Friday, April 30th, 2010

Dante and Carly testify again, while Jason and Lucky face off over Michael.

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After Lucky makes plans for a picnic date with Cam on the phone at the police station, Mac asks Lucky where he thinks Michael might be. Lucky doesn’t want to hunt down family, but Mac says he feels sorry for Michael and the last thing he needs is the entire force tracking him down. Mac wants him brought in and wants it to be as easy on him as possible. Lucky agrees to find him.


At the boat house, Michael, Morgan, Molly and Kristina talk about the trial and the possibility of Dante turning Michael in. Morgan doesn’t think he will because Dante is an awesome big brother. They talk more about the situation and also the Bauers and Michael assures his family everything will work out. Lucky finds Michael at the boat house after the other kids have left. Lucky says he has to take him in, but first, he wants to hear what happened the night Claudia was killed from his perspective.


Chaos erupts and Jason leaves the courtroom after Dante outs Michael as the real killer. The judge orders the jury back to their room and instructs them to dismiss what they just heard. The judge calls Dante to the stand, who sympathetically relays what Michael told him and explains about the shirt. The judge says he needs to talk to Michael himself and issues a warrant for him. Dante is excused and Carly is recalled to the stand considering she perjured herself the first time she testified. He asks if she wishes to change her story and she says she does. However, she maintains that Michael didn't kill Claudia and Dante saying he did is his way of protecting his father. The judge calls a recess and Dante gets yelled at by Johnny and Mayor Floyd for what he did. Claire rails at Jax for knowing Michael was guilty. He says he did it to keep his family safe and she wonders how that's working out for him. Across the way, Sonny tells Carly she did good and believes Jason can get Michael out of the country. Carly thinks he wants to believe that because then he won't have to blame his new son Dante for all the damage done. Dante observes them and tells Lulu he might need her to watch his back. Carly confronts Lulu and wonders how she could betray her like she has by siding with Dante. Meanwhile, Sonny asks Dante how he could hurt his brother just to get back at him.

Kristina and Molly return home and Jason shows up looking for Michael. He tells them Dante gave Michael up in court and he needs to find him. The girls are shocked, but Jason reminds him Dante is a cop first and foremost. Kristina tells him where Michael is and Jason takes off. Kristina thinks Dante is a liar and a user and they can never trust him again.


As Michael recounts the events of Claudia's death to Lucky, he says he has to take responsibly for his actions. Lucky says he has to turn him in to court, but it's up to him if he wants to confess to killing Claudia. Jason finds them, but Lucky pulls his gun when Jason tries to take Michael. Jason tells them Dante already gave Michael up in court.

Johnny goes to Olivia's and tells her what happened in court and they argue about what Dante did.

Ronnie comes to the Jacks house with a warrant for Michael's arrest. Morgan answers the door and learns that Dante turned Michael in, but he doesn’t believe he would do anything to hurt Michael.

Next on General Hospital:

Diane is denied access to Michael at the police station.

Carly continues to rail at Lulu.

Dante explains himself to Morgan.

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