth. Lucky denies it, but she tells him he can be honest with her. He wants happiness for both him and Elizabeth, but he and Liz stopped making each other happy a long time ago.


Dante breaks down the "Route 66" song for Spinelli and Jason at the penthouse and they check the cities in the song for murders. Dante thinks it could all just be a trap, but Jason thinks the song is a road map Franco is following to L.A.


Lulu goes to Baker St. and calls Dante to meet her right away. Dante arrives and she tells him what Franco said. She says she tried to follow him after he left and he wonders if she's crazy. Dante calls Claire who meets them. Dante fills her in on "Route 66" and then Lulu gives Dante the envelope from Franco, which he called a souvenir from Barstow. It appears to be another photo.


Ronnie stops by the penthouse with some files for Dante. He learns Dante isn't there and tells Jason now that they know Franco is headed for L.A., it's time for Jason to go back to prison. As he goes to cuff him, he finds Jason's gun and says that is more than enough reason and cause to bring him back to Pentonville. Dante and Lulu return and Spinelli yells at Dante for Jason going back to prison. He wonders how long it will take Lulu to realize Dante is not worthy.

Jason is put in his cell, where he finds a photo of two toy monkeys.


Franco tells someone on the phone that the exhibit and glass cases need to be transported. He thinks Mr. Morgan in particular will get a kick out of it.


Robin sits with Elizabeth in her hospital room as she prepares for labor and notes she and Nikolas are getting along. Elizabeth doesn't think they will ever be romantic again, but she's hopeful they can have a good relationship. Nikolas returns to the room with Dr. Lee and Robin leaves. Kelly tells Elizabeth she wants to try and stop the labor because it's too soon. Kelly leaves and Nikolas expresses his concern about the baby, but gets excited thinking about holding him or her. They both apologize for their past behavior and admit they are looking forward to raising the baby together. Elizabeth's monitors go off and Kelly returns to inform them the medication didn't work and they have to deliver now. Lucky walks by the room as Elizabeth has contractions.


Elsewhere in the hospital, Lisa approaches Patrick wondering why he didn't call her back about the consult. He assumed Steve helped her out and she accuses him of changing around her after they had sex. She reminds him she hasn't told Robin and muses he should be kissing her butt, because if she were a different kind of woman he would have a big mess to clean up. Robin walks up assuming their talking about Elizabeth, but Lisa says they were talking about a consult Patrick had no interest in, which seemed out of character. She cites his missing Robin for turning it down, but Robin encourages him to help out, assuring him she's not going anywhere. She walks away and Patrick demands to know what Lisa is doing. She doesn't know what he's talking about and walks away herself. Later, Lisa interrupts a close moment between the spouses saying she needs Patrick for the consult.

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Claire tests Jason.

Sonny puts Warren in his place.

Skye comforts Jax.

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