Treading Lightly.

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Sonny's behavior is debated, Robin makes a decision, and Shirley advises Elizabeth.

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At their house, Robin passes on meeting Patrick for lunch later because she has an appointment with the head of the Worlds AIDS Crisis Center. Patrick gets annoyed because he wants to spend time with her, but she's too busy memorializing her dead boyfriend. Patrick leaves and Maxie comes over and talks about her plan to make Spinelli jealous with Matt and how she kissed him. She admits she can't stop thinking about him now. Robin suggests she just focus on Spinelli and to stop manufacturing ways to make him jealous. Robin tells her cousin about her meeting and Maxie is proud of her. She thinks Patrick is too, but Robin tells her of his disdain. Maxie wonders if her AIDS work is more important than her marriage.


Patrick goes to work and finds Matt flirting with a co-worker. Patrick chastises him for it and then admits he's upset about Robin. He then notes Matt has a goofy look on his face and wonders who the girl is. Matt admits he's having fun with Maxie. Patrick later comes upon Lisa and Steve and expresses his irritation with the two of them being so cozy. Lisa assumes he's fighting with Robin, who calls to ask Patrick to come home on his lunch break.

Patrick returns home to Robin who tells him she's going to Africa for three weeks. He's upset she didn’t talk to him first, but dryly says she can do whatever she wants because he won't stop her.


Elizabeth sees signs all over the hospital directing people to Shirley's room for her one-day jewelry sale. Elizabeth walks in and finds Nikolas looking at her pieces. He says he has no one to buy it for, so Shirley suggests he buy it for the mother of his child. Elizabeth accuses him of using Shirley to get to her, but he corrects her saying he is there for a meeting and was curious about the signs. He buys something for his cousin and leaves. Shirley doesn't know why Elizabeth can't give Nikolas a chance. Later, Elizabeth returns and the women pick up where they left off about Nikolas. Elizabeth tries to explain her position with Nikolas stating he probably manipulated their whole affair. Shirley thinks she is rewriting history to absolve herself of an affair she regrets down to her soul. Elizabeth says she doesn't love Nikolas and Lucky doesn’t love her so she needs to do this on her own. Shirley agrees she shouldn't be with him if she doesn't love him, but Nikolas is her baby's father, so she suggests she find some middle ground.

Elizabeth runs into Nikolas near the elevators and apologizes for her attitude towards him. She is ready to meet him half way as long as he can respect her boundaries.


Claire and Johnny meet outside where she tells him she wants his help convicting Sonny. He wants no part of it because he tried it her way before and it didn’t work.


Kristina has a nightmare about Kiefer, who says she is the reason he's dead and hits her. Molly comes to her room when Kristina wakes up and hears about her sister's dream. Kristina doesn’t know why she let him abuse her. She says her doctor keeps asking about Sonny and thinks she was with Kiefer because of her dad. Molly wonders if she thinks Sonny is an abuser, but Kristina doesn’t know. She asks Molly to help her find evidence of Sonny's abusive past, but Molly can't find anything online. Molly thinks there is one person who can give her the answers she's looking for. Kristina invites Johnny over to ask if Sonny really did beat Claudia.


In Sonny's living room, Diane tries to steer him in the right direction in regards to Johnny and Michael. Sonny is still angry with Johnny for lying about him on the stand in front of Kristina. Sonny tells her about his deal with Claire, but Diane is wary. Sonny wants her to make sure nothing goes wrong and that Johnny gets arrested. Diane laughs and suggests he just take the direct approach and seduce Claire instead. Sonny says he has no sexual interest in her, but Diane begs to differ. Sonny admits to working Claire and says if she ends up in his bed than so be it because he will do whatever it takes to get Michael out of jail and Johnny shut down. Claire comes over after Diane has left and Sonny wonders if she believes what Johnny said on the stand about him being abusive to women. Claire thinks it's easy to believe he's capable of anything, but Sonny says not that. Those kinds of lies could damage his daughter and he needs to know that everyone around him is with him, whether they are friend or foe. Claire is reserving judgment, but she prefers to believe he's innocent.

Diane comes to the office and Alexis tells her Kristina's therapist wants to meet with her and Sonny. Diane worries Johnny's accusations of Sonny being an abuser could come up, which could set him off. Alexis says this is about Kristina and she's tired of treading lightly around Sonny.


Alexis goes to Sonny's to ask him to come to therapy so they can figure out why their daughter got in an abusive relationship. She hopes he won't react violently or scare Kristina by losing his temper, should his past come up. Sonny doesn't want to do more harm to Kristina so he suggests he not participate.


In the dungeon, Tracy and Luke bicker as Luke tries to free them. Luke calls for a guard to get Tracy medical attention, but he doesn’t believe Tracy is sick and walks away. Luke thinks Tracy is faking her illness too, but then he discovers she is burning up.

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Kristina sees the similarities between Sonny and Kiefer.

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