Special Delivery.

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Sam gets a surprise, Jake's books a new act, Kristina gets a new study partner, and Brook runs into her granny.

Special Delivery. image

After Elizabeth and Nikolas enjoy a nice visit with Shirley at the hospital, Elizabeth runs into Helena. They exchange barbs and Elizabeth warns Helena not to mess with her child. Elizabeth then sees Nikolas who assures her he will handle his grandmother because she and the baby are his priority.


After Sam and Alexis discuss Kristina's new restrictions per Sonny, Kristina comes home. She says even though she doesn’t agree with them, she will follow the rules. Sam is proud of her sister and then leaves to meet with Jason. Kristina apologizes to her mother and promises to get back on track. Alexis tells her the school called with the name of a new AP study partner named Taylor, who Alexis believes is a new girl in town. Taylor comes to the door, but turns out to be a boy. Alexis expresses concern, but Kristina tells her mother it will be fine. Kristina and Taylor study and when he goes to reach for a book, she flashes to Kiefer hitting her. She jumps up and yells, "No!"


At the penthouse, Spinelli covers with Lulu saying he wants revenge on Matt. She tries to convince him that Maxie loves him and to let his need for revenge go, as Carly walks in looking nervous. Spinelli quickly tells the Valkyrie they were talking about Matt. Lulu leaves and a relieved Carly is impressed with Spinelli's ability to lie. He thinks she's rubbing off on him since she is the queen of all things misleading. Spinelli updates Carly on his plan of transferring funds from a drug cartel into Dante's bank account. Sam walks in and pleads with them for some alone time with Jason. Carly leaves, but Spinelli stays behind. She asks him to leave as well and he goes to the office. Sam then calls for a delivery.

Carly sees Jax at the Metro Court and learns about his encounter with Franco. Jax has been reminded how dangerous Franco is and is thankful both she and Josslyn are safe. Skye interrupts them as they share a close moment asking if Jax is ready for dinner.


Jason and Dante find Franco's mansion empty, but Jason finds a flyer for a performance at Jake's. Dante thinks it seems too obvious, but Jason says there might be a clue there and they have nothing else to go on.


Maya sees Maxie at the hospital who tells her about her fake date with Matt. Maya wonders why she's trying so hard to make people think she's not attracted to Matt, when she so clearly is. Matt walks up wondering the same thing. Later, Ethan comes to the hospital and sees Bobbie. He tells her his hand was banged up and might need stitches. Maya walks up and Bobbie leaves him in her hands. Ethan explains he almost fell off a roof and cut himself on a pipe. Maya grows serious, tells him she can't do this and leaves.


Brook Lynn runs into Tracy at the Metro Court. They share a chilly reunion, trading insults. Brook assures her grandmother she's not after her money, but Tracy assumes she has an ulterior motive for being in town. Tracy warns she will be watching her very closely.


Franco comes to Jake's and hands Coleman a stack of cash. He wants Coleman to book a performance artist for one night only. Coleman looks at the money and says, "Done." Once Franco has left, Matt and Maxie arrive and banter at a table over drinks. They discuss music and Matt notes it's nice to have a real conversation with her. He asks what's really going on with her and she tells him she's been unsure of things recently. She's not sure how to be really happy and he admits he's been there. Coleman gets on stage to announce the special performance coming later that night. Maya walks in and sits at the bar. She asks Coleman if he's a reckless guy who likes to take big risks. Coleman says he's the guy who consoles the hot widows of those dudes. Brook arrives and learns of the guest performer. Lulu is next to walk in and tells Maxie how jealous Spinelli is, which makes her happy, which in turn annoys Matt. Dante and Jason then enter. Lulu goes over to her man, as Ethan walks in, which Maya takes note of. Coleman then introduces Kalup Ishmael to the stage.


Sam prepares her evening with Jason as Franco comes to the door with her delivery.

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