Blowing Off Steam.

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Jake's is a popular place, Brook and Dante bond, Carly wants Sonny to take action, and Spinelli remains withdrawn.

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In the visitor's room, after being denied a conjugal visit, Sam asks Jason if he ever thought about getting married. He says he will do whatever she wants, but he wants her to really think about it in case he doesn’t get out soon. Sam has her job and family and will wait for him, but agrees the idea is a little bit over the top. She thanks him for agreeing to it though. He asks after Spinelli and they canoodle some more until Jason is beckoned back to his cell.


Jason goes back to the cell and talks to Michael about his visit with Carly. Michael notes Carly thinks Jason can fix anything, but Jason counters if he was as good as she thinks, he would have done a lot better by him. Michael thinks he needs to stop treating him like a kid and to let him deal with the mistakes he's made. He doesn’t want Jason to feel guilty because he has always looked out for him and he's there now, which he is grateful for. Jason then teaches Michael more defensive moves.

Outside, Lulu appeals to Carly to hire Brook Lynn as a singer at the Metro Court. Carly tells her to have Brook call her and they will discuss it.


Brook and Dante cook at his place and he tells her about everyone being against him and Lulu. He thinks if Brook gets a job at the Metro Court it could really help patch things up between Lulu and Carly and it would give him one more person in town who actually likes him. Lulu comes to the loft and joins them for dinner informing them Carly agreed to talk to Brook about singing at the hotel. As Dante and Lulu get cozy on the couch, Brook Lynn leaves. Dante and Lulu get a little cozier and go to the bedroom where they continue to kiss and take off their clothes.


As Olivia threatens Sonny she will turn him in if he tries to kill Johnny, Claire walks in. She questions if Sonny just threatened to kill Johnny and Olivia says the incident on the pier was just a misunderstanding. She leaves and Claire warns Sonny she will not turn a blind eye so he can kill Johnny. As they continue to discuss their deal, Carly comes in. Claire warns Sonny not to double cross her and leaves. Carly tells Sonny if sleeping with Claire helps get Michael out of jail then he needs to do it and soon.


Maxie goes to the penthouse to see Spinelli, who is sitting in a dark room engrossed in his online game. She closes his laptop when he won't give her his attention and tells him she needs him and wants him to go to an art gallery opening with her. If he doesn't go she will find someone else to be her date. He can't believe she is being so insensitive to his pain over Stone Cold going to jail, but there's nothing he can do to stop her. After Maxie has left, Carly stops by and gets upset talking about how Jason already has to protect Michael. She says Dante has to pay and she explains that Brook Lynn is helping her, because what man wouldn't be tempted by her?


Maxie comes to the hospital and sees Matt talking with Maya. He gives Maya more attention when Maxie tries to talk to him. Maya knows what he's doing and orders him not to try and make Maxie jealous with her. She walks away and Maxie tells Matt she wants to go on a real date with him. He's defensive at first but then agrees to buy her a drink at Jake's later.

Maya happens upon Lucky who hits a wall outside in frustration over Nikolas. She tends to his hand and he invites her to stop by and listen to his LP collection some time.


Kate goes to Jake's and orders a martini from Coleman, bemoaning how needy her employees are. Colman makes her feel better with a kiss, as Diane joins a drunk Max at table. Max confesses to Diane that Michael wanted a hooker for his 18th birthday, but he was never able to do it because of his DUI and then Franco. Now he's in prison, never having had sex and it's his fault. Diane wants to make him feel better, but Max isn't in the mood. She notes he hasn't been in the mood since Michael was sent to prison. Max declares he can't be romantic with her until Michael is released, so Diane angrily orders a bottle of vodka. Olivia storms into the place and demands Johnny stop provoking Sonny. She won't watch him get killed and walks out. Brook walks in and sits with Johnny, taking jabs at Olivia's age and flirts with him. Matt and Maxie walk into the bar and when challenged, she kisses him.

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