A Means to an End.

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Jason turns himself in, Helena has a plan, Nikolas and Luke worry and Patrick is jealous.

A Means to an End. image

In the park, Claire continues to babble on about her biological clock and recognizes that Lucky is a kind man and devoted father. She thinks he is the kind of man every woman hopes to find. The fact that Lucky is divorced is brought up and Claire wonders if he still cares about Elizabeth. He explains their past and how she cheated on him with his brother. Claire is dumbstruck at how well he's taking it, but he assures her he was plenty self-destructive at first. She thanks him for listening to her and says if he ever decides to have more kids to give her a call. She then clumsily leaves.


At the Metro Court, Nikolas continues to pressure Warren to leave Alexis and Kristina alone. Warren intends on making them pay and no threat will stop him. Carly walks in as things get heated between the two men and she asks them to keep their voices down. Nikolas suggests Warren drop the case, but Warren declares it is far from over. After he leaves, Nikolas fills Carly in on what's going on. Carly thinks it's ironic that all of Sonny's kids are hurting and he's the only one not stepping up to the plate to help them.

Nikolas asks Lucky to meet him outside somewhere and tells him Helena is gone, which could mean trouble. Lucky dismisses his fears, but Nikolas thinks she is plotting something. Lucky offers to have Luke call him if he sees him, but Nikolas just tells him to forget it.


In prison, Michael lashes out at Dante for the way he handled things, especially where Morgan is concerned. Michael thinks he's just doing damage control with Sonny now, but Dante insists he won't give up until he is free.


Frank the guard comes to Michael's cell and threatens him.


Dante and Lulu meet up in the park, after Dante helps a pregnant teenager gather her things. They comment on the responsibility the girl has ahead of her and how Dante's mother was roughly the same age when she got pregnant with him. They talk about Michael, but Lulu seems distracted.


Lulu goes to the Metro Court to pick up food for Kate and sees Carly working at the bar. They talk about Jason turning himself in and Lulu offers to wait with her. Carly accepts her offer because she could use the distraction. Lulu tells her cousin how responsible Dante feels and how hard he's working to get Michael released. Lulu also brings up the girl in the park and Carly assumes she hasn't told Dante about the abortion. Lulu doesn’t know how to tell him, but when she does, she fears it will change how he feels about her.


Sam and Jason enjoy themselves outside at the cabin, but when Sam wants to go on another hike, Jason says they don't have time. They go inside where Sam makes lunch, much to Jason's surprise. It doesn’t turn out so well and Sam is upset, but he tells her they had a great day. He loves her for who she is and for standing by him through all of this. Jason feels like he's doing the right thing, but he worries for the people he's leaving behind. He asks Sam for her help with Spinelli because he will have a lot of free time on his hands, which could be a bad thing. She tells him not to worry because she will keep them both so busy at work that it will take her mind off him - just a little. When it's time for them to leave, Jason apologizes for leaving her alone, but Sam tells him she'll be thinking about him and visiting him all the time. He will never forget this and promises to bring her back to the cabin when he gets out.

Jason and Sam come to the police station where Jason turns himself in to Dante and Claire.


Patrick overhears Steve and Lisa making plans in the locker room and angrily walks in saying he's sick of waiting for Lisa to consult on their case. Later at the hub, Steve confronts Patrick about acting like a jealous boyfriend as Robin walks up wondering what's going on. Steve covers and says they were arguing about a case. After Steve walks away, Patrick admits he was wrong. Later, Robin talks to Steve about counseling AIDS and HIV patients because she wants to give back.


Patrick and Lisa meet back up in the locker room where he admits he was jealous seeing her flirt with another guy. They discuss their past, but he says he is happily married and he can't tell her who to hang out with. He says her personal life is her own and leaves, as Lisa smirks.


Ethan finds Luke creating a romantic setting for him and Tracy on the Haunted Star for their anniversary. He instructs his son to pick Tracy up at the Quartermaines and to give him a heads up on her mood. As Luke waits for his wife, Skye boards the boat and they discuss how they were together before he got hitched. Luke wants to keep the memories alive and moves in for a kiss, but Skye knows he loves Tracy and wishes them both luck. Ethan returns after Skye has left and learns Tracy never showed up. Ethan says Tracy wasn't at the mansion either and that the ELQ jet is still in the hanger. Luke thinks maybe she's nursing her grudge, but then thinks she could be in real trouble.


An imprisoned Tracy wonders what Helena wants from her. Helena says she's just an annoyance and a means to an end, which is Luke. She has a plan and in order for it to work, she needs both of them.

Next on General Hospital:

Mayor Floyd interferes with Jason's arrest.

Sonny admits he wants to be a family with Olivia and Dante.

Carly looks into Dante's past.

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