Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Carly lunches with Steve, Shirley opens up, Sonny gives Kristina a reality check, and Claire has a plan.

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Patrick and Robin walk into the hospital hand in hand as Lisa and Steve welcome Robin back. Lisa runs off at the mouth about Patrick's behavior since Robin's been gone making not so subtle innuendos. Steve takes Lisa aside to reprimand her for not being professional in regards to Patrick and Robin. He doesn't want to know if she actually slept with Patrick, but he warns her if her personal life affects her professional life it will not bode well for her. Later, Patrick tells Lisa they need to talk and makes plans to meet her in the locker room. Carly comes in with Josslyn and sees Steve. She says they should catch up and asks him to lunch.

In the locker room, Lisa promises Patrick she will keep their affair a secret, as Robin walks in.


Jax and Skye meet at the Metro Court to discuss Alcazar's money, which he is still looking for. Carly approaches and they discuss her run in with Franco. She then leaves them to greet Steve whom she is having lunch with. While Jax is dismayed, Skye thinks it's progress. At a different table, Steve realizes Carly is trying to make Jax jealous. He says it's clear she still loves him, but she thinks Jax could use a reminder of what he stands to lose.


Elizabeth and Nikolas visit Shirley in her hospital room, as she enjoys takeout from the Metro Court, which she charged to Nikolas. Nikolas leaves to be with Spencer and Shirley opens up to Elizabeth about her own first love who left town so she married his best friend and they had two kids. She ran into her first love one day and left her husband and kids to be with him. He died a few years ago and then she was diagnosed with cancer. Shirley knows she tore her family apart and Elizabeth wonders if she would change things if she could. Shirley doesn't think she would, but she does regret that her children never forgave her.


Ethan storms into Johnny's place upset he could have been killed in the explosion because he works for him. Johnny offers to double his pay, but Ethan says it's not about money, but about surviving. Johnny says he will make Sonny wait for his retaliation in order to throw him off. Ethan deduces that will make them targets until one side is dead, so he wants to be compensated for it. Johnny agrees and Ethan warns luck runs out. Once Ethan has left, an emotional Olivia stops by fearing for Johnny's safety. Fear turns to passion as they start to kiss and take off each other's clothes. After they have sex, Olivia tells Johnny she loves him, but she has to walk away because she won't watch him die.


Lucky comes to Sonny's office to remind him of Lily's death. He can't understand why he would go down that path again and wonders how far he is willing to go to keep Kristina safe. Sonny throws accusations at the Lopez brothers for the bombing, but Lucky thinks everyone Sonny cares about could become a casualty in his war with Johnny. Sonny won't let that happen and says it's his problem, not Lucky's. Lucky leaves and Kristina walks in after being summoned by her father. She blames him for the bomb, but he denies it. She doesn’t believe him, but tells him she is staying away from Johnny so he doesn't die. She warns if he ever hurts Johnny he will never see her again. She starts to leave, but Sonny says her disrespectful actions and attitude have consequences, which means she will now have a curfew, her credit cards are cut off and she will come over every Tuesday to discuss things with him. If she lies to him, more things will be eliminated from her life.


Maxie informs Lulu she is working from home today and gives her roommate a list of things she needs. Lulu understands why she is scared of Franco, but assures her the cops are looking for him and have undercover guards at the Metro Court. Maxie says she is planning to have Spinelli find her and Matt kissing in order to fix things with Spinelli. Lulu thinks the men might get tired of her games and she'll be left alone. Once Lulu leaves, Maxie calls Spinelli to come over and then answers the door to Matt. She reminds him he is only there to help her get to Spinelli, but he thinks she has feelings for him and kisses her as Spinelli opens the door. Lulu walks up behind him and Spinelli gives her a resigned look and leaves. Lulu walks in the apartment and tells Maxie Spinelli saw them.


Lucky goes to the police station and tells Claire he thinks Sonny planted the bomb. Claire plans to let Sonny believe he can seduce her and then she will be in the perfect position to get what she needs from him. He reminds her of all the women who have tried that and failed and warns her not to do such a good job of pretending to fall for him that she actually does. Claire leaves and Elizabeth comes to the station looking for Lucky. She sees him go into the interrogation room where Maxie plants a kiss on him.

Claire comes to the restaurant and apologizes to Sonny for his kids being causalities of her ambition. She also tells him he's off the hook for the bombing and apologizes if her accusations added to his pain of Lily's memory. Sonny appreciates her honesty and thinks he might have been wrong about her.

Next on General Hospital:

Alexis has a suggestion for Sonny.

Spinelli makes a decision.

Franco encounters Jax and Josslyn.

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